How To Clean Laminate Wood Floors & Care Tips

In this video I explain how I clean my laminate wood floors and what I use to clean them with. I hope you all enjoy, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below!


Products I used:

The Mop I use has been discontinued although you can still purchase it here:

Simular Mop Option:

Extra Mop Pads:
You are going to want these! Replace the pad every time you clean your floors!

Mrs. Meyers Cleaner:

Floor Solution Recipe:

1/3 – 1/2 cup isopropyl alcohol
A splash of all purpose cleaner (I use Mrs. Meyers)
Hot water to the fill line

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Marco Romero says:


Sophia says:

make sure to use distilled water, not tap! those steam cleaners need distilled water only, the minerals in regular water will ruin and clog the line over time!

Allan Godinez says:

Thanks Basilchic! Great video. I tried swiffer sweeper floor mop and that wasn’t fun (mop broke in half with a back into it) and the wet pads aren’t the greatest. The mop and ingredients you recommended are awesome! Just finished my floor and it looks and smells great.

Aphroditeuf16 says:

I heard you’re not supposed to use water on wood laminate flooring.

Tony MTA says:

that is scraped hand floor ?

Frank Sandwrs says:


Lynasa Nash says:

I use vinegar and water, I can’t stand the smell and it doesn’t shine my floors like I want. I can’t wait to try this out!

rohan ab says:

Tried it today, seriously I am amazed with the floors. All that greasy feeling is now long gone. Thanks a lot for sharing this outstanding formula.

Abbey Storm says:

Where did you get your tile for your backsplash?? I love it!

Debra Balawajder says:

Went out and bought one of these mops & the Meyers cleaning liquid. My laminate floors look great! Thanks!

Sling King says:

Thanks beautiful. 🙂 Great video.

Anthony Hayles says:

I purchased this mop because of this video however I’ve had it a month and I’m taking back tommorow. It leaks water profusely and is also discontinued. The Mrs. Meyers products smell really good though.

jamie lanoie says:

scentsy warmer? on the counter? love the video thanks

NoMore9to5Work says:

When it dries, does it leave and haze or is it shiny?

Ronda Witt says:

indeed you are lifting no dirt.  try this.  a cold damp micro fiber mop, and small spray bottle of your solution, and do just the areas tht are high traffic.  dust mop all other areas.  I clean wood floors for a living.  I do not over clean process wood floors.

Nicole - says:

Thank you!!!! We are replacing all our flooring with laminate in 2 weeks from now. I bought the pergo outlast.

I just now ordered this mop with the honeysuckle Meyer cleaning solution and a few bottles of rubbing alcohol.

Do you mop daily? I like to keep the floors as clean as possible without overdoing it.

terri e says:

getting laminate floors and went on amazon to order this mop. reviews say sprayer breaks. How is your mop holding up for you? any problems? are u still using it?

Saba Aden says:

Would mr.clean clean work instead of mrs.meyers plzzz answer am going to a new house (soon)

gary851 says:

i like these kinky housewifes , they always go out of bands.

Carolyn Brush says:

Doesn’t rubbing alcohol damage the floor?

Nicole Dionicio says:

Do you use anything after it dries to make the floor shiny?

Gizzel Rincon says:

where did you get the mop ? @basilchic

homequest says:

What do you recommend to polish laminate floors with?

bs2455 says:

Would this clean paint splatters off the floor?

Jeanne Carstens says:

Thank you so much for the prompt reply
I will surely follow it up.

Jeanne Carstens says:

Where can I find this mop. I live in South Africa I will import it if I have to.
Thank you four a great demo. Just what I wanted to see.
Regards Jeanne.

Diane Sanor says:


AOmega84 says:

Do you have a video on cleaning granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances

Davon Jones says:

Your mopping in the wrong direction you have to mop with the grain

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