How to Horizontally Install Pergo Laminate Flooring On Your Walls

Now you can create a gorgeous accent wall with Pergo Laminate Flooring! Watch how easy it is to transform your walls using Pergo Laminate Flooring in just a weekend.


Timothy Wisener says:

u mean i cant put this stuff on the floor of my swimming pool, WTF???

Colin Heaton says:

I bought 3 packs of oak flooring, with a little work and some patience made myself a suit and matching shoes…..

Earthsgard81 says:

needs a 50 inch flatscreen tv… a foocking pic me arse…

Staff 66 says:

Warning don’t do this! .. I did and Now the dog keeps runnin up the wall

aaron finnegan says:

see the amount of tools u need haha screw the safety gear to start with all i need is the gun thing

deng castro says:

gosh its so boring

DM electrical says:

I put it round my car came up nice

StretchNEra says:

Really cool idea. Wish I knew about this a few years ago. I’ve had 3 extra cases of laminated floor boards stored in my shed, they’re probably damage now!

Tom says:

solid vid

Emanuel B says:

Can that be applied onto a concrete floor or wall without drywall?

Adonis says:

Or u could just buy wood planks at Home Depot that cost 10 dollars and is actually meant for the wall plus it looks ten times better

Uncrowned King says:

now do a tutorial for the roof

khalid almarzouqi says:

that’s great i love that, thank you for this video

Dantube says:

Can you walk on the wall now?

Maria Paola Pe says:

Dove si trova?

Thomas Christopher White says:

If any material in your house is this sensitive. I don’t think you should put it in your house.

Daemiex says:

them nails aint holding shit, it moves like fuck after each nail

F Vids says:

The question is not how to install this crap on your walls but why would you . I don’t install it on floors and surely wouldn’t put it on my walls. Nothing says warmth and homey feeling like plastic on your walls. To each his own. Just not for me

Shovelware says:

Now everybody can become Spiderman

P. Hamilton says:

Just when I finished carpeting my walls…damn it….I could have had the great look of plastic wood !

Kevin Kemmerer says:

can I do this over a paneled wall

Richard says:

First screw missed the framing… Smdh

Suriyawut Kulatee says:

Too many restrictions ==

2015SSC says:

Installed pergo on wall…

house flooded vertically

Ratomir Filipovic says:

What kind of monkey teach you to do stuff ? i can do this with only 1 tool and it does not need to be electronic at all!

Dr DVice says:

Very nice work!

Nick Name says:


Luis Mora says:


bitemyram says:

Jump ahead to 3:50, everything before that is bla bla bla pergo brand

Chris Bates says:

Worst how to video ever. Do yourself a favor and skip to 6:00

jose evangelista says:

can I just wall paper my wall with wooden planks pattern?

Madmac1648 says:

How to wire a house when dry wall is installed

Jesse Schweizer says:

pergo sucks… outlast my ass

Mitch Muerle says:

I use Free Pallets

John Miller says:

so dumb

Rickay77 says:

oh there is a floor on the wall …

Andy Middaugh says:

Why cut off the tongue of every 2nd row boards? Seems that would be needed to lock them in place. Maybe not an issue for wall install? Thx.

bluewolfe96 says:

Found the woman’s voice really annoying. …

Ashlie-Kay Tarasyuk says:

Lol for incorrect cuts?? Bull crap video. For waste. Worst video

Gord Thor says:

“Nail a brad nail” through 1/8 inch MDF? Yeah right,you can even see in your video that the 2nd nail went right through and didn’t hold at all. Use a micro pinner and it will be enough to hold until the adhesive dries,without busting up the groove,which would make it a real pain to install the next row.

chriss le blanc says:

I have used it on ceiling and slanted walls never had a problem

Ezanity Gaming says:

Lol look at 7:40 .that floor/wall isn’t gonna hold if the pins can’t hold it back nice and tight.

David LaRue says:

It does look pretty good.

iliketoUSEmybrain017 says:

Why would anyone ever do this?

A1 Carpet Market says:

Great job, thanks for sharing the info

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