Laminate Floor Review, Tips | Pros & Cons

In this video I give a review on the laminate floors we selected for our home! I hope you find this helpful and if you have any further questions please feel free to ask in the comments below! Thanks so much!


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Mop: – The extra pads are worth it! Change them every time you clean the floor, that is key 🙂

How to Clean Laminate Floors & Care tips Video:

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Kelsey Douglas says:

beautiful floors! Do you remember the brand or color name? I am just starting to look for laminate floors for our home. Thank you

A Happy Girl's Home says:

Very informative video. We too installed laminate wood floors at our previous home and not only did they look fantastic but they turned out to be extremely durable, especially with a little toddler at home. It’s a great alternative to consider when selecting new flooring. 🙂

James Bartholomew says:

Thanks for this video. About to start renovation works on a house and will probably go with laminate flooring. I always assumed it was cheap looking until a friend of mine suggested it to me, I’ve been very impressed since.

Amelia B says:

I don’t have a house but found this so interesting! I didn’t know there were so many types!

Susan Benton says:

Would be helpful if you knew the brand

George Angelini says:

What is the safest and best way to clean Laminate flooring in my kitchen. Thanks, George

Louise Harmony says:

THIS VIDEO WAS VERY, VERY HELPFUL. The information is the kind of information I need in order to know what will work BEST for me = the possible formaldehyde problem with China made material SAVED MY HEALTH!!!!!!!! Thanks again. Louise

travelchristie says:

Thank you for your post; it was informative.

jonathan mayer says:

great video. we have wood now and are looking to install laminate. this will be on the bottom floor, on a concrete slab. my main concern is the sound. do you have any insights there? thanks!

A. says:

gotta,watch laminate floor w pets peeing. if wiped up w in few hrs ok, but if hidden behind furniture it will make floor lift. watch dog claws, & high heels too. Put down pee pad if dog prone to occas accidents.

Peter Albanese says:

what is the color and make manufacturer?

Cooper Hedden says:

What brand and color did you install?

brittany Betterson says:

hello… I am considering putting laminate throughout our condo? IS it a good diy? SHould we get the aqua laminate for the house? or is it as durable as a thickness of 12mm

Aaron B says:

I love the color of your wall paint. Kind of a light brownish tan. Beautiful, good choice. Of course, the floors look nice too 😉

Tony MTA says:

What is the model name on you laminate floor ?

ktpinkn says:

Can you please tell me the name/brand/color of your floor selection?

Lindsay G says:

What is the brand of your laminate flooring?

Leslie D says:

Great video with great info!  It’s so nice to see how the flooring actually looks once laid instead of wonder from a sample.  Can you PLEASE share your gray paint color on walls – love it?  Many thanks!

Chris Bolden says:

Thank you for your post. I’m in socal – where would you recommend? and what would be a good price for about 1200 sq feet – installation and all?

Steven Presutti says:

Do the floors feel spongy when you walk on them? I want to replace some carpet on a second floor for a work shop. I like the laminate option, but I want the hard wood feel with the scratch resistance of laminate. I need the floor to be firm to support work benches, and tools; with a level working surface.

Olivia Kate says:

This was so interesting!!

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