How To Buiding And Install Floor With Ceramic Tile Easy – Install Tiles Large Format 80×80 cm

How To Buiding And Install Floor With Ceramic Tile Easy – Install Tiles Large Format 80×80 cm


Marcos Martins says:

Que bosta

Garryfs 4 says:

what ever.. do it your self.. God Bless u

gints jakovels says:

Deržatsa ta budut, tak stavja kamennije pliti na trotuarah i .t. d v Norvegiji, no tam nenužna točnost do milimetra!!! A eto dervnja? Dla kurjatnika goditsa:)

lucas mayck says:

é uma Técnica diferente, gostaria de saber o resultado em 5 anos de uso .

johnny garcia says:

No safety glasses..must be rough

Jorge Cema says:

O chinês é um povo brilhante, muito diferente do brasileiro que é um lixo, que gosta de ser dominado por autoridades canalhas, povo lixo, país lixo.

Jully Nguyen says:

Kán nền kiểu này 3,4 năm là lún

inamullah shareef says:

all is good but the mistake he done is near door he used 2 pieces to fill the gap while he can use 1 piece to fill

Gaming Pro says:

Let’s call the osha of tile ceramic settlers

Виталий Петрук says:

Вы хуйню порите. Блять да вы дауны,просто дич

Willy980 Well says:

kurang kuat bkalan kropos Di bwah kramik klo cranya gitu

Michael Ledbetter says:

Everyone is an expert, I set tiles for a living and even though this is far from how I install, who am I to say this is wrong. Obviously we have tile setters that have many techniques and from many different cultures. Do you think tiles that were set hundreds of years ago were set using modern technologies? Yet somehow those tiles are still solid. Just because what we use in America is different from the rest of the world doesn’t make our way the only way.

tman 66 says:

This is a old school method , and very strong. This dry pack method,is found outthru out the U.S. Most tile setters dont know how to float walls or floors.

Apex floor designs LLC/Jason Morgan says:

You comment on something you know nothing about

BDOG 81 says:

Shit is bad ass! 25 yrs setting and im blown away! And i thought i was a tile mechanic! Shit i quit!

Uzbek Boy says:

Good idea

crazy king says:

I’m here for all the experts in the comments section.

Thiago Lucas says:

Tu vai vc quebrar as quinas do laminado , colocando um por cima do outro…

Simon SimonS says:

I don’t know whether it will last or how long. If they do it that way, I guess it works. But if I seen that done on one my houses, I would make them do it again with proper glue. Half dry sand and cement works in wet areas very well but tiles on liquid mix????? Don’t know.
But 3 joints on 1.5 tiles over threshold looks untidy.
I know house tiles were laid first and porch after. But that’s just luck of prior planning.

Виталий Петрук says:

Эта хуйня бухтеть будет

Stacak Shved says:

Полы Китайские( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ))))

daniel becker says:

Lol…. those grinding skills!! Pretty sure he was using it in reverse.

BauMeister UA says:

Хотелось бы узнать чем они резали плитку…

Richard R. Pond says:

That is the worst dry pack screed I have ever witnessed. I’m a 3rd generation tile and stone installer.

Mercedes w202 says:

а я думал это мы колхозим, а это вообще жопа с двумя п

Ning Deloy says:

nice job bro

Roney Alves says:

model, old work was more effective, it was good that products came today that came to us to help in the works.

Ning Deloy says:

what size the tiles bro: thanks

Firoj Khan says:

very bad work

lindu aji says:

Palu mu lucu kang

Kim Mai says:

Nên này ko bọng mới lạ. Tưới hồ giầu lên. Trưa kịp đặt gạch lên đã khô. Bao sao mà ko bóng. Cán tươi vầy vữa vậy là khô quá ẩm tỷ nữa thì tốt hon

Amardeep Dwivedi says:

He is just wasting money of the buyer.

Jeff Johnson says:

If you live in China this is the correct way to install tile

Fayez Alahmadi says:

Rong xxx

A says:

Pop goes the tile! Like all of them very soon.

Marlow Marie says:

Where is the sponge bucket

Mr. An says:

Откуда у них такая ровная плитка и руки?

vanjo ero says:

wow new style ..

Saul Ruiz Padron says:

Todas huecas

Apex floor designs LLC/Jason Morgan says:

Always cracks me up when people say this will never last! And how do you know? I’ve used this technique many times and it’s way harder to remove than traditional methods we use. Your not a tile setter if all you know is throwing down concrete board and thinset down the tile to that. And if you haven’t used this method how can you say it’s stupid?

Thoan Phi says:

vA miem can nen bang be tong moi duoc lm vai dc mai mam

Dave Google says:

I would call this do it yourself and with really old way

Сергей Антонов says:

Из говна и палок…

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