Installing the Underlayment for Laminate Flooring Installation on Wood Mryoucandoityourself

This video is about how to installing the underlayment for laminate flooring installation on wood. Also you can use this technique for installing the underlayment for any kind of floating floors.
– Hammer Tacker –
Canon T5i –

Favorite tools:
– Dewalt Miter Saw –
– Dewalt Table Saw –
– Milescraft FeatherBoard –
– Router Table –
– Dewalt Miter Saw Crown Stops –
– Pin Nailer 23-Gauge –
– Dewalt 18 Ga nail gun –
– Dewalt 16 Ga nail gun –
– Dewalt circular saw –
– Compressor –
– Compressor hose –
– Festool 36 Auto Clean Vacuum –
– Makita Jig Saw –
– Makita Cordless Tool Kit –
– Laminate cutter –
– Rubber Mallet –
– Rockwell Versacut Saw –
– Fein Multimaster –
– Undercut Saw –
– Angle Grinder –
– Sliding T-Bevel –
– Hot Glue Gun –
– Adhesive Gun –
– Construction Adhesive –
– Wood Glue –
– Tongue and Groove Glue –
– Heavy-Duty Utility Knife –
– Duct Tape –
– Scotch Masking Tape –
– Clamp –
– Water Based Spray –
– Bostik Best flooring glue –

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Shahrukh Khwaja says:

thanks for sharing this video it has helped me do my flooring nice work..

dieselboy808 says:

I think stapling it is unnecessary but can’t hurt i guess, also the joints already have self adhesing tape so the tuck tape is almost redundant but again can’t hurt I guess.

Hummus says:

does it matter which direction you run the underlayment? perpendicular to the flooring panels, or the same way?

MrYoucandoityourself says:

I am happy to help you!

dustyj22 says:

what do you call that stapler? can i use any type of tapes? nice video by the way, im doing my diy floor this week. 

nitram olyzup says:

this detail on the roll answers my question that I’d been looking for. And this dude is laying it upside down.

MrYoucandoityourself says:

You are welcome, my friend!

RM Hutchins says:

I enjoyed your video. It was very helpful. Thank you!

Riffed Wood says:

1.) music choice is horrible
2.) you don’t explain anything you’re doing or why
3.) you don’t make me feel like I can do it myself

Chieyin C says:

wouldnt a hammer tacker reduce the waterproof rating?

Saravut Chuensuwan says:

Thanks for the reply! Thought perhaps it was due to moisture reasons. But the laminate shouldn’t touch the walls if there are expansion gaps?

Matthew Potratz says:

I have been watching quite a few of your videos and it will help a lot with my install in a couple of weeks for my house, so thank you. Are the staples necessary? Would it change the effectiveness of the vapor barrier?

MrYoucandoityourself says:

Good luck in your underlayment installation for laminate flooring!

MrYoucandoityourself says:

Thank you, Michael for a good comment.

Wal Lay says:

Does’nt it say this side down

earthbound7711 says:

Thanks! Will be doing my boy’s rooms this weekend.

MrYoucandoityourself says:

It is up to you. I am doing it because this technique allow to avoid the contact floor/walls. It means that you will not have any squeaks at these places in the future.
Thank you for this very important question and good luck in your projects!

Bunker Duty says:

Nice job, except that you just invalidated the warranty on both the foam and the flooring by putting staple holes throughout what is supposed to be a moisture barrier. Any doubts, call the foam company – any foam company or any flooring manufacturer.
Great video if you only make that correction.

MrYoucandoityourself says:

Thank you very much my friend.

Nelson Van Alden says:

Wrong side up! Plastic side always goes up…
Foamy chunky side down….go to pergo school!!!

Saravut Chuensuwan says:

That totally makes sense! Thanks again!

MrYoucandoityourself says:

You are welcome, my friend! Thanks for the warm commenting!

Nancy Jackson says:

was happy to find this as we were trying to figure out how the taping
was done. feeling a lot more confident

Michael Frulla says:


MrMotte50 says:

Great video! Thanks for posting! What is the actual brand of underlayment. I have searched the VB Foam, but cannot find who sells it. Is it the same thickness or material that you find at lowes and home depot?

Karen Tschida says:

Is there a waiting period after installing laminate flooring before putting furniture on the new floor.

stephannie harney says:

This is some very helpful and valuable information. I now have more knowledge about the installation steps for laminate flooring. Thanks for sharing with me.

Saul Flores says:

Good video. I just did my floors. Thumbs up!

Corpus Christi says:

Very good and useful information about installing the underlayment for laminate flooring. I learn something everyday. Enjoyed this much.

MrYoucandoityourself says:

Yes, laminate shouldn’t touch the walls and you should leave some gaps, but it is a floating floor. It means that it is moving. I got this trick from the German floor installers.

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