Mistakes in installing Wood Floors: Buckling, Spacing and Transitions

http://howtoinstallplankflooring.com Hey everybody Terry Bradley here again with how to install plank flooring. And today were going to look at some common problems or issues that people may have when they’re installing plank floors. So come with me and we’ll see how problems can arise when people install plank flooring.

4 Major problems to avoid when installing plank flooring:

1. Floor Acclimation (Prevents Buckling)
2. Proper Spacing Around structures
3. Proper Staggering
4. Room Transitions

0:35 Wood Acclimation – Make sure to adapt your new wood floor to the temperature environment inside your house. Currently outside it’s about 85° and humid and inside it’s about 69° with no humidity so you’re going to have to let your wood acclimate, or adjust to the cooler dryer environment, for about 72 hours before you can start laying the floor. Always consult your manufacturers guidelines. This prevents floor buckling!

1:26 Spacing Around Structures – You need to leave about a half inch or so spacing around structures like walls, door jams, kitchen islands and things like that because as the house settles your floor begins to flow a little bit and you need that spacing for it to move with your house. If you don’t leave enough spacing your house will settle and your floor won’t have room to move and it may buckle. The spacing allows you room to lay your quarter round to keep your floor in place as your house settles.

2:21 Proper Staggering – You want to make sure you stagger floors about 6 to 8 inches on top of each other. In other words you don’t want to lay your floor where each piece of wood is lined up with itself. Have you ever noticed how bricks on a house are stacked on each other? It gives the house the stability. We want to copy this because it gives your floor stability and keeps it from buckling of moving as the house settles.

3:05 Room Transitions – When you approach a vent or a doorway you have to make sure to take the correct measurements with maker tape. (See video “how to lay plank flooring” below) As beginners we need to make sure that we understand how we get this custom fit around Vents and doorways when coming out of the rooms. That eighth of an inch cut is so important when it comes to making that room transition look perfect!

How to lay plank flooring http://youtu.be/uHkA1Wg1md8
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EarthToTroy says:

OK to do it right, you remove the baseboard. Quarter round is fudgework.

Tyler Winter says:

don’t ask this guy anything this brother is called a house niegga

Scoiler Montgomery says:

This guy is a salesman. Bet he’s never laid a floor in his life. Quadrant bead looks like dogshit. Either take off & refit the skirting boards, or undercut with a multimaster. The finish is way better.

GMKennedy says:

I’m not sure I can trust someone who tucks a tshirt into khakis…brown belt and black shoes

DaJA Dee Ma says:

Great video Terry! I have a question regarding the proper layout of a “L” shape hallway…. Thank you for the tips sir…

whales says:

Who has time to leave their wood flooring in their home for 2 weeks?

mark yisser says:

the one right under your foot was less than six to seven inches while you were saying it…

it’s a good rule but if you’ve done enough, you’d know that it’s impossible to always get that 6-7 inches for each line

jus’ poking some fun… carry on with dat hustle

jestin jose says:

look at all the flooring experts below

Mike Brown says:

You leave spacing against the walls so the “house can settle”???  I always thought it was because the flooring (natural wood or laminate) will expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity and the flooring needs expansion room to prevent the pressure from buckling the flooring.  I turned the video off about a third of the way through because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Adam s says:


Glenn Knowles says:

Hard to tell what the heck he’s talking about.

Yuri Yu says:

H-seams are something they don’t know

:| Inspiration says:

How do you install flooring at the front or back door? How do you deal with the spacing at the front and back door, since you cannot us molding to cover the spacing?

Detecting The South with yarddigger & GW says:

It’s not a particle board in the middle. As you say.
It’s most commonly now a thin High density MDF.

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