Grouting Ceramic Tiles

I hate grouting! It’s probably one of my least favourite home improvement projects, but it has to be done.
I think that overall, it would have been just as easy to use the type of epoxy grout I used for the countertop instead of this cement based grout, so for future projects I’ll use that instead. More expensive, but the results are 100x better.
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Tom Cummings says:

I had no idea you had a home improvement channel as well! 😀 thanks man, I’m about to do some grout as well

fakiirification says:

they sell a grout saw with carbide grit that is absolutely ideal for this. Just did a bathroom floor + walk in shower yesterday. took 20 minutes to knock down the excess mortar between the joints. And i was less than careful in a few areas (particularly the floor mosaic in the shower. lol)

khmer boy says:

pour the grout in a zip lock bag and cut a small hole much cleaner

Pettigrew Woodworks says:

Looks great. I wonder if you considered using an epoxy grout?

Bob Brackpool says:

Nice job John,
I have to ask, don’t you wear knee pads? I was tiling today and i can’t manage more than 5 mins without them.
Love the videos!


ART CORE says:

There’re a lot of videos here on YouTube about home DIY projects of all sorts of stuff but you have the best teaching method. Seems like you’re not promoting your self or your product but genuinely want people to learn so that they can do a good job themselves. Thanks.

johnny fish says:

Great job ! Video helped alot !!

Roberto González says:

pinche gringo no sabe

Lvp says:

never with a sponge

Dennis Mix says:

Thank you so much!!! Really appreciate the close up video. That is something that is so important and so many people miss. Great job on the floor!!!

jackdahack101 says:


bkbrown5881 says:

Those six packs of MGD were disappearing quickly throughout this video!! Lol!

Paul Bucalo says:

I apprenticed under my father, a master stone mason from Sicily, back in my teens. I was supposed to follow in his foot steps. I worked with him on several floor tiling jobs, including my parent’s kitchen entrance floor. Adding the linseed oil to the dry grout work is a new one on me. Cool. I’ll remember this when the time comes do some tiling for myself. 🙂

Aaron Byrne says:

Looks amazing, watching your videos gives me confidence to do my own home improvements

Clawfoot Refinishing Buffalo NY6478 says:

#bob Last Never heard of the BLO trick before, I’ll have to give that a go in the future. Floor looks great! @J DeWitt DIY
Please make more videos. As we really loved watching it.

Brian Freeman says:

Funny, I noticed that the booz or whatever was in the cabinet, slowly started missing bottles. Gotta stay hydrated I suppose! 😉

Eddie Figueroa says:

So where can you buy that type of seal???

Melvin Yehnert says:

Try using a micro fiber rag the next time you gout and you will never buy another sponge for the rest of your life.

Matt Lane says:

Damn, that looks great!!

Yo_zita says:

What about non sandable grout? anything special and different?

TheNutzandBoltz says:

Thanks for the post says:


VirtualFather says:

great floor

bloggermouth says:

I noticed beer missing between shots. lol

Thiago Leal says:

Jonn, what can’t you do? What about a cooking recipes channel? LOL

Ahjotuli says:

Turned out great! This channel is an inspiration and much reassurance to a young(ish) aspiring homeowner such as myself. 🙂 Thanks a lot for all the videos!

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