How To Install Laminate Flooring

Installing laminate flooring is very easy. How to install a laminate floor tips and instructions with few tools involved.

Laminate Floor Tools used:

Laminate floor cutter:
Floor floor pull bar and wedges:
Laminate floor tapping block:
Laminate floor spacers:
Floor scraper:
Snap knife:
Dewalt mitre saw:
Stanley tape measure:
Speed square:
Rockwell Sonic Tool door jamb trimmer:
Safety glasses:
Rubber mallot:

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Ken Howard says:

Is that 12mm Pergo flooring?

Samuel Collie says:

Nice job. I’ve done these floors in our house, my sister-in-law’s house; and, getting ready to help my brother-in-law with some in his house. I like the flooring with the backing already attached (don’t have to lay down the sheeting). Either way it looks good when you’re finished.

Michael Moore says:

If you want to do an entire house without transitions, what room do you start in?

Labony Kitchen says:

I finished putting mine down

oscar delgado says:

Very nice

gadgetmantwincities says:

Just what a floor covering guy wants to see. Painters putting in a floor!

Ed Va says:

guys, don’t waste your money on thin laminate, 12mm is the best, 7mm feels like a water bed. Avoid joints on the door threshold and stagger planks so they interlock at 40-60% of it’s length (a lot stronger joints).

Steve M says:

Check out the skill flooring saw. That thing is awesome

Elvis Rodriguez says:

Thank you brother!

ThomasVMan says:

I really like this flooring. Could you please share the brand and name of this style? Thanks!

obadiah7771 says:

I finished putting mine down. Staples for days… I pulled them by hand. It’s all in the prep. Great vid!!

Eric says:

your a paint professional not a pro flor installer. i really hate when people say its really easy. Floor installation can get difficult.

whytho1 says:

Wood doesn’t expand and contract in length. Lol it does in width though.

Mel C says:

Hey Chris, when does “The Idaho Flooring Division” open for business?! 🙂 Looks good!

Ruslan Russ says:



Perfection nicely done

catman92260 says:

Are your knees screaming at you yet?

chunkymonkey55555 says:

Very nice job there dudes,
Might i suggest, get yourself a pair of them trousers u can slip knee pads into. I seen so many old timers that now have knee problems recently. I never found the strap on knee pade (:/) very comfortable and often give up on them half way through the day. The other type, fantastic, you forget you have them on

J Bellfield says:

I would put the joint of the underlay perpendicular to the joints of the flooring, not important for thick laminate but for the thin stuff that bends more easily.

Tara Petersen says:

Love the floor. Thanks for the vid. I’m about to install 1600 sq feet of luxury vinyl. I’m so excited. I’m remodeling a foreclosure I purchased. Your videos have been a tremendous help. Keep up the excellent work! You and your crew are awesome!

Bruce Moore says:

Why do you have AccuPaint Edger as a lead?

Yso Sirius says:

When installing bamboo flooring in a bathroom, how can you prevent water from leaking in the 1/4″ gap from the baseboards?

Tim Alderete says:

Good tips thanks will tackle my laminate floor project with ease now. Great Video !

goombastic17 says:

Lmao I’m watching painters lay lam

jimbowheatbob says:

always have great tips…ty

Summers Woodworking says:

looks great Chris!

Jonathan Wes says:

I love this video man! Can you make a video on how to install tile?

Daniel Marquardt says:

Nice job Chris

TheAirheaded1 says:

When measuring the doorjamb cut height you put that blue tape to protect the wood or you can just flip the board over.

Devin Locke says:

hahaha great video and funny typo “plseas” love your work man

Joe M says:

Just watched your wrong color paint prank vid and heard how you sat on the cooler in a two passenger vehicle lol. Just wanted to say wish you the best wish more people were like you. Also thanks for all the tips and gret vids. Most pros wouldnt share that info

Adam Laski says:

Personally, I never have two joints line up only a board apart, it tends to look like strange and more like a pattern rather than random

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