How to Lay a Laminate Floor

Floors-2-Go bring you a tutorial on how to install laminate flooring. For more tips and guidance please visit our advice centre –


Legna Beats says:

Really good video on installing flooring. Thanks

Trena Pickel says:

I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.

a robbo says:

Never put footing down before, followed your video massive help thankyou well pleased 🙂

Val Garay says:

Oh, and what about the self installing beading? Magic!

Frank Orellana says:

How long did it take to this that room?

CNN CNN says:

Well explained! Thanks

Martin Versfeld says:

By far the best demo on how to…. Plain and simple… Nice one!

Sherry Waters says:

someone mentioned a turtle, i saw one at 2:25

Victor Mensah says:

Is your underlay suitable for floor heating if so where did you purchase it from?

TheRashidian says:

Thank you … Fantastic

Mike Secondo says:

big mistake made!!!!!!!!!!REMOVE MOULDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DUH!!!

SirSirupy says:

i like turtles

Jay Ros says:

what is the thickness of the laminate used in this video?

Bernie Clark says:

Good vid. Well done

Griffith Harland says:

“Again he forgot at the beginning with the first row. Where was the slot in the piece he cut, for the end of the previous board?”

chriskila says:

safety googles and mask for cutting the laminte with a cutter? thats like wearing a helmet while eating so you dont get your plate onto your head.

mirooo Vuujjj says:

then KS for video

Baggies 5468 says:

Why does he put a dust mask on when using the guillotine?..Is that board radioactive?? lol

Griffith Harland says:

“Much better information than most. How could you go wrong, but come summer check for swelling from the heat, Do it now don’t wait three years!!”

Myles Cummings says:

Very useful. Thanks!

Bobby Ellis says:

wow , thank you

Thor Bonham says:

Must be using flooring that cost 10 dollars a board because mine doesn’t slide in EASY..

Val Garay says:

All floors are different, all flooring is different.  That’s way all these videos are always so approximate. In real life, it’s never that easy. For example, what if the planks must click on the short side first??

Abrham Smith says:

Why didn’t you remove the baseboards to do the install? Also, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to cut casings like shown in the “tip”. Use a Contour Gauge and cut your laminate flooring to the exact shape.

Lucas Luiz says:

I am a laminate floor installer here in Brazil coko concigo a letter of employment to work ai popping floor how and demand ai and great has work? How is the payment made and by the hour or by the work??

mirooo Vuujjj says:

where did you get guillotine cuter. ?

ian gee says:

Warning Floors2go web prices are EX VAT!

alec pho says:

Why baseboards not taken out?

scott bullock says:

hi this is probably me being stupid but did he cut the board to the right size on the opposite side to where he drilled the hole?

aux1z11 says:

Great vid Thanks !!

Daniel Davies says:

Is the narration by Sean Beans Down syndrome brother?

Brandon Roberts says:

nice video, thank you

Noori Jutt says:

How you fill the gapes at end or the edges?

John Roy says:

The floor in this video looks AWFUL! It looks like 1000 two fool long scraps of poorly cut planks. If I saw that floor, I would ask “oh, when are you going to install a floor over that mess?”

zagulak says:

Fantastic video. Helped me a lot. Thank you.

Василий Зай says:

Классно! Молодцы!!! Все понятно и доходчиво объяснено.)))

Alan Frank says:

To complete the first row you had to cut the last board to make it fit. You then started at the other end again for the second row and saying to cut a one third board or else another full length board would make the pattern wrong and the whole floor weaker? Why didn’t you just lay a full board from the end that you had just completed the first row which had already been finished with a cut board anyway?

Aguardina Santos says:

Very good guys.

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