Where to start – Installing laminate and vinyl plank

In this video I show you how to get started when you are installing laminate or vinyl plank. You will learn where to start your first row and how to center the boards in the hallway when starting in a different room. This video is based off an installation that has multiple rooms to install laminate and vinyl plank into.

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Gary McCray says:

Joe, I have watched all of your YouTube videos on laying laminate and vinyl plank, several of them many times. I’m kind of a handy guy and have already installed a stone pattern laminate with 4 ft. by 15 inch sections that started in our dining area, went thru the kitchen, around a peninsula, and into the laundry room. That was ten years ago and the floor still looks as good as the day I finished it.

I’m getting ready to install my first vinyl plank floor which will cover our living room, family room, foyer and hallway. Your YouTube video series on installing laminate and vinyl plank flooring has been invaluable In preparing myself for the job. I have also watched videos by others. I must tell you that your videos cover the entire process better than any others I save seen. Your attention to detail in your explanations is helpful beyond any other video I’ve seen.

Thank you very much for your fine work. Right now, we’re involved in the prep work of removing wood parquet and carpet, and preparing the sub-floor for the vinyl plank. As soon as the new flooring arrives, we’ll get started using many of the techniques and tips I have learned from your videos.

Thank you. You’re the best I’ve seen on the Web, or anywhere else, for that matter..

Temejin Hulsey says:

In our case….  it must have been Friday afternoon… every day…

Adam Jordan says:

Why two lines in the hallway.

Kay Tee says:

Too much hassle but I can see the logic.

Jamie Andrews says:

Great videos Joe!

Ronald Barba says:

Doing two floors with attached stairs should i start on 2nd floor ?

david pesina says:


John N says:

I had to watch the centering part about 10 times but good info man . really in depth look . most guys are showing people how to use a hammer still. This is good though thanks

Bullet Bender1100 says:

Thanks for the vid but u lost me halfway through.

Dave Anderson says:

Do you happen to know which color flooring you used in this video?

Rixter says:

For vinyl plank you recommend glue down or click/floating? If you have a video explaining I’ll gladly watch

Dave DelGiacco says:

Well done and very informative. Thanks for the content.

Nicholas Wilkins says:

How do you follow the chalk line if your underlay pad covers it up?

warren emenecker says:

very helpful

jvmlincoln says:

Joe – Any concerns with partial boards on stair treads? In other words, for 3 foot wide stairs, could I use a 1 foot board and a 2 foot board without any concerns? I will be gluing the laminate to the treads. Thanks for the guidance.

joe brass says:

I like your videos I can tell your vary good at what you do I’m also a installer the problem that I have with a glue down vinyl plank is laying down that first plank it is all ways off a bit as you know it has to be perfect on a long run do you have a trick for that .

Becky Helminiak says:

Can you just lay vinyl planks over linoleum in a bathroom no other sub floor?

lsmithp3 says:

This video really helped me out. Thank you

Son Vu says:

Thanks for the great video. Question is if I wanna leave the 2 inch piece you mentioned without adding like you said except for the female tongue, is it still okay? Thanks

4040pmora says:

At 5:527 you say to add the width of the tongue to our math. Does this step apply to Allure type stick on flooring? Thank you so much for the videos! God Bless you.

Nathan Granneman says:

Two questions
1) Does it matter which side of the hallway you are doing your final measurement of 24 5/16 for marking the line, ie going off the right vs the left side of the wall
2) Where do you get the 2nd line measurement of 5 5/16. You say you measured it but unsure what you are talking about
3) Which of these lines are you using to make the 3rd line marking in the other room

M Etchells says:

How to prepare a floor for laying laminate

Reisser says:

I am going to lay luxury vinyl plank with attached pad. I want to put it over the existing engineered wood floor that is 20 years old.  They did a good job with the original install and everything lines up the way you teach in your video.  I have seen on Shaw’s install video to lay it 90 degrees to the original floor.  I don’t want to do this because it will throw off the visual down the long hall and it will be easy to follow the lines of he existing floor. The original floor is like 4 inches wide and I am putting down 8 inch planks.  I don’t think there will be an issue.  What are your thoughts?

Linda Olson says:

My problem is that the length of the hallway leading into and across the great room is more than 40ft. Pergo pdf says more than 40 feet requires a transition strip. I don’t want a transition strip across the hallway. What would you do?

Paul Cayley says:

Thank you – very well done!

Garth w says:

Joe, I was raised by a true floor man. These videos are the most simple and yet comprehensive video for installation installing laminate or vinyl plank flooring. But it is truly the basic process used when installing more then 90% of any type of professorial looking floor. It has brought back so many thing I learned 45 years ago in laying out a floor installation. Thank for sharing! Signed by one of the many sons of Strickland and Waters flooring Co.Miami Fl. Retried and Closed their shop in 1995.

Ron Croteau says:

Do I need padding when laminating over a wood sub-floor?

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