Installing Your Floating Swiftlock Floor


Mike Secondo says:

wow….looks like rubber floor!!!!

Shawn Strickland says:

This has to be a very different version from the current revision.  My SwiftLock laminate floors are solid and non-flexible.

humbledb4jesus says:

the only issue I have with the product is attaching the headlap of one piece in a row to another (I am using a stiffer product that doesn’t have the same flexibility as the one in the video). Having to lift the previously installed piece to attach the next piece would dislodge it from the side lap. Perhaps fabricate it in such a way that a slight tap with a wooden mallet would clip the headlap of the next piece into the installed one without lifting the previous one…

Otherwise I like the product and the price…

Adalberto Cotto says:

lies in scored my floors and ended up splitting it down the middle. what a useless video

Matthew Locke says:

Im in the middle of installing this garbage and from what Ive encountered and watched on Youtube DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

RoninSC07 says:

Words cannot express the frustration I encountered using this product.  I should have thought twice when I observed three open boxes and individual pieces everywhere at Lowes, but I could not resist the sale price and so I bought three boxes of Temple Oak to cover a modest 42″ by 14′ hallway.  Here are the problems I encountered:   

1]  Either from poor machining or warp-age in transit or something else, VERY FEW pieces actually “SNAPPED” together.  More often than not the grooves would not align or the piece was not square thus preventing the grooves from aligning.
2]  It became so frustrating that the temptation to tap here and there with a rubber mallet was too much to resist.  BAD MOVE.  Any attempt to use any tool on the laminate will only result in damaging the groove and further frustration.
3]  The video technique of lifting and snapping each new piece into place with gentle pressure is a crock.  Doesn’t work – won’t happen. 

After five hours of what should have been a 60 minute job, I quit for the night.  I have one more row to go.  I managed some success by cutting a small end off a larger piece.  This I used as a buffer to tap with a mallet.  It does the job and forces the pieces together where possible.  I say where possible because in some instances, even this won’t work.  I was also occasionally able to clean up some of the grooves with a razor knife.  Luckily I bought about a third more than needed so I hope to get enough working pieces to finish the job.

I am convinced the open boxes at Lowe’s were the returns of frustrated customers.  
I WILL defeat this product in the morning and I will have a beautiful floor.  But if you read this before you buy – TRY ANOTHER PRODUCT.  This stuff is a recipe for the nut house.

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