Installing a Floating Wood Floor

Heres our video on installing a floating wood floor! For more info and complete details visit:


Sheila Smith says:

You guys seem really reasonable and down to earth, one of the best video’s I’ve seen for this stuff so far. Thanks for sharing.

brocczz says:

Couldn’t have come at a better time!….Thanks!!

guitar1261 says:

What about if I am installing IKEA cabinets? Should I install the floating floors first or after words? If afterwards, what will they floor butt up against?

George John says:

Wrong. There no moister barrier. Floor will not last a year.

Jaime Cordova says:

with a floating floor you dont need glue and how about a moisture underlayment

rmbklyn69 says:

where is the underlay “This is incorrect” !!

manofweed1 says:

If its floating, shouldn’t you address the damp problems first ?

wacogame says:

If I already have wood floors that are uneven, will the cement underlayment stick to the wood thats already there?

Flooringfitter says:

Please don’t be tempted to fit this type of flooring like this, the method is totally wrongYou MUST have a moisture barrier or fibre type underlay for a floating installation

TBaker1964 says:

Moisture barrier? Awwww, heck, who needs one…..if I were the homeowner, you would rip that crap up and do the job right or I would put a lien on your business. Also, it’s common practice to use “set nails” every few feet.

roberto rodriguez says:

before laying the wood floor , is necesary remove baseboard?

Francisco Navas says:

Where is the moisture barrier????OOPPSS

angus0231 says:

nope. i think you should watch a few diy movies your self bud. 

Win du says:

had a laminate job that we had to force in every single board with a “block”

Tiffanie Lake says:

Our home is 80 year old and we have many low spots on the floor, I had no idea what to do until this video! Now it seems obvious. Thank you!

Dontae Towson says:

why do you stink you know it all Handyman skip on the prepping part you all show the easy part. show how to get a straight starting line when the walls are bowed. 2 thumbs down.

FU says:

install cabinet first before floors…leave at least 1/4 inch for expansion then cover it with quarter rounds moldings to finish.

JandJ Swanson says:

Is the moisture barrier truly necessary?

ابو سمره الجياشي الجياشي says:


Iron Man says:

Dud you need to lay moisture underlayment underneath a floating floor when it going on a cement floor. I’ll give this floor 1 year and you’ll be doing it over again. Good luck.

Nicole Pauline says:

I’m perplexed? maybe im retarded but wtf was he doing with that glued up lil pcs of molding?

Nicolas Tatsch says:
PBS #007 says:

not only no underpad never showed how to do the hard part of the flloor no help !!!!!!

The Traveler says:

These guys are trying to make a living at something they know nothing about. Come on guys do the job right your name is on the work.

paulsnyder23 says:

how not to lay a floating floor. What this video. Never ripped up the old flooring, never laid down any barrier. Good job no job

KAthy Pierce says:

I think You did a job job guys, and I have had floating floors installed with or with out the moister, barrier, it all depends on what is under the floor your installing.

Elijah Diamond says:

we are about to take our laminate and disgusting carpet out of our front room and dining room which has a cement sub floor and put in wood. My husband wants to do it himself as it is a smaller area. I hope he can. Thanks for your great video.

Referral Flooring says:

TERRIBLE.. No underpad?! Its going to make clicking noises whenever you walk on me..

Ginea Spicher says:

Been watching a few videos and this has to be the most helpful one so far. Aside from the stuff that has to go under it.

Gregory Perez says:

prefinished floors. they look good. id rather install and sand it myself. but this floorin looks good.

shanesmaineshop says:

wow I don’t know.

Michael Huguley says:

you showed absolutely nothing

Robert Cook says:

Where is the underlay! (uk term) and the boards you put in the end joins are to close together!

Bo Castell says:

I have a feeling that someone nailed his finger.

Vincent Jackowski says:

Man using that nail gun in the way you are will get someone hurt.

Super Nova says:

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what type of wood is that? looks gorgeous.

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