How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Shannon from shows you how to install vinyl plank flooring (also called LVP or luxury vinyl plank).

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Jesse Schweizer says:

laminate vinyl floor ..lmao dumb

Joycelyn Lai says:

Why is the transition molding necessary?

brubakeroso says:

Thanks again for the great videos you put together! I’ve used your videos all through the construction of my basement finishing project. I’m down to the plank flooring and you just saved me a lot of time in not trying to figure out the best way to install it. Many thanks!

Eric H says:

Why couldn’t you have started from the doorway so that you didn’t need a transition?

Eric Ruthenberg says:

Why did you put the wood subfloor over the concrete floor. Is it a requirement

Thomas Zimniak says:

Thanks for the info

G rizzle says:

Really really helpful stuff bud. Thank God I watched this video! I’m feeling more confident about my project and now…..another trip to Lowes haha

Realtor Faheem says:

I am removing my old carpet. The bottom floor is of-course a concrete. Do we go about it the same way about installing the vinyl?

David Carvalho says:

The big lebowski

Steve Biley says:

Excellent video!!!
Question about installing on concrete basement floor. Would the additional sub floor be required or could it go in with just a barrier of some sort. FYI, so far the basement has been dry.

donna martinez says:

what brand did you use here and is it also waterproof? is lumber liquidators a good place to buy lvp/and or evp and what is better please help and thank you for the video

Don Baxley says:

I am doing this now! If anyone thinks this is easy I have news for them! Prep is extemely important, proper tools and space to work is also a must. I think rolled vinyl is the easier but this video really helps if floating tile is your choice!

Mike Hust says:

I live in a mobile/modular 20′ x 72′. I’m doing the entire floor in vinyl lock n’ place laminate. Can you explain the need/use of the transition piece? I have a hallway that has a 45 degree offset with two door jambs parallel each other. That means I can run my laminate continuous or do I have to use a transition piece? I’m not crazy on the looks of those transition pieces….. You mentioned the oscillating saw. I’ve been trying to hunt down a undercut saw at a rental outlet. Do you prefer the oscillating saw? I have about 20 cuts to make.
Great job on your video, by the way. Not sure why the 106 thumbs down! Must be competitors or negative Nelly’s!

jagerman06 says:

I came hunting for your video. Didn’t realize I hadn’t subscribed yet. I’ve been coming back and looking for your videos for just about every project!

Susan Martin says:

Question…..would it be cleaner to install beginning at the door so there is no transition piece?

TheCodFather says:

Why not just start at the doorway so you don’t have to use a transition piece? Have not done this yet, just wondering.

Rick Baker says:

Great video! I do have a couple of questions. I’m putting this into a condo dining room so I’m going to have transition into the kitchen and the family room. Will I use the track on both sides? The family room will be getting carpeted. Also right now it’s just a smooth concrete floor. Do I have to put in sub-flooring if the surface is smooth? My concern there is how thick it will be on the transition into the family room. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Vee Divagirl says:


Tina Shelton says:

Thanks. I learned a lot.

Jessica G says:

is pergo good flooring?

ليث الشمري says:

Thank you great work.

Jessica G says:

Best home improvement channel. I only trust you! I follow your advice and it always works! Thanks! youre the ishhhhhhhh!!! 🙂

angelajaiswal says:

Can I go over the hardwood with this flooring? Also is 6mm think ness is best?

seren1624 says:

can this be installed over a tile floor, or do does the tile floor have to come up first?

Robert D. says:

excellent how to, thank you very much.

Rebecca Green says:

Thank you for doing this video, I feel like I can do this myself now!! 🙂

Leo Lee says:

You would not have had to use the transition if you started at the door way with the new tile going into the room if the existing floor was straight. although I do like the job you did.

tlfort says:

I have yet to see a bad video from you!

Namibia says:

How the hell do you guys glue this down?

meedily says:

I’ve always found it handy to use a recoilless laminate mallet. It’s non-marring and a bit more forgiving.

Rameen Sarw says:

Good job

Hosk Hozer says:

Great video! Very helpful, i wish i had the little extra tools you mentioned as i had couple pieces i couldnt get in all the way now they show.

Neil Williams says:

That pattern is almost like the pattern for roofing a home with shingles.
Awesome video. Thanks a lot.

Tim Francisco says:

Excellent instructional video, great job. Thanks.

Sreekumar Paliath says:

Wonderful Shannon………..Thanks for sharing this………

Craig Lafferty says:

Thank you so much for filming this! Very helpful!

Heather Cloud says:

We’re doing this now in our home and your detailed direction is very helpful! Most videos are too quick and skim over helpful tips! Thanks, Shannon!

Виктор Зайцев says:


Fast Eddy says:

Great video. ! I’ve installed this same flooring but a few end seams have lifted and won’t hammer down , is there a good glue for this ?

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