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I can not rave about how cool this product is! It was so awesome to just lay this flooring down over our existing tile to give our home a BRAND NEW look. It makes the house look like a model home. We are in love with how it looks! Thank you to Floor & Decor for sponsoring this video. Make sure you go show them some love on their Instagram @flooranddecor


NuCore Cocoa Oak:


Coffee Table: Made by us | Follow @TheRusticChicCo on Instagram
White Bookcases:
Jute Rug:

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Tedi Sullivan says:

That flooring is beautiful! I can’t believe how simple the install process is too! This is exactly what I need for my basement remodel that’s coming up soon!

Jessica Galarza says:

I love this!! We want to add wood floor to our upstairs hallway, so we can get rid of the carpet!

Delia Keegan says:

CONGRATULATIONS MISS BRAND AMBASSADOR so so awesome and a big deal you REALLYdeserve it, you’ve worked so hard on this channel and i know I’m not the only one of your subscribers who truly appreciates how kind and sweet you are and genuinely appreciate us as subscribers which is very sweet and you just an all.around amazing person! xoxo

Your floors turned out STUNNING!!! I am wanting to redo my flooring in my office/craft room I have carpet in there (because it was once a bedroom and all my bedrooms habe carpet and the rest of my home has hardwood floors) I have solid hardwood in my home and it made no sense tonreip them up to lay down a wood floor that was more my style (the previous wood was that lighter traditional color that was common in homes years and years back when built) so I has them sanded and stained a little darker and the floor that you showed the one you said you liked but was more farmhouse than what you wanted is almost identical to what I have! If I won this giftcard I would use it to get that floor to install in my room I LOVE IT SO SOOO GORGEOUS and love how it has the hand scrap style (that’s my favorite lol). winning would be absolutely amazing because I’m a single mama of 2 kiddos and a fur baby and I am a DIY’er and do ALOT myself and this gift card would be perfect towards getting my floors regardless I’m getting those floors you sealed the deal with going through them and all the awesomeness that the floors are with how how simple to cut and install and that’s probably the best part along with the great price lol! THANK YOU so much for giving us all the opportunity to win this giftcard to such an incredible store it is very very sweet of you to do So! congratulations on your new floors they look stunning in your home and so cute how you and Daryl do so many projects together love seeing a strong husand and wife team really awesome!!

God bless you both with your new home and car and marriage and have. I wish you both many many beautiful blessings and a life full of love and happiness. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Xox-Delia

Joy Gleaton says:

looks amazing!!!!

Maria Padilla says:

Love it. I wish my honey was as handy as yours. I would love a grayish blackish wood flooring.

Amanda Paiz says:

Hi just checking in how are the floors holding up?

Jessica Lopez says:

are you in austin?

Marcie Parks says:

New subscriber ran across you researching the same flooring. I just bought can’t wait to install it over some ugly, dirty and old kitchen tiles. I have done a remodel for the last six years and this is the last I eye sore! I would use the gift card to add some kitchen eye candy with a backsplash. Love Floor and Decor as well!!

oooicedteaooo says:

Hi Lori!! I’ve been a longtime subscriber and always love your videos.

I’ve been interested in adding new flooring to my house but wanted to do it myself too without having to do too much demolishing. This product is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I’d use the gift card to pick up this product. I even went out to floor and decor to check it out, and it’s such high quality like you said. Even if I don’t win, still planning on buying this flooring. THANK YOU for featuring it because I had no idea it existed

Can’t wait to see the rest of your home! Love it ❤️❤️❤️

Victoria Hitchcock says:

I need new floors in my loft! I HATE the carpet.

Harish Pancholi says:

How did you do the last pieces? What did you do about the entrance? I notice you left a strip of it wood floor free

melanie Fisher says:

I loved your current floors and the new ones…I especially loved that you wrote the bible verse on one….its one of my favorite and also my wedding anniversary….Id use the gift card to redo my kitchen floor to the tile you had previously!! we have linoleum that look simular! The tile would beautiful!

sharon leggett says:

would love to do my floors in the same color. so beautiful

Claire Watson says:

WOW!! Looks amazing!!! You guys are so adorable!

