DIY Laminate or Vinyl Flooring A to Z

All the tips and tricks to completely install flooring in your home, plus how to finish the room with trims and cutting down doors!

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Tools We Used:
flooring cutter
irwin dove tail saw
dewalt laser level
dewalt drill set
my favorite olfa knife
milwaukee tape measure
makita jigsaw

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Lulu Luna says:

Great video and so appreciated!

Thomas Mcluckie says:

it takes way less tape to cover the bottom plate on the saw also the guy who cut the door originally never glued the bottom frame back in i noticed at the 43:58 mark the bottom of the door was hollow its gonna go all wonky at the bottom and of course you cover that at the end as usual great video for home diy’s

Colin Lansdell says:

Amazed you have pieces an inch or so long. No manufacture suggests pieces under a foot long

stef salmons says:

Such a great video! So glad I found this channel. So much information and details. Thank you! I would love to see how to diy laminate on stairs. 🙂

charlie Goodspeed says:

This guy is not a pro floor guy if he was he would be using a tap block to realy lock in plank. And would have pulled base. This guy is a lowes salesman who thinks he knows how to install he give guys like me. Who have installed it all a bad name he goes and hack shit in and thats why u diy people try it instead of calling a pro

Wyatt's dad says:

This is a great install vid. You did an excellent job explaining the install. Thank you for sharing.

Nick J says:

Great video. I would like to install this product in my kitchen, I have a dishwasher would you pull out the dishwasher and install floor under it or install planks up to the dishwasher

Dave Wilson says:

u r right who am i 2 talk only only done like 5 floors. liked your video thankx 4 getting back to me ! i will keep watching

S Koet says:

I’ve seen a ton of DIY videos from automotive to home improvement to computer fixes. Not only does this guy have skills and experience, his videos are well produced. He’s a pro, all around.

Stuart Dooley says:

Do I have to remove the old adhesive/how do I ensure we have a level surface to install on?

becomingellis says:

Like the color of the flooring!

Pete Buka says:

how do you start a new bedoom from hallway to maintain flow from a hallway? Do you start in the door way.. only 1/2 a board from wall to doorway. Really want to have it flow nicely and line up the ending boards from hall into the bedoom. ANY TIPS ? Thanks for your videos. Very Good A-Z series.

ddoungpanya says:

to do this over existing tile, do I have to fill the grout line?

Simon99 says:

Dangerous way to use a table saw

Jack Moler says:

Why not remove all the baseboard before starting?

Simon99 says:

Lazy. I remove the baseboards. Quarter rounds look dated and ugly.

Nick889999 says:

Cant watch unless u do it with a black eye. Not the same.

michael dumond says:

When fitting over existing floorboards, I would recommend that the new boards run at 90 degto the old boards

Bob Sum says:

Jeff. I’m sure You might help me. My living room has stairs down. How should the transition from laminate look like? Can’t find video on this.
ps. Love yours videos.

Miguel Rivas says:

Could you please show how to do the transition with the metal? at the door?

Me Pnut says:

You do amazing work Im just wondering why you never use underlayment..

Serge Kudinov says:

Now i really want to start doing renovations at my place, great videos and explanations. A Canadian Bob Ross !!

charlie Goodspeed says:

Always pull base no need for 1/4 round

Porl Smith says:

This floor will buckle and destroy itself in less than a year. You’ve left no expansion gap. Did you not read the instructions that came with the product? Youtube Eh? Jeez.

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