How To Remove Laminate Flooring

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imuteu says:

thank you. you just saved me hundreds .

Stephanie Brady says:

Can you tell me what that tool with the red handle is called? Thanks!

analogdistortion says:

nice tshirt man

Antoine Hue says:

Thank you very much! That helps a lot! Clearly explained and good do’s and don’t. Thanks!

NivagSwerdna says:

If you are having to remove the floor access the floorboards to do some plumbing maintenance and you need to get to essentially the middle of the room can you just work your way in from an middle edge or do you end up taking up the whole thing? Are there groves on the ends or just the sides of the panels?

John Zale says:

Very clear and informative. The average Canadian tutorial is so much more useful than the average American one.

Megan Herold says:

great tutorial helped me prep my living room by myself to have carpet installed. Took me less than an hour to remove it and saved me $200 thanks so much!

matthew farnsworth says:

Great vidio mate helped me out.

Dennis Driscoll says:

Thank you just what I needed to see to gain some cinfidence to start a job

Shangzhi Chen says:

Very useful. Thanks you.

Rahmat Amin says:

talk too much

Steven Mullenix says:

Using hands really works a lot better than a shovel

Ham Zter says:


Nathan Hall says:

At 5:25 you give an especially great tip; thanks for a quality video.

brandon perro says:

My dudes Canadian af

Mike Waters says:

Thanks very much!

Kelly UpNorth says:

Thank you for posting. Due to the rains, my basement is wet and I would like to remove the laminate flooring to make sure things have dried properly. As a single gal, these things seem overwhelming, but you did a nice job at making it look easy! I will follow more of your videos…PEACE!

Tawmi Travis says:

very helpful! best video on removing laminate flooring I’ve found. thank you!

flowersandlemons says:

Thank you! That is so useful! 🙂 I hope to re-use a big piece of flooring..
I wonder.. what is the name of that handy tool you use?

Michelle Mariconda says:

Great!! Thank=you!

Eduardo Cordero says:

Great video.. learned a lot.

Tyler Neff says:

so question. is it possable, as long as ur careful, to replace a damaged area without having to replace the entire room?.

Steve T says:

That’s a beekeeper tool

Kortney Buras says:

very helpful

Jimmy Gaydos says:

Thank you so much!

Tim Marquez says:

Thank’s house improvement!

Gerald Dodd says:

Very helpful…thank you.

charles mcguire says:

Shannon do you have a video on how to reinstall laminate flooring?

Juan Lopez says:

I really appreciate your tutorial. It is informative. Thanks for putting it together.

Roch Will says:

Good job!

SteveJM says:

Thank you very much, that was a great help.

Matt Smith says:

As many others have said, thanks so much. This will save me quite a bit of money before the carpet is installed in place of the laminate flooring.

Sabbi Malik says:

was this remove style

mendez2587 says:

my floor is starting to pop up in the middle of the room and I was trying to figure out how to get to it

Linda Davis says:

,thank you..i feel much better.that I know what to do and look for

Ali G says:

that was helpful my friend
thanks alot

Jacob Abraham says:

My Wife and I just bought our first house. We plan on replacing all the flooring in the entire house, wood laminate and carpet. We are going to do the flooring demo ourselves to save some money, is it a necessity to remove all the floor trim/baseboard, or can we get by leaving it in? I know we’ll have to remove the quarter rounds, but I’m more worried about having to remove the baseboard trim since we’re doing the entire house. Thanks so much, I have learned so much from all your videos! *(We are having a professional do the install)

Greg Knight says:

Really useful, thank you, especially for the tips around the skirting.

mattwho777 says:

I bout won four mies boat flours ands nows its nots evenes leekens no mores

Dan Dicristina says:


why don’t you ware knee pads?? or gloves

imaginecreate says:

This was a very helpful video. Thank you so much. I’m going to try to tackle removing 800 square feet of 15-year-old pergo myself. If I can’t do it, then the contractor will charge $1500-$2000US. Is really love to save that money! Wish me luck! 🙂

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