How To Install Laminate Plank Flooring

If you are using a quality product then you will need to know how to install it without driving yourself crazy. A few easy steps and viola, a sexy floor.


How to install laminate plank flooring.

This Youtube channel was designed for average help home owners tackle home renovation tasks around the house. Hosted by Jeff Thorman from Ottawa Design and build, Jeff uses his near two decades of experience to help you out. On this channel you will a series of How To videos as well as before/after Total Renovation transformations. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

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GeorgeandKristin Visser says:

On the few laminate plank floors I’ve done, I’ll snap the row together lengthwise and then snap it to the previous row. Any reason not to do it that way?

caleta200 says:

What happened to your eye?

dave daved says:

What happened to your eye

David Birck says:

Great video! Thanks for the tips on how to orientate the cut and how to finish the ends.

Hanan says:

thank you

Spiny Norman says:

Got that shiner in an argument over Milwaukee vs. RIDGID? It’s the same company! Stop this contractor on contractor violence!

Tim Z says:
ever catch that gorilla that escaped from the zoo and punched you in the eye. lol

Diesel Diesel says:

Hi Bobby have you seen FRIDAY? you just got knock the fck out!!

Mustafa Ali says:

Nice video

jamie B says:

I’m not having any luck :- I have gaps. These videos make it look so easy. So many videos, and I can’t get the short end, to not have gaps. Long end, is nice and snug, but I am unable to close the gap, on the narrow end.
If I start with narrow end, i have a gap on the long end.

Arda Cinar says:

Thank you for the video

michael fisher says:

Wrong…to cut a customized piece to finish a row, cut from the left side of a new piece. connect it with the already laid plank and you’ll preserve the desired seam between planks. his way creates a shotty connection which everyone can see. Plus, its not as snug and firm.

Ms Mccoy says:

Hey Jeff just watched your Bathtub with that lovely white tile and it was so excellent had to see what else you have on youtube. You are by far the best instructor “bar none”. And you do great work. Thanks I am looking to do the vinyl click flooring. Not the bath tub but had to watch that video as it was so interesting. Keep up the good work you should be on TV move over Bob Vila . P.S. did you walk into a door you were installing 😉

Nora C says:

Can you install this over an old but in good shape linoleum tiled floor?

101withBobby k says:

Update.. The gorilla that escaped has been caught but threw up a nasty fight.

Jerry White says:

I lIke the cutter you use but a little expensive for small project. But, I would buy it if I was doing several large projects since I love to collect tools! Good video! Some walls are not square. What is the best method to square the first run?

Sabbi Malik says:

what you happened iam it’s work wooden flooring insating

Erik Soza says:

Jeff Thorman did you win?

Sorry I was just joking

Just a Fluke says:

I did laminate in a closet, but i didn’t do a good job at the door jamb area. Any tips for that?

crimescene25 says:

“Before you start your project, make sure your manliness level is up by drinking the night before, and getting into a bar fight.”

nightmarejr says:

Rule #1 of fight club

jose lopez says:

I like your cutter!!! Where can I get it?

Moe Soler says:

by far the best video on how to !

rosasammie says:

Really enjoy this guy and his way of teaching

adisharr says:

1. You have a pricey tool to snap boards but don’t have a tapping block? 2. You should use a mating bridge piece when side tapping pieces together. 3. No pull bar for end pieces?

I’d recommend you follow the actual manufacturers method for installing this flooring and spend a few dollars to get the tapping block and pull bar.

jb121993 says:

Still doing drywall in my new home and am considering that very type of flooring you talk about. Thought it would be more difficult that what you displayed and am greatly appreciative of your video! Verification required about that bottom sheet. Is that needed for a slab floor that’s 4″ above ground? Another question, if mopping needed….bad for that type of floor?

Elizabeth Wright says:

what brand and color style is that flooring?? I want it!!

Joshua Beckom says:

Any special considerations for installing over concrete (not below grade)?

Harrison Real says:

Definitely my favourite how to channel on YouTube. Great videos

Zi En Li says:

Why don’t you use the miter saw to cut the laminate floor, that would save your money? Also, why don’t you use a laminate floor installation kit that would probably help you installing the end plank easier? Thanks for sharing.

autiger621 says:

How did you get that shiner?

sean wilson says:

Which wholesaler do you use in Ottawa for the underpayment..?

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