How To Install Laminate Flooring | Transitions

Learn the secrets to install perfect transitions under the door on wood or concrete with this training video. Pro Tips for DIYer’s

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Peter Franzen says:

Thanks for this. It is really helpful to have videos that show common mistakes and how to fix them.

Dainius G says:

Nice video. However ….
1. Smart guys who install floors for living do use glue and glue only (very few exceptions ie (if the subfloor is timber and you know how thick it is))
because the Oopsie that you had @ 4:22 (rebar or hard concrete aggregate) could of easily been a water pipe, electric cable etc. You do not want to flood your newly installed floor or have to dig out and repair electric cables!!! Imagine going through a pipe on 1st 2nd floor of a building.
2. Both transition and reduction molding brackets had not enough fixings , should of been fixings at both ends about 2-3″ max off the door frame and 4-5 fixings in the middle(depending on how rigid the bracket is).
All in all for the DIY or occasional installers I would not recommend drilling into concrete just use locally available construction adhesive and allow it to set properly while weighted down.

Oscar Formoso says:

Hi Jeff, im replacing my hallway flooring and laundry room with vinyl plank and have an issue on the transition from hallway to the laundry room. The laundry flooring is raised about 3/8″ so how would you handle an issue like this since I thought it may look weird b/c I want it to be all leveled. I think the previous owner may have placed another sheet of plywood on top of the subfloor (hallway used to be carpet and laundry room is vinyl). Love your videos btw!

Mohammed Sahlan says:

I am Mohammed from Syria. I admire your work

Katie Sanvick says:

we are about to lay pergo on a concrete landing that has carpet stairs coming up to meet it. how do we transition that?

Chirana Gheorghita Eugeniu Theodor says:

Smear those plastic plugs with some chemical anchor and they will stay there for sure and hold that tramsition in place. Sloppy feet usually dislodges them 🙂

FX T says:

Great video!
Any advice on transition to sliding glass door as well as to carpet stair?
Thank you.

Avila says:

or its plywood subfloor, finish nails, done

Nathan Tack says:

What do you recommend to fix down with if you have underfloor heating installed?

Ricky Loehr says:

Transitions strips are the biggest time waste ever!!

Keith Garchow says:

Jeff could you please do a video on how to choose a laser level for remodeling your basement.

brian barclay says:

How do I send you a message? I’d like to send you a few before/after pics of the renovations I’ve done all thanks to this channel. Cheers

Bronwen M says:

Anyone know the name of that spray sealer he used?

James Cutler says:

One suggesting for evening out the boards, use the new Milwaukee 3″ cutoff tool, it would make short work of that line.

crazyforce21 says:

There are gaps (its not under the door jam) on the full plank closes to the camera on the first transition that was demonstrated… personally, that would bother me and I would redo that section before installing that transition.

Lakario Davis says:

Hey, Ive been searching the internet for awhile now, I can’t seem to find out if its ok to run flexible pvc conduit up through the soffit on my house into the attic. inside the attic will be a termination to a jbox with romex on the other side and the little clamp that clamps onto the romex.

Mark McKeon says:

Great video, a video covering a large reduction such as laminate ontop of dmx subfloor or something similar would be awesome, keep the great content coming

King Tin says:

The manufactured wood planks sometimes not perfect square and you won’t know until the last couple rows then you have a huge gap, hardwood floor has most chance of being not straight

Carmichael Court says:

I loved how you “learned” to drill the holes in the concrete after the first go round. Once you put the plugs in, pulling them out is annoying because you know you should have done it better the first time.

Pete Stoneham says:

Jeff, great information as always! Best DIY channel out there. Only suggestion is to WEAR EAR PROTECTION when using that Fein Tool! My ears are ringing just watching. I’m not one of those over the top safety Commies but that tool is so loud and high pitched that I always slap on hearing protection when using.

Ctrbates says:

Or use a sawzall to cut the floor and finish the edges with the oscillating tool? Instead of 30 min and 3 blades….

Terri Light says:

We have all of the above! The second this came out, I sent it to my husband, and, accordingly, he watched it right away! You seriously walked us through our entire renovation project! Additionally, I have been dropping your channel info in the paint waiting lines as well! Another great video. Thank you!

Steve Nguyen says:

For your quarter round molding. What happens if you leave greater than 3/8 inch gap?

John D says:

Always cut the underpad away when installing all transitions.


Such heavy breathing throughout this

Bandit Hill says:

how would you finish off flooring that meets the top of a staircase

Randy Panebianco says:

Wow, that blade has seen better days. I’ve done that exact thing to fix transitions from a wood floor to a laminate. Decent blade went through the whole thing in about 5 minutes. 🙂

Constance says:

Are the instructions for going from a new high laminate flooring in my kitchen to original wood flooring in the dining room the same as those in step 3?

gmrrnracr says:

Thank you for demonstrating this! I needed this instruction years ago when I installed my laminate flooring transitions!
YES, I am one of the many diy guys who messed this up!
Thanks again

Danny says:

Thank you Jeff, every time I learn something new.

Ernie Adam says:

Thanks man – Love your videos!! Would you please show removing and installing a shower pan?

King Tin says:

12:30 who install that door

Damian Ford says:

Very cool Jeff! I was wondering how you were able to fix my mistake there. Can you please call me when you get the chance. Number I have for you is not working anymore and we’d like to plan a time for you to come finish this project. Thanks Jeff

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