How to install laminate flooring. Laminate floor installation made easy for DIY beginners!

In this video I give an easy to follow tutorial of how to lay and install laminate flooring for beginners. Including how to cut, tape and install underlay, how to cut the laminate using a chop saw, jig saw and table/bench saw, how to do detailed cuts around a stone wall, how to cut architrave to fit laminate under it and how to use a flooring kit to install the floor correctly.

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Kalifornia Flooring says:

forgot your safety glasses using the table saw right after saying always wear your safety glasses using the table saw…..just saying. nice job though CHEERs

Ian E says:

Subbed. Great videos they are really coming in handy because I’m doing my bathroom right now as a novice DIYer.

I want to lay laminate flooring in the (downstairs) bathroom which is like a L shape around the bath tub and I’m unsure which way to lay…. width or length wise? Thanks mate

ChaseKolpath says:

Pouse, this is an amazing video, probably one of the best on Youtube. I’m redoing my foyer with laminate and am using this vid as a reference. I’ll post pics when I’m done!

Tim Brison says:

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best laminate flooring video I’ve seen – filling in all the detail that other videos omit – which is so crucial to getting it right.


Dave Gahan says:

One of the best guides.

Steve potts says:

Another great vid! Shame u didn’t make one for fitting the skirting after…nicely explained keep up the good work cheers

Sean Kilgarriff says:

A wood-worker who wears gloves when laminate isn’t real wood i.e. no splinters! I spent 40 years working with wood and never used gloves once. Happily retired now having taught woodworking in schools, colleges and at evening classes I’ll be putting down a laminate floor in my son’s house later without gloves. Maybe this chap has had an expensive manicure. By the way when using a jig saw on a laminate the good surface should be facing down as the teeth cut on the upwards movement. An interesting video and very useful for people who don’t feel confident about doing this job. However my blood ran cold though when I saw him using the circular saw. No safety guard and no push stick with a bird’s mouth cut. Health and Safety would have had a field day if I had done that in my working career. Using a circular saw one should ALWAYS use the (rip) fence and not cut freehand. A band saw or jig saw is for doing that work. DIY enthusiasts may learn a lot from the video but may not have a full set of fingers if they take notice of the unsafe use of a potentially deadly circular saw.

Alex Brodie says:

Snagging for the spark, the height of those socket were out by a mile

K S1000RR says:

Good work

LOrd of bEES says:

this is a not a profissional job, look to the joints

rhatid says:

Great information and so concise. Brilliant!

perpetual timetravel says:

Measure twice, cut once !

daylightriot says:

this is currently my line of work and ive gotta say, you’re pretty good but. I definitely learnt a thing or two from watching this video. might be an idea to do a video of a more difficult floor though. hallway into a couple of rooms or summin. A tip from one welsh fitter to another, pick up a set of alpro medical knee pads, expensive but worth it. great video and good luck.

Jayes SS says:

if the bottom of the skirting stuck out in a roundish style therefore not being able to sit the beading flush with the skirting board, what would be the easiest was to solve this?

Daze says:

Nice job thanks

arfan jhangir says:

hi.great video. Is this laminate from wickes? what brand is it? many thanks

jer428 says:

Nice video, one of the most detailed I’ve seen and very well explained. Learned a lot from this. Def got my subscription
Thank you..

Steven Feng says:

Nice tutorial! Lots of good points which are normally ignored or skipped by other videos!!!

Ty Wade says:

why do you have your blade set so high on your table saw?

A Serious Salamander says:

look at the gaps. these guys stay the fuck away from my house lol

Zak Botros says:

Hi where are u based and if you do fittings

Chris Ellis says:

Could you use a quality masking tape for joining the underlay or is that tape really a must ?

Daniel Mughal says:

This is without doubt the best and most detailed video I have seen on laminate flooring laying. The commentary on how to space the planks to ensure continuos joint lines was invaluable. Bravo!

Val Garay says:

Great video….where can I buy this magic laminate flooring that fits itself?

Joe Drager says:

How do you get any work done with that vicious dog in the room?

Nathan Mitchell says:

Nice one cheers

philipjLA says:

Thanks I watched ten different ones and this one is by far the best! Anyone reading this do NOT use gloves with a table saw. It will turn a small cut into possibly losing a finger.

Nathan Mitchell says:

On the wall I want to start laying there’s a stone fireplace HELP

Felfy39 says:

Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to make and upload such an informative video

I’m a fairly competent DIY’er, but I’m a complete noob when it comes to laminate flooring

But using this expert guide and the extremely useful tips found here, (and from a couple of other videos), I’ve just finished installing my first laminate floor in our living room & hallway – And it looks absolutely great, (yes, I am blowing my own trumpet, but the floor does look good)

My own ‘top tips’:-

1 – Underlay – Simple – Buy the best that’s available

2 – Use a fine-tipped CD pen for marking out your laminate boards

3 – You can buy special 1/4 round trunking for hiding/protecting wiring along your skirting boards, (D-Line make/have a good selection)

4 – Laying a laminate floor is very time consuming, so do not rush your work, otherwise you will definitely regret it

So again, thank you Mr Pouse, you have been a great help

Richard Baker says:

Nice video mate and you explained each section well. I will be laminating my house soon. Can you give me some advice on the best way to measure around the bottom stair. Its got a circular edge, would it be best to use a small bit of card board like you did in this video to cut the shape of the bottom stair then use a jigsaw to cut it? Cheers Rich

Jeremy Kinsey says:

great direction on video and the handy hints were really handy…thanks

Randy Ryneski says:

Where can i buy one of the harambe shirts?

Gary Stewart says:

You can undercut stone with a diamond blade and cold chisel then the laminate fits underneath the small channel you made in stone and leaves no gaps at all this is messy job but the finished results are fantastic

Mik M says:

Off to do this tomorrow – thanks for the video 😉

David Tyler says:

great job but i would of undercut the natural stone around fire & doorway as this iliminates the need for caulking & looks way nicer

Maria H says:

Really really helpful and so well explained. Thanks 😉

Hat off lab says:

Mate, Wickes uploaded a video on how to lay a laminate flooring, but yours is 10 times more informative. Great job and great tips!

dnsmithnc says:

In terms of safety, the table saw blade needs to be down so it is just a bit higher than the object being cut.

David Timmins says:

very good video

Del Boyo says:

Great video bud… You got a sub

cole tosh says:

Thank You

John Lunyamila says:

Can this go well in the kitchen? I’m thinking about remodel my kitchen floor either laying down the tiles or laminates but I never done these type of work and I don’t want hire anybody. I need ideas.

Angela Collins says:

Best video I have seen thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

roy vtecruz says:

nice video. thanks

Infinity vidz help the helpless says:

hi what tape do u use

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