Here is how I did the laminate flooring in my new little bedroom studio! Keep in mind I’m NOT a professional, clearly, but if you have any questions leave them down below!

* For me the project in total was about $600 including the flooring, underlayment, laminate cutter, and all the other tools. If you can find someone who has all these tools then it’d be cheaper. It will be even less if you don’t need underlayment in your space. You can also save money if you find cheaper laminate flooring. When I got my flooring it was $0.99/square foot and my studio is around 350 square feet (a bit larger than an average bedroom).

This is flooring that I used:
Flooring Installation Kit:

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Direla vérité says:

Clean your shoes

scott pot says:

nice job

La Cobraa says:

What is that cutter called??

Direla vérité says:

Of course qhe did not qhow.everything someone help her

tenee goodman says:

I love this! I’m definitely going to DIY MYSELF,, how many cases of flooring did you use?

Ala Abbas says:

Very good

Elisa H says:

Just woooow girl

Amour People says:

Girl, you are no joke!


You are badass!! Floor turned out amazing!

Belinda Pestano says:

I am so glad that it is a girl I never see tutorials like this with girls I love. It!!!!

jeffostroff says:

Looks nice! A couple of things I would recommend to others, first of all is don’t do the H-pattern you showed here, the planks need to be more random. Don’t end your first row with a 2″ sliver piece like you did. Don’t start your second row with a 50% piece like you did. The second row always gets started by the remnant cut off the end of the first row, you may have to do a butt cut to make it happen. Usually the manufacturer tells you to use pieces at least 10″ long, not the sliver piece you used. Looks like you had 36″ pieces so you can do 10″, 20″ 30″ and pick other lengths in between to avoid stair step patterns, and avoid your H-pattern because you stayed with 50% cut length on your rows. The lines on the floor should look random with no visible pattern across the floor. Also, never use a broom to sweep up after you created all that dust. Always use a shop vac to just vacuum it up, no Swiffers! After you vacuum it all up, then use a micro fiber mop with approved wood flooring cleaner. Sweeping is a fools errand. Also you are supposed to put underlayment over the whole floor first, not like you did it parcel by parcel, thus you tracked cement dust all over your floors, because you left part of the concrete floor exposed, tracking cement dust off the floor onto the wood floor planks, creating needless extra work. Also, you don’t dump the liquid cleaner right open the floor, use a fine mist sprayer, and go up and down the length of the planks, not across the planks. I use a hardwood floor mop with a built in sprayer bottle that shoots a mist up to 24″ in front of the microfiber mop head. Make sure that the “shine” cleaner you buy is only a cleaner and not a shiner! You’ll void the warranty of your floor if you use polishes, anything with oil based polish, etc. It’s best to use cleaners only with no type of polish, or you’ll erode the layers of Aluminum Oxide that the manufacturer worked so hard to lay down on top of those wood planks. Bottom line, read instructions of your flooring carefully, see what the maker tells you that can and can’t do with the floors.

Nicole Bram says:

You go girl!! Super impressed! My floor would come out so jacked.

Badriyah Zee says:

loved this video!! thank you so much for sharing!!! gave me a few ideas!

Laila Latifa says:

Keosha McLeod says:

Great video. Thank you!

Chas McCan says:

Did you remove your base board molding on the floor? Or did you install them at the end?

Vicky Rodriguez says:

Wow u made that look so easy!

Terikka Foster says:

You did awesome! I was so intimidated to try it myself but you just inspired me girl! This will save me a butt load of money rather than having someone else install it! I bought the same flooring! It was on sale at Home Depot for 0.49 a sq ft! What type of underlayment did you purchase? That’s all I need to get started.

appel dijk says:

Today I made the floor of my room .thanks for god it was easy .Its not perfect but its good .

Truth Lover says:

Nice to see exception to the usual male counterpart! They’re usually noticed well Vs mirror doing the same 2 hrs routine of self modification…nice to see the lady actually making her time count! Well-done

Basooom Hoooba says:

U’r amaaaazing

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