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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Part 2 Part 3 He makes $250,000 a year doing this stuff


Derick Khan says:

I am a flooring contractor and i can tell you that the best type of vinyl plank flooring is the glued down process .. the click/floating vinyl plank flooring is garbage and that whole waterproof flooring is a gimmick because water will still get underneath and slosh

huhhman says:

Dude, it’s 2018. You can buy air bags to lift the cabinets.

Craig Mcfarland says:

Sure you put more cheap ass flooring down bunch of junk

Hangry Zombit says:

get some roller derby knee guards, you’ll look pro, and they are super comfy!

Timothy Ohs says:

Never cut on comcrete it will ware out the blad very fast cut on wood.

Cory says:

Nice job! I like to use my cut off as row starters to keep that random look and less waste. Better get yourself some kunys.

vinylsoup says:

dude for knee pads buy the cheapest foam ones’ they sell at the depot or lowes, they have just one velcrow strap and cost like four bucks. They only last a few jobs but they are light weight so you don’t even know you have them on…trust me on this…I’ve worn them all

Eber Silv says:

From now on the countertops will be my work station, nice going.

frankybabee says:

Lmao! This guy is a hack! How about you use a rubber mallet in lieu of a framing hammer. Holy smoke.

Merk Krem says:

Woah, total disregard for a quarter inch expansion space at tight areas. 6:11 and 10:40 are just a couple examples.. Also do you own a rubber mallot? Not as important as the expansion gaps but still important to prevent scuffing the top layer. I have installed the same nucore flooring before and can tell you it is a quality product. Anyway good camera work. For anyone watching please leave that quarter inch expansion gap around the perimeter or at least in tight areas. Can’t wait to see what this looks like when the humidity/seasons change.

Johnnyhumbkr says:

Nice job and video,guy! I used the same flooring, but I covered the finished floor with clear coat epoxy for giggles and grins!

Liberty Never Sleeps says:

Metal hammer directly on the flooring ????

Alec W says:

I’d fire you for not taking everything out to do the floor.
If I had florin under my cabinets before, I want them after.

Simon Early says:

do you need any underlay? I note you are going straight onto the concrete. Any thoughts on that?

Dan Porter says:

I’m a floor layer and make easy job look hard it a days work leave the flooring to floor layers start with better product lvp why the fuck are you bothing pull up the stuff under the bench if you ate putting on kickboards handyman are not tradies

Trans am 2 pontiac says:

Cheap flooring bubbles up from mopping it after a while

djm93 says:

how do you figure out how much material you will need

Robert Birdsell says:

Pick up some Troxall Leatherheads. Your knees will thank me. I wear those things all day every day doing flooring, half the time I go on break I forget I have them on.

blipco5 says:

Rubber mallet?

Liberty Never Sleeps says:

Jessus christ– cutting with power tools on your leg???

reddead405 says:

Boss would have my head if i didnt stagger our planking propperly, so i was curious as to why you dont do a set stagger with your install.

Thomas Komosinski says:

Now I know why you charge alot because that some technical demo and hard work

Jimmy B says:

LOL you’re so good you should go get a job doing flooring full-time

Michael Davis says:

This flooring is awesome, but beware! My wife wanted the kitchen re-floored, so I watched several YouTube videos on how to do it. Lucky wife; she found a bunch of it on clearance at Home Depot, something like 90 percent off. Not so lucky for me; it went from me re-flooring the kitchen to me re-flooring the kitchen, living room, hallway, food storage room, and back door landing; everything from our front door to our back door. That turned out so nice that she took her mom over to Home Depot as well. She decided I needed to re-floor most of her mom’s house; entryway, living room, dining room hallway, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, back entry way.

Martin Rader says:

I use catcher knee and shin pads and it has helped with the bunching up of the strap behind my knee, I think it is because it has 3 straps to help keep them in place. Just might be worth a try and I just got a cheap pair at a used sports store.


I heard all the hype about this vinyl flooring. You can install it in bathrooms etc. I’m renovating my house for my first rental. What’s your verdict? Would you spend your own money on this flooring for your own rental if you had to install flooring? My original hardwood flooring is beyond repair. Window A/C units ruined the floors and made them buckle. I was gonna use tile in the bathrooms but have my doubts for wet areas. Like kitchen, bathrooms etc.

H34D K4S3 says:

As a professional we pull all cabinetry out. Cabinets should always be flat on the floor. Not on top of shims another reason to cover all of the floor is so if you ever want to change your cabinets down the road you dont have flooring gaps. If you really do need to tap joints it should be a rubber mallet.

jaydub says:

You gotta get some Blaklader or HeROCK pants with the integral kneepad sleeves (with the kneepads). The best thing for laying floors…. EVER.

shmiggz says:

Great job as usual! I love all the comments about things you addressed in the video. Most don’t realize that it’s a rental so…

D Beaulieu says:

For small or odd cuts, I heat up the flooring with a heat gun, moving it back and forth until it becomes soft. a good utility knife will slice thru it like butter.

Brian Smith says:

You are nailing a floor that needs to float. Expansion.

Thomas Desmond says:

What I suggest is that you go to a someone you does alterations and have them see in some rubberized padding to a pair of work pants. That is what I did. Love them no issues with the back of you knees.

igelkott255 says:

When I was working on flooring, I kept a couple of small pieces of blue foam camp pad around to kneel on. It was a pain to keep moving around but it was better than destroying my knees.

creeper boy says:

Why didnt start at the front door so that why you only go back wards once

Robert Gunn says:

So what is the Truth ?

Luis Fontiveros 777 says:

So, is it $3 or $4 per feet square a fair labor price??

Salvador Ramirez says:

Freak out your dog 3:43

Joseph Stokes says:

Good show old boy! We definitely owe you a beer! Best of luck!

John Doe says:

Wear tactical BDU pants with knee pad inserts option. I used formed knee pad inserts on my deployment and they worked great. It was a tip offered by a seasoned Infantryman.
Setup one pair of pants at first; if it works for you, set up another few pairs. You don’t want the hassle of having to remove/insert repeatedly. I even washed them with the inserts.
Plus you get the added benefit of having a few cargo pockets for carrying common items, like gloves, box cutter (with locking blade), small tape measure etc.

Marc Favell says:

The truth is you shouldn’t put floating floor underneath cabinets to begin with!!

bobby jones says:

“shims everywhere” We know, it’s 2019.

Jason Smith says:

A side and end knocker make life nicer 🙂

Thunder Island Cosplay Photography says:

Their is a temperature range that this floor has to stay within or it will not be covered by warranty. Temp range is 60-80. Above 80 the flooring will warp.

Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French says:

So the title is bullshit click bait? I’ll never watch another of your videos, that’s for sure.

wayne cross says:

Just shoot yourself.

thomas fennema says:

Well if you put the camera down it should only take you a day

Sarah Jaggar says:

What color is that flooring? It is very nice and would be perfect for my place.
Thanks for the video!

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