Laminate Floor Installation // Beginner How-To

Renovating a little bit with paint and a new rug and installing a laminate wood floor with a click system.

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Tom Jones says:

GREAT JOB!! Looks Amazing!!

rrenn y says:

Love your tool belt and book rak, care to share their details, pls

Laura Valdes says:

Your mother in law is she going to live with you? Or the room is for when she’s visiting you?

Sharon Hein says:

Did you do the floor in one day?

Stephen Krall says:

Looks good.

Jake’s Place says:

$135 – that’s it? That is truly amazing transformation and super cheap. It looks so good now. M-I-L should be very happy and proud of her very talented daughter-in-law!

Radek K. says:

In Europe everytime we put thin layer of Mirelon (polystyren foam in roll) under new floor of that type. For elevation and step sound elimination. 🙂

Victoria washington says:

Picture before installing

Guil The Bearded Woodworker says:

Great work

Maya Scott says:

Good job! Thanks for sharing; it’s the cutting that intimidates me.

Norm Borger says:

Stand back and look at the baseboards. How does their perspective (height) look to your eye?

Wally Phillips says:

We have real wood floors… and as a wood worker hobbyist… I HATE THEM!!! They are impossible to maintain, and scratch when you look at them! I’d take tile over anything, but laminate for everything else!!!

tahseen Ashfaq says:

In uk before we put laminate floor in we put a soft underlay in and then put the laminate on top

Hallo Ween says:

I’m doing a laminate floor in the next few weeks. Helpful tips!

Lamond B says:

I just did a click floor in my bedroom and it made a huge difference . My flooring cost a little more only because the under laminate was built in the flooring.

cafe80s says:

Looks great!

Skewed Maker says:

Great tips and what a reasonable cost for such a nice look!

HODYO Design says:

Quick question: why didn’t you remove the original laminate floor? I assume you wanted to save time and skip a trip to the landfill?

Sommer Foard says:

good job!!! thank you for sharing

Austin Makes Stuff says:

Thinking about installing some of this type of flooring myself. Thanks for the tips. You have given me the confidence to tackle it.

Otto says:

It’s good to use a small scrap of flooring when tapping the floor. Click the scrap into the floor, raise the scrap and give it a tap, once it realigns un-click the scrap and move on.

Scraps are also good to figure out how to space a room so you don’t have a full width board on one side and a small ripped piece on the other. That way you know how much to rip off the first row.

Door jams. Turn a scrap upside down and use a flush cutting saw ( or an oscillating saw) to help cut the jams at the correct height.

careman71 says:

Dogs in these vlog-style videos always seem befuddled that their human is talking to the weird little box instead of to them.

Brian Hinton says:

Great job Lin, have a nice day xx

krn14242 says:

She needs more book shelves. LOL… Great transformation.

Juan Torres says:


eddiecarlcalhoun says:

what kind of blinds are those? we have Venetian type and my wife hates them.

Serge Cheval says:

beau travail bravo

jraltwies says:

Scraper to pry offtrim…awesome

Vincent Ferrari says:

Here’s another tip: If you’re doing a large room, have extra blades for your saw. My dad and I used laminate flooring in my parents dining room / living room and he had his 10″ mitre saw in the room. We easily went through two new blades cutting pieces. I don’t know why but for whatever reason the flooring we used was very hard on blades and was eating them alive. I’m glad he had extras or we would’ve been stopped very early on in the process.

Ghassan Alniser says:

عمل رائع ….. you fantastic

Thomas says:

Nice job

revieck says:

Good job,Linn!

Romain Villeneuve says:

you re dog it pretty calm and cool you re room look pretty well

Paul Devey says:

Work is always better with a loving and furry assistant .

Vilius K says:

I really can`t understand why that miter saw has batteries. It is not like a drill which you move around all the time and it is very useful without cord. miter saw is one of those tools which you move very rarely.

Mark Palmer says:

That stuff is far easier to click a whole row together end to end, then click the entire row down by hand. You just have to work up and down the row as it can pop out at one end. I light tap gets it in, but also saves having to tap each board in one at a time. I’ve done a 6m long room like this, and also a small 3m room. Looks great though!

Kevin Motteram says:

Looking good Linn love the new house

Yescas Alfonso says:

awesome work, I did the same at our house and yeah it could be become a lengthy project but at the end you sit down and look at your work and say Wow I did a great job… 2 thumbs up

Marc Buteau says:

I’ve done many of these floors, always the wooden ones. The last one I did was vinyl flooring, it went way quicker. With the wooden ones you need to constantly go outside and cut the piece because of all the dust it produces. But with the vinyl ones, you just need to score a line with a utility knife and snap the piece off. A little bit more expensive, but I think it is worth the time you save going back and forth.

Zilla Films says:

Thankyou so much I’m about to do my floor for the first time and this really helped, wow laminate is so much more expensive for me in the UK compared to US videos I’ve watched about it. I love the room it looks amazing. It’s a shame the rug covers the lovely new floor but it will be warm on your feet.

al ensley says:

Good job!!

Donald Fugitt says:


Hans de Groot says:

Great video and good tips. Thanks for sharing. It turned out very nicely.
Could you please tell more about the blind you put at 7:50 ? I’ve never seen such a system here.
It seems very clever and handy.

Luciana Zenner says:

Where do I buy these laminates for me to place?

Weight Loss Tips says:

According from your YouTube channel name “Darbin Orvar” you are Latvian not Swedish, am I right. Because Darbin is a Latvian which means working and Orvar is Swedish word

paul humphreys says:

wheres the underlay

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