How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring – Snap Together
A good “how to” install snap together vinyl plank flooring.


Nick Patel says:

Very helpful, Thanks!!

tickpicker says:

try assembling the full length row end joint to the end joint do this on top of the previous row when the full row is ready slide the row forward on to the tongue and set the full row in at one time, where ever possible it will speed up the process and reduce the damage or bruising of the end joints when trying to tap the flooring together. Thanks for the vid


Why not call the joins joins instead of calling them seams?

Rob Reilley says:

This looks like the.flooring I got from Menards. I have to do my office basement which has a closet. No idea how to lead into the closet and install.

Paetaor says:

Any ideas on how to fix corners that peel up? I’ve tries vinyl crazy glue to tack them back down but it doesn’t last long. The flooring was laid down about 2 years ago.

stop asking me to change my name! says:

I just finished my 140 square foot kitchen with the exact same planking. You are correct in saying to have patience and leave when you are having trouble fitting a difficult tile. I ended up damaging 4 or 5 tiles on the edges. The tongue and groove edges are prone to chip easily. I’m just wondering how they hold up over time ?

Brian Mahalaris says:

What is the color and brand of this vinyl?

M Post says:

What is the wood flooring in the room? Is it also lvt? I love the color and tone, have been looking for a wood or wood look floor in that shade. Thanks, getting ready to check out more of your vids

bodean2000 says:

What type of floor is it that you installed in the kitchen there? It looks nice.

Chris Bailey says:

Thank you Nathan! Manufactures should spend more time on this step in their installation videos, but they do not. Your video will help with this simple, yet often frustrating step!

Peanut Butter says:

Hey Nathan, I am looking for a floating floor option for my pets and I was wondering which option is best for their area. I’m considering this option or the other self adhesive stripped planks that you mentioned in the video. Which option is best since there might be spills, accidents, and so forth. They have a sectioned off part of the living room which is about 12X15. Thanks in advance!

denaze wharton says:

thank you

Denny says:

Excellent video. I am doing a small area and this helped a lot.

Don Baxley says:

But when you cut the attaching grove off the floating end to get the half slat and staggered seams how do you attach them then? Wouldnt they just be butting then and loose?

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