How they lay floor tiles in the Philippines.

The way they lay tiles is so different to the way we do it in Australia. I dont understand why they do it this way but it was done and now the floor had to be level.

I am Rik and I am from Australia and my wife Lyn is from the Philippines. On this channel we share some of our adventures.

We share the good times and bad.
We are going to share memories from our trips to Philippines and Australia. We are also building a house in Philippines and will share the construction of it with you. Construction of the home started in 2012.

On my 2nd trip in 2007 I inspected Tatay and Nanay house to fix it up for them and so we could stay there but it was beyond saving..
I patched it up and when we saved up some money (which is slow on my income lol) we started in 2012. That’s why its tak9ng so long to build.

I hope you enjoy our channel and share it with your friends.


Dan Ford says:

This is the way they did it at our place in MoalBoal, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, after two years one came loose above the door in the CR, lucky I discovered it before it crashed down on Lolas head. Only in the Philippines eh.

Graeme says:

thanks for the upload Ric. I hope everything is well

Kriss Bartlett says:

Yer its weird hey Ric they did my sister in laws place like that we don’t have any tiles yet my worry is those tiles are slippery to walk on same as my sister in laws tiles the same as yours. good on ya Ric you tell them we build stronger hear in Australia

batt cor says:


Peter Crane says:

No wonder they all come loose with time, I have not lived here in a rental house where some of the tiles are dummy or cracked. There is an art to laying large format tiles and that is not it, trapped air everywhere underneath those tiles..

bludesign 2020 says:

It’s frustrating cause now I got leaks from the ceiling and supposedly it’s done by Mr. Professional that know everything. Worst part it’s done by my in law relative. Lucky I told her to have them put in the ceiling. I thought they at least know the basics, sigh.

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