Laminate flooring repair to fix soft spot for uneven underlayment

Diy soft spot laminate flooring popping fix on a uneven floor


Zoe Bellamy says:

Where do you find the foam and what is the name of it

PrecisionSurfacesLLC says:

The problem I see with this concept is the foam will bond to the laminate and substrate.

A laminate floor cannot be adhered to the substrate. This creates as many issues as it solves

I’d recommend flattening the floors prior to installation

Bill O'Hara says:

Any concerns with this solution causing a problem since the floors are supposed to “float” on the subfloor, with normal expansion of the wood?

akadhsu says:

Does it also fix squeaky floor?

Abbie Road- LLC says:

This laminate flooring fix really worked for me. No problems with the foam drying. It’s the same as being in a cavity behind a window or door frame. 🙂 Thanks s a lot! 5 stars!

V. T. says:

Good job! My floors aren’t bouncy bur where there is heavy traffic, the laminate panels move when you walk on it. Do you think this will fix it?

MrTruthteller123 says:

*may or nay not work* foam requires air to cure fully……….otherwise it will stay “wet”

Amanda Perkins says:

Do you always place the hole on a seam? And if my soft spot is relatively small in size, will one hole work?

Alex Z says:

Do you just drill below the laminate and underlayment till you get to the subfloor?

Cheryl Price says:

I have this problem with vinyl plank click flooring. Some of the sub flooring was not properly leveled. Do you think this would work with it as well?

John Legnos says:

some of these comments are ridiculous and over thought (engineers) lol this is a perfect fix for a homeowner or flipper who has an already existing laminate floor they did not install themselves. No tearing out a perfectly good floor for a minor bend in the planking. Nice video.

Dave Mastriano says:

This is a horrible idea. Great Stuff Window & Door has a compression strength of 3 psi. The average person exerts 16 psi. This won’t last very long and will crumble. As a licensed engineer, I advise nobody to follow this!

Mark Lawry says:

I love that “Oh, $h1t!” at the very end.

tenleycrew says:

thanks for the video. will this also work on engineered wood floor?

akrasia1969 says:

Doesn’t the foam expand as it dries? Do you have to be concerned not to overfill and cause a hump?

Point made says:

allways gonna have a soft spots on a laminate ,fix one for some time is gonna show another somewhere in the room it normal for floating floor is not glued on

Thomas McMeekin says:

I do e this it swelled so much it popped the joint

Steve Graves says:

I have done this before and wanted to do it again and I was so frustrated to see that they changed the tube on the great stuff can so you can’t attach this anymore. Arrrgh!

Sean Thornhill says:

How long did you squeeze the trigger on the foam can for? It sounded like you did for a second or two and then left it for the remaining time the tip was inserted in the floor.

Sweet says:

it’s like in the matrix. computer, i need to know how to fix a bouncy laminate flooring. done, courtesy of youtube and aglobal. great video, respek.

Nathan Crosty says:

I came up with a slightly different spin to your idea. I drilled a hole through the bottom of the subfloor but did not go through the floating floor. Then I took my caulking gun and injected about a half of tube of regular old caulk to fill a low spot. It seems to be working like a charm. However I am not sure if it will cure properly under there but who cares? The caulk should not compress or crush down like foam

Gale Sams says:

like great job.

Henry says:

You have to level the subfloor before the installation…

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