How to install laminate around a toilet and other round shapes

Do you have a toilet, pillar or another round object in the room? Laying a floor may seem impossible but that is far from the truth. Follow our tips for a beautiful, nicely finished result.


Victor Flores says:

Get that toilet out of there!!!




piosenki dla dzieci

rick bufalini says:

Very smart. Lock the floating floor in place in an area that gets moisture. Also dont ever change your toilet cuz the new one will be a differant size and also take the fucking toilet off. What the fuck is wrong with you. HAAAACCCKKKKSSSSS

Michael Schreckengost says:

first very few laminate floors are water resistant most are not recommended for bathroom installation .if u have small children forget it put in vinyl or tile. on second thought go ahead more work for me

M Arney says:

Wouldn’t it be easier to just lift the toilet off?

Thomas Devereux says:

Are you not suppose to leave a gap around the edge of the flooring

clarence puckett says:

Who are some other dealers in the 28105 or Charlotte/Matthews area besides Lowes and Home Depot ? I like your Montgomery Apple, Lowes was three weeks into our contract, then said there was a shortage in it, I killed the deal, got my money back, they have too many complaints on BBB.

Kelly Oubre Jr says:

I don’t know why I clicked on this video

Ali Almayyahi says:

It’s a good way to install laminate around toilet
Thanks for all

Robert M says:

By the time you finish screwing around doing this you could have pulled the toilet, easily put the floor down under the toilet flange, buy a new wax seal, put the toilet back and have a perfect job. Don’t waste your time. Do it right.

Bob's Handyman Services says:

Great tip with the block being used to transfer the odd shape; that’s ingenious.

Matt Davies says:

Gonna use this technique today thanx for the pro tips 🙂

subyz1 says:

What happens when you want to replace the toilet??? Yikes!

John Naugle says:

No way. Pull the toilet. I see this hacker shit all the time. No professional should ever do this for their Customers.

chieh hao ho says:

remove the toilet, simple

sale yuga says:

thank you so much for this video. because l dont want to move toilet. this is perfection. help me a lot

Kamran Shinwari says:


Maelthas Divine says:

So much unnecessary work.. take the toilet off :/ 5 minutes

John Warren says:

The previous owner did this in our cloakroom and it looks awful. Evidently he was a bit of a bodger and a pro could would do a much better job, but I don’t understand all the extra work you’d go to to cut around the toilet when you could just lay the floor and put the toilet on top. I did this in the bathroom in our last house and it worked perfectly.

Mr Guzman says:

so if you update your toilet one day and its not the EXACT shape of the old toilet then . . .

John wood says:

thank you for this video

Martin Mc says:

Excellent video. That tip is worth money 🙂 Lots of folk arguing its easier to remove the toilet and re-fit, just remember your toilet is now HIGHER than your soil pipe 😉 Not as easy as you might have thought.

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