Melissa Gonzalez says:

Love it …. god bless you

Alejandra Perez says:

Did you have to use molding along the edges or to transition into the other rooms and if not is there a noticeable space between the wall and floors? and how are the floors holding up? by the way the floor looks amazing.

nakitac says:

I would use this to replace my carpeting in my living room. I can’t wait to get rid of it as it’s such an eyesore!!

Ivette Cruz says:

I wonder how you will do it if some of you house has rugs and the other half the same floor you had before?

Danielle Robles says:

OMG Lori!! How awesome!! Congrats on the new partnership!! You and Darryl are quite the duo! 😀 If I was to win this giveaway…I too would cover up the tile we have on our preowned home floors. I’m not this biggest fan of the tile we currently have LOL…on the other hand….your flooring looks AMAZING!! <3 Congrats & good luck to everyone entering the giveaway!! Great opportunity! 🙂

Antonio O. says:

I just moved into a new place and was going to renovate the kitchen but didn’t know where to go for a good backsplash. I fell in love with the options at Floor and Decor! I would totally use it on kitchen decor 🙂

Living Even Keeled says:

What a difference! I love it and you guys made it look so easy! If I were to win I’d use it in our first home that we are currently hunting for. Everything in our price range needs major DIY touches and this could help.

Yvonne Clark says:

the floors look amazing but I really love watching the two of you together, y’all make a beautiful couple and you are diying together! Congratulations on your new position also!I want floors exactly like yours,ours were messed up after a hurricane right after we got our house! Maybe soon and defiantly with the flooring you just got!

Jane Stewart says:

I am going to redo my master bath and the gift card would go toward that. Thanks!
I’d also like to know how the cork-backed NuCore is doing over tile? I have grout lines nearing 1/2 inch and fear they will translate into the flooring. How long ago did you do this?
Also, Hook ’em Horns! I’m at UT alumna from a few decades ago!

Crafty and Polished says:

The floor looks amazing!! I would use the gift card on luxury vinyl tile for the entire downstairs portion of my home!

Jeanine Wingfield says:

New subbie!!! Beautiful couple and floors ! The two of you give positive vibes and are very enthusiastic. A breath of fresh air.

Veronica Garcia says:

Love your new floor! I would definitely do the same at our house. We have a room we’re renovating and would love to change from tile to hardwood flooring. Covering the existing tile would be so much better than removing it.

Carmen Martinez says:

I loved how this came out! I would use it for flooring as well. Question is the flooring resistant to scratches? We did bamboo flooring in my office but it seems to scratch very easily.

Katie Day says:

I would use this gift card for a new kitchen floor in my new home that I am closing on this week! Thanks

Lady Blue Symphony says:

Wow. Amazing job done

Jeetun Suinaina says:

love the colours

Ana'sJourneyLifeandBeauty says:

Your house is looking amazing! Are you going to put the flooring in your office as well? I would use it for a new backsplash in the kitchen for sure!

Annetta Francis says:

Our kitchen has an old tile floor that is beginning to crack. I had thought about removing and replacing with the new tiles that look like wood. But after seeing your video I think this is the way to go. We are not as young as we used to be and have a few health issues but this is something I feel I could do. I love watching you making your home your sanctuary that is your own. You and your husband are doing a beautiful job. May God continue to bless you both.

Chia Moua says:

OMG! First off, let me just say I LOVE your style and all of your DIY’s!. We have very similar home decor taste, if fact I even have the same sofa set as you lol. I would be so appreciative and grateful if I won the gift card. I would definitely put it to good use. Hope I win, fingers crossed! There are so many DIY projects I could use it for, you can check out my instagram at house_in_progress. Thank you for doing this giveaway to your subscribers!

Castle Constructed says:

That looks great and super doable! I would use the gift card for my kitchen renovation.

Taki Clinton Harness says:

How stable is this stuff
Is it stuck to the floor

Tasha says:

We close on our first house July 21st! I would probably use the gift card to help with my kitchen makeover. It is going to be my first project in our new home. I can’t wait!

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