Excellent Building Bedroom Floor With Wood & How To Install Wooden Floors Step By Step

Excellent Building Bedroom Floor With Wood & How To Install Wooden Floors Step By Step


Timo Seppänen says:

Christ all mighty, that’s some shitty job. And that’s not even quick. And i’ve been do this for living 20 years. You can do things right and faster than this.

Oscar Taborda says:

muy bueno te felicito gracias por compartir tu conocimiento

Vidadi Ismailov says:

Не правильно вкладывает столько мучения зря без молоток можно вкладывать надо думать а не трудича

D Tango says:

Step effect, all the way down. Big fail. Anyone come and install laminate like this, I will fired them so fast.

kjf oauir says:

切って投げんなよw 早いかもしれないけどフロアー傷だらけだな

Vic Ron says:


cocinas muebles puertas jsc. says:

Pues les puedo comentar que esta mal instalado. ya que no dejo respiración para cuando expanda el piso, apesar de ser laminado también expande y contae, lo más recomendable es dejar por lo menos media pulgada de o puedo garantizar que ese pozo se levantará

cfcreative says:

I don’t like this system for a few reasons. It doesn’t feel solid as the wood isn’t glued down. The stagger he is doing doesn’t look like natural wood flooring. When he nails the baseboards is he actually hitting wood or just nailing into drywall. I would also use construction adhesive and/or a stud finder for nailing in baseboard.

EA says:

Ugly .!!!!!

Keko jones Jones says:

allá en China trabajan chido los coreanos de Japón

Isa Carvalho says:

Você é um gênio

Sarmad Baig says:

highly trained and professional worker…. great job

D Tango says:

Not how you installl.

Gerardo Patricio says:

Esta vien pendejo el chino desperdicio un chingo de madera

Kuncong Rrc says:

Subscribe….balik ya bosss……salam kenal…..

Richard Nazzaro says:

Not random enough. You’re not supposed to see patterns. Also fast doesn’t mean good.

мультики says:

Готово да бестолково!

Kelvin Wanja says:

I second you @Timber Carpenter

Herr Schlomonski says:

Keine Dampfsperre benutzt, viel zu viel Verschnitt, Übergänge viel zu kurz und viele Kopffugen sehen echt gruselig aus. Was mir aber sehr gut gefallen hat war die bearbeitung der Fussleisten !!!

nick kerwin says:

Nice pattern

Евгений Майоров says:

насвистел будующим хозяевам на безденежную жизнь

Martinez Lopez says:

Not so sure – but I think: THIS way, you are producing a LOT of wast!! – Regarding the joints I am not so sure about that either. For my Part I like it in the middle (like the bricks on the Walls…) – As they say: “taste is arguable …;-)) — Nice effort though √√

Goger Kupiec says:

Chińczyk dostał miske ryżu

مرتضى انور says:


nick kerwin says:

Wrong wrong wrong

Paulo sousssza souzza says:

Como eu faço pra comprar o roda pé

funny video says:

Can i contact this worker’s bro

Gary Kent says:

Stairstep pattern looks horrible, mix it up a little!!

ฟลุคเอง นะงับ says:

Bertin Gomez says:

Lo que hace es un tiradero de madera

Khalil Zainal says:

So cincai mehh..

Francisco Ruiz Sánchez says:

A ver quién coño tiene cojones de competir con un tío así, con ese cuerpo que no le pesa nada y se siente más agusto en esa postura de cuclillas que de pie o incluso sentado

funny video says:

I wanna buy this material

cfcreative says:

Videos used on Youtube with workers without proper safety protective equipment are not helping anyone.

Sanobar Yarmatova says:

эканомны вариант

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