How to install the last few rows – installing laminate and vinyl plank

In this video I show how to install the last few rows of laminate or vinyl plank. I share several tricks that will make your installation alot easier.

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Link for pad shown in the video is-

Tools that I use-


Kevin Schilling says:

is there a reason your able to get away with not using spacers and are able to just go flush with the wall?

anthony 35 says:

What if u have a unlevel floor

4G64SicKShoT says:

I use the same knife and I like to call it a hook knife, Main two weapons in my arsenal as well

Dustan Horst says:

Your videos taught me everything I needed to know for my first laminate installation in my home. Thank you!

gvo hosthenprofit says:

so for laminate he uses wood glue..gorilla glue ? also why did he use duct tape then switch to blue tape ?

Scahoni says:

Thanks for this video … you certainly are the man, and saved me from a lot of grief.

Jerry Sateriale says:

Great tips and information .Thanks for sharing .

Tyler Layman says:

why super glue and not regular glue?

Beth Giardina says:

Best video I’ve seen on installing the last row.

Binmart Binmart says:

The little knife you use to eliminate female end where i can buy it. Thank you

No Name says:

I’ve been fighting that last row, gotta find that finger planner , and marking two rows back great trick thanks. Would ya recommend putting a clear gloss poly on laminate to ensure water prof it?

PowerOf One says:

Well done. I have to lay some this weekend. Made my job easier. cheers.

Easy to tips and tricks etc etc says:

How’s it going Joe appreciate your videos and your help thanks for looking out may God bless and KeepLookingUp!

Ladi Puriwal says:

You do not leave any room in case plank expands? Your videos are amazing. God bless bud

We should all be LIVING LIKE LARRY says:

You’re very helpful. ..I am kinda young and stumbled upon your channel a few months ago. I want to be a carpenter.

Slava Kambalov says:

First time installing cant believe how helpful this video was…and i watched a few

Alex P. says:

Thank you for the video, subscribed. Whats that little edge cutter calls?

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