How to replace a damaged floor panel? .rmvb
This video will tell you how to change a damaged floor panel.
With Tap&Go Locking system, it’s very simple and quick for Bergeim Floors!
The damaged panel can be replaced without breaking the others, which makes the flooring as good as before.


Marcia Patrice Ganeles-Kislik says:

What is converse installation?

Krista Woodrow says:

What do you do if they don’t sell your planks anymore the tongue and grove part is different now

benoit lambert says:

good work

Mary Coiffic-kamall says:

Does anyone know how to repair boards that did not click or become unclick. Urgent

isaac gomez says:

No knee pads lol

osgeld says:

this moron is there to fix a insignificant scratch and throws his tools all over the place

eed says:

Appears you are cutting into the concrete….incorrect

Mary Coiffic-kamall says:

Very good video but can anyone help with boards that doesn’t seem that the click board have become us clicked

brandon segura says:

This video was the best resource/example of how to replace a laminate panel in between already installed panels. I had a water leak in my condo (rental) and the restoration work crew that dried out the ceiling and checked for mold also remove about 12 laminate panels from below the ceiling leak. My biggest concern would be that last panel in between the already installed panel. Although the video suggest trimming off about .5mm of the up tongue I had no real way of taking that measurement. So I wasted a lot of time trimming and then trying to install. I don’t know how much I took off but I’ll tell you it was a lot. I pretty much made it flush with the laminate siding in order to use my mallet to hammer in place. The panel was not lose at all!! Turned out great! Have no idea how to post a picture of completed work. If any one can tell me if that’s possible I’d appreciate it. Thx!

James Graham says:

Very convenient you had an end board to chap away before removing and replacing. What if it was in the middle without that option??

Eddie Scoseria says:

how can I hire this agile Asian man to replace my plank. he did an awesome job

Lourdes Layton says:

Hello. We installed wilsonart laminate floor through out our house about 10 years ago. The floor still looks beautiful after 6 kids but there are some areas in the kitchen that have damage planks. Wilsonart has since been discontinued but we have several boxes left. After so many years would we be able to replace the damage planks only rather than redoing the whole house or would it be difficult for the planks to connect? Please advice. Thank you!

Sam Robinson says:

That music in the beginning is straight out of an instructional video tape from 1989

lee bags says:

Omg…. damn background music makes me crazy. No music please

Just Dance Challenge says:

can this be done with laminate flooring as eel or just hard wood?

Bubba John says:

Glad he’s not working in my house. I would insist on covering the existing flooring and he should also refrain from throwing things on to the undamaged floor. I would ask him to leave before he causes more damage!

Jesse Andersson says:

How much would it cost to have something like this done?

Fritz the Horrible says:

I don’t think it was smart to use the floor as your work area. You have your tools scattered and you do your sanding right on the flooring. I could see someone scratching the hell out of the flooring doing what you did.

Sherril Thibault says:

Great video.

chillincool says:

Excellent squat form bro

Drew Limelight says:

can be done without a saw which creates a mess in customer’s home. takes about 10 – 15 min.

DAM FLA says:

You are GOOD!

Paul Streicher says:

Yes, most excellent vid of all that I have been able to find too. My problem is the laminate I need to replace is three years old and I cannot find more of it. I called Mohawk Industries and they gave me a couple of names of local businesses but how much you wanna bet they aren’t going to have it in stock or be able to order it? You get different opinions from wherever you go to look for it. We started out at a large carpet and tile warehouse store. The sales person called Mohawk and came back to tell us that it was distributed at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Well, we went to Lowes and they didn’t have it in stock and couldn’t find it on their computer. Now, on to the two businesses to call next when we called Mohawk. We have a handyman coming tomorrow to see if he can give us a quote on the repair. It will be interesting to get his take on it next. The first handyman we talked to said the only way to repair this is to replace the whole floor because when you try to pull up glued (yes, it was glued down but this isn’t our place) laminate it will tear up the surrounding planks. The guy at the carpet store said it could be done. We’ll see how it goes and I will try to report back. A floating floor is the way to go but just don’t let any water or dog pee settle on a joint for over a minute or two or you will have swelled joints afterward.

Mil Rodz says:

by far, this is the best most instructional video we watched 7 others and none showed such perfection and ability with simple tools…we were able to successfully replaced 3 bad laminate pieces thanks to this video. Thank you for making it.

mr. J says:

my asian brother from another mother.

chris20sith says:

Great video! Followed the advice and replaced 4 boards in the middle of the room with no issues. 🙂

Gumboot Zone says:

I’m 50 now, and people keep asking me if I get sore knees doing hardwood floors. I say “Never!” because I hardly ever kneel, but when I need to get close like this I do the “Asian squat” like this fella does.

kmusic says:

He makes it look so easy

DeniseTaylor2 says:

Now I know what to do when I move the fireplace starter from the floor to the side in a future project. Thank you!! 🙂

Mattila the Hun says:

good video, bad music

Andreka Burnett says:

Of all the videos I’ve watched, this seems the simplest! After watching this video, I’m now sure that my husband and I would be able to handle this task. We have in total maybe 4-8 boards that need to be replaced. I initially thought we would have to get the entire floor redone, but I’m confident now that we could just replace the damaged panels. Thanks so much for this video!

poedic1 says:

I have 2 side by side panels that are peeling upward and bubbling from water damage how realistic is it for me to do this? Would a dewalt oscillating tool work to do the cuts? Thanks for the video I hope this works for me

Don3311 says:

Could be called ” How to not use a circular saw”

Thao Nguyen says:

Very helpful thanks

Diane Corwin says:

Great DIY video!  You rock!!!

John Jerrehian says:

Nice job!

showdownhill says:

Looks like he could lick his toes, if i did that position I wouldn’t be able to get back up, my back would be seized

Diane Corwin says:

I showed this to my handyman who installed the laminate in our condo and he looked at what you’ve shown.  He says that it wasn’t glued down, so that might be a problem down the road, as the floor can shift.  He is repairing our floor but is ripping out all the panels leading to the one that is being repaired, saying it’s the best way to go.  Any thoughts?

Larry Burks says:

How can you find this guy

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