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Laminate flooring is economical, durable, and easy to install. Join host Jeff Wilson for a tutorial on installing a laminate floor.


Dennis feuston says:

great vid!

SuicycoFM says:

Hi nice video. Question do I need to cut the laminate flooring. Or does it come staggered already? Please let me know thank you. 

Wellington J. Flute says:

Seen many videos and each give a little bit more. Since this room is a kitchen, I was wondering about using glue to help seal the panels from any water spillage; we do that a lot in kitchens. I only saw one other video do that. Same goes for the bathroom. Do you recommend it? Frankly I do not think I would ever use laminate in a bathroom anyway simply because there will almost always be water spillage and air humidity.

Vanessa Molinar says:

So were the baseboards not removed for installation? I am not understanding how the 1/4″ gap was filled between the flooring and walls? Thank you.

Dan Levine says:

Trust me when I say, (They make it look so easy) The Bradford Hill Laminate Flooring that I installed was a horror to work with. None of the flooring pieces locked together flush.Each piece had a lift.Attempt to tap/hammer together without damaging is a horror of it’s own.Another thing you all need to tell your wives is, This Laminate Flooring your installing is not water proof.So,mopping with any standard mop or flooring steam mop is out of the question! My opinion,pay to have a expert install it! Not fit for one Man.Notice in the video your watching 2 men installing it! Never attempt to do this alone!…Like I did!

Nick Sexton says:

Why did you put padding down instead of plastic?

Angelica PR says:

This was very insightful,I’ll be DIY my bedroom with laminate. What confuses me though is why would anyone put laminate flooring in their kitchen?seeing that a kitchen and bathroom or basement collects moisture the most compared to other rooms in a home.The floors would soon become a problem for the homeowner.

Scott Kurrus says:

Never cut a long board in half without a miter gauge to support/guide it. If the blade is pinched by uneven force it can kick back the board at you or drag your hand through the running blade. There are hundreds of maiming injuries on table saws each year from making mistakes like this. 2:21-2:22 of the video is a big error in judgement and an accident waiting to happen. Read the manual for your saw or google it.

humanyoda says:

This video looks more like a commercial than a training material. It goes too fast and leaves one with questions.

jwexcel says:

Nice job! Great looking floor.

Don Mac says:

I hope you guys are replacing the door jambs, they are busted up pretty good. I also don’t understand why the baseboards weren’t removed. 

Jason Grant says:

Thanks for the video, spent an hour and a half fighting the flooring because I was told not to stager but to lay one row at a time… needless to say finished the floor in hour after what hang the video…

Powder Hunter says:

Great video. Thanks

james hardin says:

Its popular because its cheap. period. and fake looking

40 Life says:

i felt bad for the contractor guy. he was sucked into a DIY video. you can see at the end of the video he didnt feel to good when the commentator said “you can install your own flooring”..he knows hes gonna lose business. man that sucks

sixmetalstrings says:

Hey do anybody here know the name of this floor they are laying down in this video? I’m considering to put it on my living room! I don’t know much about this so I will really appreciate any help from knowledgable people out there!!

minameise says:

At least back your statement up with some actual knowledge if your are going to criticize the video. How is it “the wrong way to put laminate down”? I just see no proof or backing up of your statement, just mindless rambling. And FYI there is such a thing as a “completely water proof laminate” which would perform great in a high moisture setting. Google it.

Andrey V says:

poor installer looks so sad from 7:30 till the end

Ashley Nicole says:

How much would this normally cost to get professionally done?

510mig says:

great video

thebensonfamily says:

This video was awesome…. I can’t wait to install my laminate flooring. THANKS!!!

stardust styles says:

Shouldn’t you remove the baseboards first

Adiraha says:

Great video, except I’m still curious: why did they leave the gap along the wall with the wood blocks?

ron lea says:

ndy is a a rookie,ioi

RedWizardGameing says:

yo head

David Ojeda says:

I don’t understad why the baseboards weren’t removed!! If you do, you don’t have to make so tides cuts and when you put them back it will help the floor not to raise as time goes!

fxr92 says:

stupid question !!! do you have to remove the spacers along the walls once job is done ??? if not impossible to install trimmings, and if i remove spacers won t  the floor move around ???

thersten says:

wow an actual helpful youtube comment. thank you.

Jah Fizz says:

Definitely a lot more complicated than I thought.

tony pham says:

why not remove the original flooring…..

sarah albu says:

This Video is the best I have watched on this topic. Very detail oriented, step by step work and a very clear video, sound and picture wise. I hope you do very well! Good job guys, I’m very impressed!!!

Fran says:

I want to do this in my garage for a small video game room ,how if we end up ever selling the hour we can just remove the flooring and convert it back into a garage. Is this a smart idea? Or am I better of polishing the Garage floor and leaving it bare concrete?

Jamie Buxton says:

Because timber will expand and contract. By leaving the gap it give the wood that space to expand into and therefore prevents it buckling or warping.

George Alexis says:

well done, thanks

fistmeetsurface says:

I don’t know what you’re talking aboot.

Schnitzer325ci says:

Thank you for a clear and to the point video! : )

Chris Duane says:

So he brings in a professional floor contractor to show people how to do it yourself? Do not try this at home, people, unless you have some carpentry skills.

adzidowo007 says:

this video helped me a lot thanks

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