How To Grout Tile: Correct Technique Makes It Easy

Demonstration of tile grouting technique using correct technique, with tips for best practices. Grouting may seem scary, but it doesn’t need to be. Forget the long, involved process they probably told you about at the home center. I’ve been doing it this way for two decades and the results are perfect.


the lost journal of mystifying things says:

i watched videos where it said to wait 15 -30 minutes before wiping with a sponge . is that necessary ? or is it better to wipe with the sponge immediately after application ?

nikita desjarlais says:

Awesome video thanks

First Last says:

Great video!

Maymer says:

Thank you for the video! It was a massive help

Denis Kuzman says:

Thank you so much

ZiggiesAquatic Exotics says:

Yea ppl don’t get it like the wetter your mix is the more it’s ganna shrink up wen drying u want as dry of a mix as possible and still being able to use it correctly and so it don’t dry right out but u for sure don’t want a wet mix I’m glad your showing the correct way many videos on here do not do so so thanks man

kawaiikittikat says:

Thank you for such a quick and straightforward video! So many how-to’s ramble on and on but yours was very informative and to the point.

kingrukus1234 says:

Very well explained and demonstrated! Thank you, I will be doing my first tile job this week!

Screamineagle says:

I did this 15 years ago and swore I would never do ceramic tile and grout again. It was a super giant pain in the ass the old school way. This video made things soooo easy. I did my floor today & came out perfect!!!!! Great job on the video and thank you so much!

IamSpartacus says:

Best grouting vid on Youtube. Just used this technique on my kitchen floor and it`s turned out brilliant. Really professional job. Thanks for the upload.

MrMariobn123 says:

Figure 8’s with the red rubber trowel..its faster

Floyd Norris says:

Great video i watched it twice and than did my bathroom …

Ksandra Lemus says:

Thanks, it was of a great help, I am glad I found your video

Creative Expressions says:

thank you!

Antonio Santillan says:

Hi John thanks for the video. Is there any preferred wait time before walking around or getting it wet? 24 or 48 hours. Thanks

Simple Choice says:

Great job thanks for the teaching

arshi khur says:

why do we leave space between tiles to fill? Why do we grout? can we not put the tiles close enough so the grouting is not needed? thank in advance.

Scott Odell says:

Thank you for the easy to understand video. I appreciate it!

Benjamin Crawford says:

This guy kinda reminds me of Sean Astin. He’s got that soft tone of voice and just that vibe of a super nice person

Grant Tanner says:

Great vid. Thank you!

Daniel DelPercio says:

Ahhh… so now I know that I should use sanded grout on my bathroom floor (wide spacing) and unsanded on the shower enclosure (narrow). Great video; to the point and gives people exactly what they need…

Almost 2 million views… WOW!

Gopinath Rajendran says:

Thank you for the video. Could you please tell me know if it is required to use grout sealant after applying the sanded grout in the bathroom-shower.

Brenden Rudnick says:

Thanks so much for this video. Using your simple technique on my first time grouting I ended up with a beautiful tiled floor and it was a simple job wiping off the minimal haze left after I was done grouting.

Rebekah W says:

I have to do this for my husband while he’s at work and I’m super nervous lol

nathan connor says:

Easy as pie! Can you show me how to make a pie in your next video lol 😉 thanks for the quick refresher been forever

fernandograffiti25 says:

How long after adding tiles should you start grouting? Any tips?

DW says:

Very precise and clear directions–about to regrout my disgusting shower for the first time so this is helpful–thanks

Caitie Walters says:

Thank you for the great tutorial. How long after you grout can you walk on the tile?

Trent Hamilton says:

thanks HELPED OUT ALOT !! i need another guy to empty and refill my water bucket lol

DepressedCapitalist says:

Hi! This is going to be tough for me since English is not my language but, I will try: I have already finished that process and grouting is solid. Now, I would like to keep “grouting” so I can level the “grooves” or “tracks” between tiles and have no more of them. In other words, I’d like to have a solid one level floor from my tiles so I can then paint and have no dents on the floor. Can I achieve this with this technique? Thanks

Joe Stallings says:

I’ve been killing myself using too much water. I’ll try you method tomorrow. Thanks!

Tim W. says:

Thanks a bunch for your help

Comment1 says:

Thanks for taking the time and going over this for us DIY’ers. I am regrouting and recaulking my master bath shower and floor (same kind of tile). It had discolored badly over time, and some was missing. This had a custom color grout, which I couldn’t match initially. I finally found the matching color in 1 lb bags on the Internet, and it’s not cheap, but it’s good grout, and the results will be totally worth it because it’s really nice tile.

I appreciate this demonstration because I had only done small areas before; when I went to recaulk the last piece I saw how badly the entire lower shower area was, and now I will be doing most of the shower, and the floor tile. After watching your video I am confident I can do a really good job of it.

It kills my back and my knees to do this; but at the same time, it’s very satisfying to see your efforts make the room (in my case a bathroom) come back to life. And like another person said; it saves a lot of money!

pw7300 says:

thank you !! sitting here with my knee pads on ready to go

LarreeTheExhortationist says:

Excellent bro Thank-you!.

Gary Ellliott says:

Good, helpful video. You make it look easy! However, my knees hurt watching you.

Mauve Mac says:

Wow! Thank you so much for this video! You make it look easy! Now how long til its dry and can be walked on?

Manuel Andrade says:

Thank you!

Pastor Lugo says:


paperbellahere says:

Excellent video. I like your technique. Makes it look easy.

KielySo Dentistry & Orthodontics says:

Hey man. Thanks for the tutorial video. It was really helpful, cut and dry and straight to the point…. not spending 15 minutes falling in love with the sound of your own voice

Ryan Weber says:

You kind of sound like Charlie Day. I like it. Anyway, nice video, even half a decade later 🙂

Rojo Grande says:

Nice bro

Dj charlee T says:

Nice video short n simple..

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