How to install 6×36 Plank Tile

How to install 6×36 Plank Tile by


Dtileandremodeling says:

Professor Kaos: Slapping a tile doesn’t set it correctly,I will have to disagree with you.Watch the trowel and error video on youtube.

Stuart Demmery says:

Great video the best I have seen so far, all the techniques I understand should be are used here, I have laid floors before but have 30sq Meter of 6×36 tiles to lay in my kitchen. Have heard horror stories of lippage but your 25% rule should help with that hopefully Thanks

Kyle Tornquist says:

Donnie, great video. I am getting ready to do the tile in my bathroom with this same look. I think I have a good understanding with the stagger that you are doing; however, could you clarify a little bit more. Early on in the video you have them also in a pyramid format. How are the tiles then being laid out in one “row”? Are you also changing between the 4 lengths there as well?

tj joe says:

I want to save a few bucks and cut these with a 10 inch wet saw with a 24 inch rip do you believe i can achieve that? Thanks.

marcos aguila says:

Hahhahaha he never going to finish with the clips

WERKED66 says:

ok quick question see how you start the layout and understand that part. I’m guessing the line where you have the full tile is the center line of the room. so from your center line to the wall looks like it is 6 tiles wide. you start longest to shortest now from that point to the wall do you begin to reverse to the second smallest then up in size. thanks for the info my bathroom is 60″ wide so that would be 6 rows of tiles for me.

Chris S says:

Thanks for making the video! Have you tried the ATR leveling system? I am about to start my first tile project, I like the Raimondi system, but.. you have to “break pieces off” at the end..?
The ATR system does not have anything to “break off”

Can you give me your thoughts?
I appreciate it!

kevin says:

What is that tool you use at 8:15? Thanks.

Chad Wade says:

What size are your grout lines?

Josh Garcia says:

do you have to use membranes in kitchens & bathrooms?

Marble Pimp says:

I hate that tile ,but using medium bed thin set sure helps .And I have used them pesky self levelers for about 10 sq ft lmao!!

S Boyle says:

I’m confused on how you say to cut the tile. At 30seconds in you say to cut the tile in half and then cut that half in half. That won’t give me 25% offset will it? First timer going to be laying 6×36 tile soon.

Dre07 says:

Hi I’m doing my closet and my tile is 6X36 can you explain the cutting sizes in your video for the 25% what sizes should I cut my tiles? Thanks

Batsen Belfry says:

Great video! Looks like you’re using Raimondi. Good stuff. I’ve been using a 1/2 x 1/4 u notch be Superior that puts down as much thinset as a 1/2 square notch, but collapses much easier. I’m a suckered for a new trowel, I know.

Davenson 411 says:

A leveling system so great you don’t even need any levels (bubblestick) on the job. Awesome!

Cc Wartoxxx says:

kibebaszott lassú 🙂

Skymom13 says:

What is the name of the tile cutter you’re using in this video? Could you recommend any in the $100-$200 range?

Bucko says:

Do you prefer the Raimondi’s over T-lock?

Anne Chovey says:

nice system with everything on wheels

Jeff Ostroff says:

Something bothers me about you using those long tiles on the shower floor, How can you get a proper building code-approved slope to the drain when it is essentially flat all around the drain because of these long flat tiles? This is why we normally use tiles no longer than 4″ on the shower floor, because that is the max size that will still follow a gently curving/slanted proper slope of 1/4″ per foot from the wall down to the drain.

Natyy x3 says:

Hello what is the tool called that you are using to click to put the tiles together?

Jason Grady says:

Great video! Thanks for posting it. I guess the bottom piece of those little leveling clips stay in the thinset, right?

skkfor says:

Many thanks for taking the time to make the vid. Very informative and helpful. I have some /little experience with tile setting and will be installing 6×36 in our master bath this weekend. Thanks for the info about stagger and lippage as it applies to large tiles. I would not have known about those things if I have not watched your vid. Thanks again.

Dtileandremodeling says:

S boyle

OK.Here is what you do.

take a full tile and measure it to find the length and divide it.Mark the center and cut it.Now take the one half piece and measure the total length of that piece,divide it.

Now take another full tile and take the last measure and mark that on the tile and cut it.That will give you the stagger of 25% offset.

Thomas S. says:

Well-done video and narration, Dtile. The only thing I want to point out is that combing the thinset parallel with the long side like you do isn’t the most effective and safe choice. Parallel grooves force the air in the middle of the tile where the most crown is to have to squeeze through 18″ of collapsing channels before exiting the tile. The chances are much higher of air becoming trapped with such a long run, especially since the sides of the tile with less crown collapse the ridges before the center as time to fully collapse. If you comb perpendicular to the long side, the air in the center must only move 3″ to get outside and will completely escape no question. Combing parallel as you do is far better than circles/cross-hatch/random patterns, but I’d change to perpendicular for the best results and durability. It seems you care about your craftsmanship, so hopefully you take my advice as a friendly suggestion.

jorge lopez says:

Great video!!!! I love tile planks. clip and wedge system only works keeping nice and flat our joints installation. Plumb and level are part of the prep and just small adjustments on those topics are allowed during setting of tiles per se. What’s your thought about to do the back buttered same direction as you combed the thinset on the floor? Thx.

Paul HH says:

Donnie?  Great video.  Really like the way you do the video and then edit your talking points over the video.  So much easier and nicer to follow along.  Couple questions.  I used that leveling system in a small bathroom.  I was also using spacers.  I had so much trouble with it all.  Seems like you have to push the wedge in hard to get the level and then I was not sure.  OK, I will try again.  Does that thinset come already premixed?  If so, name of it?  Are you using spacers?  How does one transistion this tile to a thicker marble tile on floor.  One part is to be marble…then come to a line that will start the planks, which are thinner.  I want them to be flush?   Your video gives me an idea of just how much thinset goes into one of these projects at 1/2 inch thinset notch.  A lot of thinset.  If you mixed that bucket yourself…how much time do you have before it sets up on you?

Ryan Compton says:

If you use clips your not a real installer

Henry Lopez says:

Great video.

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