Laminate Installation- Cutting laminate flooring around a doorjamb

In this video I show you how to easily measure and mark a laminate plank to go around a doorjamb. This technique is very simple and you will be surprised. I will also show you how to install the plank after its cut.


Look up He's Coming says:

Could you please tell how you get the dimensions for your cheater board I’ve watched all your videos and in the first one you start with it already made but you don’t explain how

Gabriel Dunn says:

Does the cheater board work with multi width flooring products? I have flooring I am about to install that has 3 different widths. Would I basically just make 3 cheater boards, and use them accordingly, or would it not work? Thank you so much in advanced.

Brandon Hestwood says:

Cant thank you enough for posting your videos. They really helped me a lot laying my LVP flooring. Love the cheater board method that you use.

Joseph Connell says:

I love these videos they have gotten me through this install

Jeremy Smith says:

Been laying laminatefloor in my house the last 2 days….im slow, but because of your videos its turning out to be a professional job. Hallways and closet jambs look amazing…cheater board is whats making the difference for me…..thanks for the videos!

Alberto Ramos says:

I just did the first room today, took me at least 1 hour to do the cut around the door frame and I was wondering where was the secret tip to do it. The result was not great but I can live with it but I’ll definitely try your method for the rest,
Thanks for sharing. You just won a subscriber

JamSista7 says:

Will a jigsaw be fine to cut my boards? Thanks.

SuperPhen0m says:

you are ridiculously good at this!!!

Crank Breath says:

Gap for expansion?

Juan pablo Lopez Cervantes says:

I want to know the proper way to cut those notches with the tablesaw! I try to avoid kick backs laying it down to complete the cut, hope you understand what im trying to say. Lol wish i could of seen the cuttignin process

mike watters says:

youtube is my free collage
when i need to learn a new trick i come here

Murvious says:

Excellent video. Thanks for giving Him the praise. Thumbs up.

Felix The Handyman says:

i wish you would explane the cheater bord more than once, it is a great tool(pice of flooring )

FylthyBeest says:

Thank you!

bat etoile says:

thanks very clean

Majed Balawy says:

love you man >>>the best video you are the best

Kelly K says:

Extremely helpful series, you do an excellent job of bringing the installation down to the basic level almost anyone can do this. Props to the video person as well, great job zooming, keeping in focus etc…thanks for what you do!

David Mullen says:

Super helpful, thanks man. Just bought a house and I really needed this info!!

Craig Grover says:

Hey there my friend. Thank you so much for your hard work on these videos. This helped me tremendously when doing the floor in our house. Take care and God Bless!!!

Becky Buck says:

Very educational videos. You are a phenomenal teacher. I was thinking that the doorways would make it impossible for me to do it myself…but I shall not fear!!! My only question is which would be easier when the doorway is parallel to the runs? Should I have joints near the middle of the doorway or have a board span the doorway with cut outs for the jambs? Thank you so much for the inspiration and pointers!

Gregory MacBeth says:

How do you remove the Sharpie from the boards?

grab the sky says:

How about adding links to the getting started video.

Joe Jach says:

Your praise of God blesses me because I find myself everyday thanking the Lord for guiding me at work especially when I run into some ‘mystery’ challenges I can’t figure on my own, thanks. Great instructional videos and love the MN accent. God Bless!!

HousBinPhartiin says:

Excellent video series, my bruth’a. I am in the process of installing my first laminate floor. There’s a ga’zillion floor installation videos on YouTube, however, I keep coming back to your’s for simple, common sense, guidance. Keep up the great work. You’re awesome!

Caroline Johnson says:

Great tips! and good music too☺

PecosMtJeff says:

In reference to your comments at the end of this clip… I grew up building a mountain cabin from scratch with my family, and my dad had never built anything like that in his life (somehow it all came together, even without electricity in the early years). Over the past few years in my own home I have done laminate in 3 rooms and tile floors in bunch of places, but I never watched any videos before those projects. As I prepared to start down the hallway and into bedrooms and closets, I started watching your videos. My dad always taught me to measure twice and cut once and I learned a lot of tricks along the way, but I must say… your measuring tricks have made this job a whole lot easier and as I come to the tough spots I no longer feel as if I might pee myself in the process… Thanks! Huge help!

Bryan Knox says:

“God Showed me this!” that’s awesome. nothing comes close to the wisdom of our Lord. thank you, Jesus.


God bless brother.

Love your videos. very informative.

Diesel Mike says:

I just watched your entire playlist covering laminate flooring. Came
back here to comment on this one because it was very helpful for my
situation. I started flooring my basement this past weekend but now am
coming to the hard parts. My floor juts out in various areas and
changes direction around walls, obstacles, etc. Your measuring and
cutting tips will really help me with the rest of my project. The
cheater board, scribing the walls, etc. Great stuff. Thank You!

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