Jim Bianchi says:

For that uneven part, have you tried replacing one or both pieces to see if it is actually the vinyl?

Nirbenr says:

I have to say I purchased a vinyl Lowe’s flooring and we love it. Even though it is commercial grade luxury and cost more that the home Depot we have those gaps in the living room, not so many but it hurts the eye if pay attention I will try the glass puller and see if it works

Mark Sill says:

Hey Kimo, as-far-as that section that you couldn’t get flush, can you say “area rug?”. I mean, they’re cheap and if you ever decide to change your interior, you just chunk them or give them away to another home.

Keith Wilmo says:

Thank you

ElijahJohn888 says:

When war comes IN FULL [ & that in includes civil war-UN REST-/economic & personal war ] multitudes will die without notice [ stupid people I say who think they will watch ww3 on their big screen tv with a big bag of chips like they were watching the super bowl die a fools death ]. Not a moment to repent therefore dying UN saved & sealing their fate { Rev. 20:15 } Get saved today { Romans 10:9 & 10 also verse 13 }. DO NOT DELAY b/c if you do not Repent { Luke 13:3 } you not only will perish but also curse the day you were born but also the womb that gave you birth 🙁 ~Maranatha~ p.s the only winner in
p.s maybe May?? COME LORD JESUS/YESHUA 🙂

James cooper says:

Laminate is pure rubbish. It’s MDF aka sawdust, glue and formaldehyde ( causes cancer ) with a picture of wood grain and a thin wear layer on top. It’s just thick wall paper that loves moisture. Dog pisses on it. It’s ruined. LVP is awesome. Two extremely important things when getting LVP. Get at least 20 mil wear layer, and made from virgin pvc. Flooret has 40 mil wear layer. Doesn’t get any better. Check out this company. Best lvp hands down with no middle man driving up the cost. Do your home work and check out the company. You won’t regret it… scouts honor., I have no relationship with the company. Just know the product is wicked good…

eXdXgXe4life says:

I have recently replaced 3 floors and I i agree with everything said. I bought the expensive lifeproof brand for my kitchen and I have the same raised problems… So pissed because it’s so finicky.

Nelson P Jr. says:

Wassup Kimo! Moanalua man! Lol. Cool videos, keep it up!

Donovan Quesenberry III says:

Greetings, I posted before, wondering what type of floor you would put down. I have an almost exact apartment situation. 1200 sq ft. And I put down vinyl planks, too. Used the glue type. This is a rental. And the floor looks great. A plus is, when (not if) a section jacks up due to tenant not cleaning or water damage, I can just pop up that plank and glue down another one. My price is about half of yours. And I was quoted an install for about $1/ft. So my total price would have been less than $2400, installed. But I had some guys come in to do the work and I supervised. Your floor looks pretty good. By the way, as you cut and edited, the cat was in the background getting cat fur on your weapon. Then in the next frame the cat disappeared. That was funny. Enjoyed the post. Stay Well

Mike Edens says:

Home Depot and Lowe’s mostly sell lower quality floors. Water Proof floors have different wear layers, thicknesses and locking systems. Wear layers come in mils (thousands of an inch). Form 3 mils to 30 mils. You get about two years wear for every mil. Thicknesses run from 3.2 mm to 8.5 mm. The thicker has a better locking system. It is best to go to a reputable flooring dealer. They can help you get the quality that fits your needs and be at or below Lowe’s and Depot’s price, for the same quality. I was a manufactures rep and sold to Lowe’s, Depot and all other flooring dealers in five states. Lowe’s and Depot sell price only. Lower quality products to fool you. By at least medium quality to get more for your money.

Mark Seven says:

I didn’t know the crazy libs running Hawaii allowed their citizens to have guns. Glad to know they haven’t fully taken over yet.

can tho says:

Where do you live on the Big Island? I live in Kona, Big Island

paris07able says:

You could have got good wood laminate at the price

Hamid Saffia says:

Recently ive renovated my home and at the living hall i fixed wit laminate while in kitchen area i fixed wit vinyl….. For me vinyl much more harder then laminate meaning that vinyl is more durable compare to laminate….

Shawn Dashiell says:

Vinly fo sho!

Mark Sill says:

For the areas that stick up, have you tried using a block of wood and a rubber mallet on top to tap them down?

david mundy says:

If dogs pee on it…. it is not water proof in the edges. Pee flows through the grooves and UNDER THE FLOOR. That is a MAJOR problem if you spill liquids or have dogs.

sissy murphy says:

wear layer and thickness of planks matter .Plus the rubber backing is the best because it keeps the vinyl from moving and cushioning helps the feel of the floor .All flooring moves and shifts and should always be put over the suggested underlayment if it does not come with a cork or rubber backing

Dirty Burger says:

Vinly. The newest kind of flooring to hit the market

perpetualfeast says:

what color is it

Tom Coons says:

I installed regular laminate from Costco several years ago. Install went well with no issues. That said, it turned out to be a disaster. Every spot water was spilled resulted in swelling and with several pets and their accidents the flooring is now worthless. We also had a leak from a water line that was behind the fridge. It was a tiny pinhole spray that took a while to notice. It ruined a large section of the floor also. Unless you live a hermetically sealed life with no pets and no spills don’t install regular laminate flooring. Get the waterproof kind. You will be happy you did.

Darrell Blair says:

Enjoyed your video. Great narrative. I have laid 2 houses with the vinyl flooring from Home Depot, except mine was the kind that had adhesive strips that joined the tiles (not glued to the floor). Those are definitely waterproof with NO seepage. The click kind are a pain in the butt. And, I wouldn’t spend the money on would laminate at all for the reasons you mentioned.

Ronald Cruz says:

We got the home depot 2.70 and had same issue with gap in a couple our floor seems just manufacturing issue

darth garth the first says:


Hungarian Barbarian says:

Great vid, appreciate the info

Keith Wilmo says:

That’s something I didn’t know I may consider wood floor down in the basement

Simon Hunt says:

There’s probably something in the join, it happens a lot, maybe a bit of dirt, or a tiny bit of trimmed vinyl, it happens with laminate a lot too.

Aaron Kay says:

I’m a flooring contractor, I’ve done more LVP than just about anyone at my store, I’ve put in just about all the different brands and that Home Depot stuff is kind of problematic, those width seams can have issues, not sure exactly why you’re having such a lip peaking up but if something wasn’t working it would of been smart to chuck that piece aside and go with another one. I know you said you cleaned out the female joint but to me it looks like the smallest bit of something is in there, from my experience thats usually the case. To be honest I’d just take a mallet hammer and beat on the seams to see if they flatten out a bit. Or just live with it, they’re definitely cheaper planks so you’re not gonna have it all. I will say some of their color patterns can be very attractive making up for the quality factor a bit.

Bill Navarre says:

Let me give you a tip on how to fix that get you a glass puller you could probably get one of them for $10 on eBay with the 2 suction cups stick it to the vinyl and use a mallet and tap it tell it closes that gap works almost a 100% of the time.

Ed 007 says:

Two minutes of waste

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