60-60cm (24″x24″) Granite Tiles Installation with T-Lock™ Tile Leveling System

Perfect Level Master – T-LOCK MASTER: patent pending.

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Perfect Level Master is a tile leveling system that speeds up the process of lying tiles.
It helps you to lay out tiles perfectly and also eliminates inaccuracies in the surface.


julio alberto arroyo ramos says:

Excelente Video muy interesante y muy didactico ,se aprende rapidamente la buena tecnica aplicada por los instaladores que son expertos sin duda,felicitaciones a los amigos de Polmaster Constructions y Tile Ltda.y muchos exitos.

Stevie Mcgreevy says:

Where can I get those plunge tile carrier tools??

gabriel.petru.69 Petru says:

anche io faccio questo lavoro

Roddy Da says:

When back buttering tile should I use same size notch trowel? It looks like the notch you used is smaller on tile than what is being used on floor

Aaron86V says:

Would love to use these in our jobs but it’d be way too expensive with the tile size and sqft we do. Easily over $1200 just for this system on one job. No one is going to want to pay for that here.

TileMasterGa says:

It is not easy to adjust such heavy tiles and avoid lippage- this system is a huge help !! Great installation ! Great product !

Gary Sacre says:

would you recommend laying the first 60 x 60 tile level all round and left it go off so you have a level starting point also would you use the rapid set ?

Untung Slamat says:

Ini bru ye ..tkg kramik psg 1 jm lngsng di injk.

j0n11m says:

what size notched trowel did you use? 8mm? 12mm?

Stevie Mcgreevy says:

northern Ireland

ضوء القمر says:

جميل جدا

Cooks Sohal says:

wats the back round music called ..

Jay Jose says:

I think the tile you are fixing are porcelain tiles not granite.anyway good procedure.

Joe says:

My father insists that you shouldn’t step on the tiles after laying them down. Don’t they become crooked?

Ak Khan Mian says:

I’m tile master looking company working contact me

Lou says:

Guys are a joke there wasting time snapping in those things in waste of time and money union all the way

Joel Morris says:

If you lift a tile like this without building up with more thinset, you are creating a void under the tile. Thus a weak spot. Do it right and get rid of the spacers, unless your wall tile is slipping.

bluekeet says:

very soothing to watch this video. Sometimes the best combo is nice calming music with a how to video with actual work being done.

Alice Sarkissian says:

Apart from walking on tiles, is it okay to twerk on them too? Yesterday I finished installing 60×60 porcelain floor tiles using this system. My adhesive spreading was questionable at times, i had lippage in edges due to too much adhesive. Walking on it didn’t help, so i twerked on it before inserting wedges. I’m a newbie, never tiled before in my life. Learned what i could on youtube. It was hard work. Now i hope T-Lock makes sure my floor is level. I’ll find out tomorrow if it helped… as well as my twerking.

Polmaster Construction & Tile Ltd. says:

Yes… it is challenging to keep tiles level if they are larger in size and heavy…but using Tiles Leveling System this concern is gone.
Perfect Level Master system makes this installation extremely simple and assured always good results.

bobbg says:

These guys are not getting good adhesion, they have not moved the tile around to spread out the thinset I’ll bet it has a ton of air pockets in it. while the tile look level its not stuck down properly. one sharp impact and the tile will bust. they will remove dry with slight pressure and I’ll bet you could almost reuse the tile..

Did they lift one to see how well the thinset was spreading out? no.

谢方实 says:

My tile is 19mm in thickness,do you have bigger clips?

Stevie Mcgreevy says:

What about hollow spots underneath the tile?

Um Zewalk says:

I’m so glad to have seen Holmes on homes to lead me to this install…. self leveling makes for a smoother finish… thanks for the video

carlos espinoza says:

this clip system is for apprentices who don’t know how to set tile sure it’s lip free but weres the fun in tile with a straight edge only pros do tile with or with out clips this is for a matures

Tayyab Lenton says:

Where can I purchase tile leveling systems

joe la frite says:

granite ¿¿¿ lol

Ashish Parja says:

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Matt Dawidowski says:

Question… are the installers adding grout between tiles after installation… I have seen some contractors install 12×24 tiles and just butt them up.. it’s a little more work but certainly looks good… I would use these if I could get that same effect..

brock Lee says:

These clips were a life saver for when a few months ago. I installed 48×48 porcelain tiles. Customer had seven different contractors look at the job and they all got scared when they realized how big the tiles were. I charged a shitload but floor looked amszing

Ace A Ace says:

4:26 Klej rozpływny i nie trzeba żadnych tip-topów robić

Scottish NS Rail Fan says:


Marble flooring Jitendra sharma says:

Awesome job

Sulieman Mansouri says:

how do I use the system when using a movement joint?

antonio carlos Trindade says:

Hi my friend, I’m Brazilian and I liked your video and I signed up for your channel.
I also have an anal, please join me too, thank you

torchi ali says:

اعمال جد رائعة

Mas solicx says:

jossss tenan …rata kuattt broww

Heder Satilan says:

nice working

rumah kita says:


Buster Buster says:

Which adhesive would you use for these tiles? Bal PTB?

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