How to Install Laminate Floor on Concrete

Well it is finally done! My flooring videos that I made months ago, i have finally put into a tutorial. This has been a long time coming but I wanted to take the time to show you how I did it myself, DIY style! I know I am not a pro at this but it did come much easier as time progressed and I developed habits and tricks that better assisted me throughout the process. I owe a big thank you to my brother, his wife and my wife for pitching in and giving me a big helping hand throughout this process. Thank you to Lumber Liquidators for the flooring which is called “Weathered Oak” made entirely in the USA.

Tools used in this install:
Ryobi 10″ 36V Sliding Compound Miter Saw
Ryobi 18V Jigsaw
Senco pneumatic brad nailers
Dap Caulking for trim and interiors
3M Painters Tape

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ricky reliford says:

Can you make a video of all the tools you used to install the floor

DA VID says:

Now! Rock-n H Woodshop… 3:08, 3:48, 4:22, 4:32, 4:38, 5:11, 5:38, 5:39, 6:07, 6:14, 6:47, 6:57, 7:49, 8:52, 9:10, 9:27, 10:13, 10:35, 10:59, 11:16, 12:27, 12:47, 13:17,

C G says:

You did a great job, looks fantastic!

Matt Robin says:

Glad you are happy with it.

Shane's Hobby Shop says:

Great job. Love that flooring. Great tips. Thanks

MamboTek says:

I need to redo some of our flooring. I’m really torn between laminate, wood and tiles. The carpets have to go!

Srh XIII says:

Glad to see videos from you again! Only question is where’s the Podcast? I finally catch up the week the last one was put out; and then it’s gone!?!

J.M. Castilla says:

OK, gracias por sus videos, thanks for your videos

Shane Collier says:

Great video

Michael Mcdonough says:

Great video Drew. When my wife and I had our house built 17 years ago She installed the laminate flooring in all the rooms except the kitchen, downstairs hallway and the three bathrooms which are tile. Thank God the house was empty at the time. The flooring is still in great shape. I was working in Minnesota and she was here overseeing our house construction in Texas. Question have you seen Ron Paulk’s videos on installing crown molding, he has some great tips and tricks. Glad you are back and I am looking forward to seeing more videos from you. Good luck with your new adventure.

bc65925 says:

We put some of those plastic skidders on our kitchen chairs and quite quickly they came off. So I sanded off the double sided tape and applied some 2P10 adhesive. They have been on there for about 3 months now.

panthro 4263 says:

awesome job man…me and my wife r so happy ur back..can’t wait for the next one

joseph poncik says:

thanks for the video and how to cut in around the fire far as the trim goes, we are thinking of using cedar fence pickes sanded down some and cut to fit. this is a lot cheaper and will go with the rustic feel.

Awesome Wood Things says:

Boom! I learned some tips… and, I’ll be installing a floor soon! Thank you Drew!

TJ weim says:

So you dont think enuf of the Utube subscribers to fill us in if we dont have instagram….gee thanks

Peter Brown says:

Great vid!!

Becky's Texas Wood Shop says:

Congrats on a good job. You have to do whatever works for you when your doing a job. Looks like you did many things to make sure that you did a good job and also to prevent anything that might mar or scratch your floor. I enjoy your videos so keep them coming!

Eddie Stipe says:

Thank you for sharing. Little tips here and there do help.

Rose Petals says:

Thanks for the Boomin Video 🙂 This is the best DIY tutorial I’ve seen!

Lonnie Tackett says:

Awesome job. So happy you’re back

chillozz1 says:

that mic tho…. maybe invest in a better one ??? this is so anoying 🙁

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