How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring Quick and Simple

Trade Secrets From the Pros to Make Your Job Easy.


How to install luxury vinyl plank flooring.

This Youtube channel was designed to help home owners tackle home renovation tasks around the house. Hosted by Jeff Thorman from Ottawa Design and build, Jeff uses his near three decades of experience to help you out. On this channel you will see a series of How To videos as well as before/after Total Renovation transformations. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

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Nigel B says:

Thanks for the video you are 1000% correct the knife is dangerous the cutting too you used is the best and only safe option thanks again.

Lidi Robinson says:

Can vinyl flooring be installed over laminate flooring? The house we are interested in buying has laminate flooring, it is in good condition but we do not like the colour. Can we install the vinyl flooring with cork on top of the laminate flooring?

john hudson says:

there are always “expert a holes” that no one can do a better job than they can. most of them dont know the difference between a nail and screw. This guy does an excellent job and has the know how experience. Those thumbs down folks are wanta bes. Thanks HRV DIY for all your help and advice, j

40's & 9's says:

Does that laminate come in a drop-n-lock form or is it only angle to angle?

Bull Dog De Sousa says:

This guy is a moron don’t listen to him don’t do Wht he does

Laura Dencer says:

This is a great video!! Thanks for all of the great pointers!! Wouldn’t have thought of them all!

Barb C says:

Hey thanks for the tips. I paid to have my bathroom floor installed so I could watch them work. Looks fairly easy so I’m going to give it a try in one of the bedrooms. I say it looks easy but I know I will run in to problems at some point.. Thanks again.

bob saggot says:

why did you use the laser to mark away from the wall when you started by just throwing the flooring up against the wall?

Spek says:

The thing I hate is quarter round. The jobs gotta be done without. Looks a thousand times better without it. And it definitely shows good workmanship.

Chris Barreira says:

screwing down the floor instead of wedges awesome man thanks i was thinking brad nailing it i used to do that but this is nice

supersamschwartz says:

Does this kind of flooring work well for a kitchen because it is a bit more resistant to moisture than your average laminate flooring?

manpower3000 says:

Great instructional video again but jeez … no need at all for the cheesy music in the background grrr

Henry Checo says:

I’m planning to put this flooring at my house.

Steven Nichlas says:

OK so when you get to the other side of the room and you can’t use your block to hit the planks in how do you get them to snap in and have a good fit. And also about it going under the base board like the first row

Phil Porada says:

Just in time to help a friend install his laminate flooring!

Night Wolf says:

What do you do to keep your layout square if you are not installing shoe moulding??

uni biker says:

Not to discredit but I install w a box knife. It’s not as hard as he makes it look. Although the cutter would be nice.

Devour Latham says:

hard wood flooring”pre cut..fittins. geek stuff.

John Clowes says:

Could I lay it on top of my carpet?

rneustel says:

Can this go on a heated floor?

Robert Griffith says:

I did a couple of rooms using the LPV. I used a knife. the only recommendation I would offer is…depending on the direction of the LPV, start at an exiting door, and work to a flat wall. I removed/replaced my baseboards instead of the 1/4 round as I was upgrading my baseboards from MDF to solid wood. the baseboards and quarter round will hide any imperfections, as well as your transition at the door will look fabulous if you opt out of the trim piece to cover it. Also, it will be easier to work with door casings if that is your starting pieces. I had concrete, so I couldn’t use screws.

bruce marshall says:

Great video – thanks! Quick question – I am going to install a new product called FinalVinyl (from Cabinets To Go) throughout my 1st floor home (~1,000 sq ft). It seems to be more durable and rigid than just Vinyl (feels like a ceramic hybrid). Have you had any experience with that? If so, any modifications on installation instructions from this video?

Gilberto Ferrero says:

You talk too much

Timothy Webb says:

Easy to tell that you’ve done this alot. Thanks for the videos.

Greg Herman Greg says:

Why would anyone compromise on quality . do not use any of this rubbish ready flooring products thats worst than vinyl , for a fraction of the cost you could lay the original and the best tung and grove flooring that would last for the next 100 years if not more and it looks grate

suivoh says:

This is a great video. I have laid 200 sq ft in my own home, 1200 to go. And this video is spot on. The only change I would make is pop the baseboards off, and don’t screw directly into the floor. Use screws with washers, place just outside your first piece’s edge, so you don’t need to install quarter round.

Abbas Syd says:

What if the baseboard is not installed? should I leave room?

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