April 17th, 2015 // Day 204


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Spooky Action says:

I just did my son’s room with the same flooring. I’m female and did it myself. the next day my finger muscle hurt. I could hardly be walk but it looks beautiful. It’s helpful while your on the floor, someone is handling the floor to you.

Bobby Danner says:

Great job folks!  My wife and I are also remodeling a house and have used several different flooring products, including this one (ours in Resort Teak).  You did very well on this.  My suggestions; after trial and error, invest in a nice oscillating saw for the door jambs.  You’ll thank me for that.  Also, a little quarter round, painted white will hide all of your gaps and flaws, and yep…you can do that too (don’t forget to cut them at an angle to join them).  Other than that…great job!


What this would have to be the worst job that I have ever seen.

David Proimos says:


Gear Barrel says:

Great video! Just had to install similar click vinyl this past weekend. A few things for anyone wanting to do it themselves. 
-Isolating Saw (from Harbor Freight) makes quick work of the door jams
– You want to “stagger” the planks at varying lengths so the door stays put and is stable
– You want to use 1/4-3/8 inch spacer blocks around the floor so it doesnt touch the edges 


ford nut says:

nice job but get rid of that blue paint. lol

Awesome Dave says:

This guy is the picture I get when I read bad reviews on products lol

Christina Bridges says:

What coloring is the flooring I love it

rft says:

thank you for giving me the confidence to try this in our kitchen. is this as durable and long lasting as a quality vinyl. ours still look good but has a few cuts from droping metal can food.

Hooter Bear says:

Good video on how NOT to do a floor….I say that kindly but SO much wrong here.

Epi Anguiano says:

I am giving you both an A for the effort and a like while I am at it. All that matters is that you are happy with the result.

troy d says:

great job thanks

groovanik says:

Hii.. would u mind telling me how many mm vinly flooring ur using in this video?

CUdetoom says:

DYIers, you can rent an electric toe jam cutter at Home Depot!!

gojoeyr says:


Johnny Hunter says:

Just because you can go to Home Depot of Lowes and buy shit, doesn’t mean you have any clue what you are doing.

Ant Ant says:

Use a contour gauge for the ” toe jams” lol. They are cheap and easy to use.

Johnny Hunter says:

Here’s an idea: Instead of wasting your time and pretending you know anything about remodeling, hire professionals. Because watching you attempt this is like watching a monkey fuck a football, and all you’re doing is teaching people how to do shit the wrong way.

Martin Cavazos says:

You guys are Awesome…We just did the front room and will be doing our kitchen as well…Thanks for the video, nice to see it done by newbies as well…. Looks great and thanks again!…Mr and Mrs Cavazos Adrian,Mi

sakib choudhury says:

you convinced me to do it myself thanks

Ben Crandell says:


pupuslinger says:

I gave a like for Toe Jams….lol

awolf81 says:

Wow you hacked the hell out of those door frame cuts buddy and she says “looks so much better!” She’s a keeper.

Tony MTA says:

I bought house really bad condition ,I try to do by myself the repair and was impossible too much ,I only can work in the house Saturday and Sunday ,I ended paying 120 for each person (I have 2) to repair house 🙁 they going Saturday and Sunday I paid 480 🙁 but is to much ,new cabinets ,new hardwood floor ,new tile in laundry room , drywall ,paint , remove the tile in bathroom fix the leak and put back again ,new front door ,and more and more 🙁 everything is $ $$$$$$ and more $$$$$$$ …. buying this house was my biggest mistake 🙁

Jerry Hibbs says:

What color and brand did you use for the planks?

Amy Brewington says:

Love it good job for first time y’all have inspired me to do my living room and hall I will be going to Home Depot to purchase the flooring today thank you, from a 51 yr old female from Tennessee!!! I can understand how to do it now hahaa ty ty

Get my Mail says:

loved the honest vid. thnx!

Annie Treiber says:

I think you two are awesome!  I do the same, tackle jobs by myself.  Everyone’s like, how do you do that, I just watch videos then do it!!  There’ve been plenty of mistakes, but all and all, I’m stoked that I did it ALL BY MYSELF!!  Cool that you put your videos out there to inspire those of us who insist on doing it ourselves!  Great job!!

D twist Rewind says:

razor you are hardcore if you shave with a Stanley knife.

Stephen D says:

Man who jacked up her hair?

Peter Czekaj says:

What flooring did you guys go with for this video? I love the color and look, and based on your video looks to be good quality and a fairly easy install.

Mark P says:

I’m impressed. You want to do mine?

jeremy nelson says:

I just came here to say that you guys are awful at installing floors but ur videos are KICKASS!! Thanks

David Proimos says:

About expansion vinyl plank is a stable product. The walls of the is what moves.

Gabriel Escobar says:

Yo I love this video. Just two regular people using their own techniques. Love it.

What The Cluck says:

you ruined your floor putting it under cabinets. It’s a floating floor

Jack Cade says:

Helpful advice: If you are not the sort of person that doesn’t own the kinds of hand tools and basic power tools for a DIY job you are considering doing, the bigger the job is the more crazy you are for attempting it. A small job, like replacing a door and jam: you may be a bit crazy, remodeling a kitchen: you may be insane.

Lori A says:

I was thinking you would lay them out going in the same direction as the other joining room. It looks like that wood floor wood is going perpendicular to the direction as you new kitchen floor. That was a tough corner but thats one good reason for getting 10% more than you need:). Looks so much better than the original without the crazy prep. So it’s a couple years old now, how has it felt under your feet from day one? Do you feel the imperfections of the underlying floor when you walk on it?
Thanks for sharing:)

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