Installing Laminate in difficult areas like doorjambs, hallways, closets and ect…

In this video I will show you how to install laminate in difficult areas such as doorways, hallways, closets and ect…. The method that i will show you is by far the easiest to use. This is a MUST watch!!!

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Charles Martel says:

I was wondering if you could use silicone instead of glue.

MrFgmalo says:

Thank you. This is very helpful for this newbie.

Steve Miller says:

Thanks for taking the time to put this on line!

Baji Mantis says:

but would doing this void the warranty ??


I’m just beginning to install 1600 square feet of locking laminate. I have short, sculptured baseboard that i do not want to remove or replace. Luckily there is just enough space to slide it underneath. I couldn’t find anywhere online with a method to do so. Basically need to start the ends of each row, under the baseboard. I was going to trim the locks and glue together where needed to get it done. Then I find your video! Perfect, will be a great help. Especially using the small planer. Thank you very much!

ignacj says:

Getting ready to lay laminates in narrow hallway with 5 doors and stairwell access. Tips in this video with definitely help! Thank you!

Majed Balawy says:

beautiful we love your work

Luck Hives says:


Jim F says:

Nice video. Curious as to why you didn’t tape the glued joints until dried?

cozyd1 says:

Awesome video, and great tips!!!!

JamSista7 says:

Is liquid nails glue fine to glue the boards or should I use the store”s tongue and groove glue? Thanks.

Di Yer says:

Your series are videos are AMAZING! I’m tackling the installation of a basement with a bedroom and hallway. I’ve watched your videos over and over and then come back again when I’m doing a specific technique.

Lisa G says:

Would glue would you use on vinyl planks??

Paul J Kimberlee says:

Useful tips thanks. I don’t have one of those little block planes, I found a sharp chisel worked really well though, much better than a knife for me.

CJ says:

thanks from uk

Steven Haley says:

THIS is incredibly helpful! Thanks!

TheAlisa4085 says:

very helpful man!! gonna start laying my floor tomorrow!

PJ Stone says:

Great tips, Thanks!

Lenny Pousson says:

I was dreading finishing before I saw this.

garand bohn says:

I have done my house roofing all by myself so I figure if I can do that I can do this with your video help thanks

flavin flavio says:

I ALWAYS follows you videos, you are awesome, super well explained, as all the videos, the floor looks good and all thanks to you,
Thank you so much

Rob Connors says:

Great video thanks so much. Where did you get that tapping block I have looked at big box stores and Amazon and they have them but cheaply made and handles look awkward thanks again for your videos

bob ski says:

Awesome video. What ways to better protect my knees? Knee pads stop my circulation

Mike R says:

Super helpful video

Nick M says:

Great information, I’ll make sure to try this next time I do a flooring install .

Megan Anderson says:

Thanks for this great video it really helped me 🙂

Jamesthevetteman says:

I’m doing a laminate floor in my daughter’s room. I’m at the part where I have less than the width of a plank at the closet and wall. I really wasn’t worried about it though. That’s because I knew extraordinary people like yourself have already done clear concise videos on YouTube that walk me though the problem and solution. Thank you. Ill let you know how it goes.

John Dee says:

Great Just what I wanted to know.a nice trick. |Thanks

Jose Romo says:

First off thank you sir for making these videos as they have helped me out. Second would you make a video of how to terminate laminate at the threshold, then how to cover that, or into another room like a sun room without a threshold but some end cap ideas.

Thank you

Daniel Nelson says:

Thanks man. This saved my day. Liked and subscribed. Keep it up.

Nathan Granneman says:

With vinyl planking, is it OK to use permanent marker and alcohol to remove as it is with laminate?

346barry says:

Great video

Marie Ortiz says:

very good !

Jean Portal says:

Good job

Revan says:

Why did you glue so many boards and not just the one that goes under the door?
Thank you

Julie Ibarrondo says:

I want to thank you so much for your straight talk.. ( example) not saying a million other things that take away from the point that needs to be understood. And also for sharing your professional advice with everyone. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out to do these videos. May you always be successful in what you do Joel..

2QUICK says:

Do we need to leave spacers in there between the wood and the walls? I took them out and in no time at all it seems I have gaps in places where it seems the pieces have separated a bit. Several of them, not all of them. Thank You!

kenneth green says:

what happens to the dried glue when you stand on it regards

sharmclair says:

thx bud

sanjuro720 says:

Thankyou. Had a problem round a door. You solved it.

Fletch Lives Daily says:

I wish i had this tip on my install. I also had some 45 angles in my hall but got her done good.

Phil Barrie says:

Hi thanks for the tips Brill. Phil

James Prather says:

Thank you for this tip. Very helpful. One question. I noticed your floor ended at the door threshold. Since it’s floating, how do you hold it down at the threshold?

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