How to Install Pergo Laminate Flooring

Installing Pergo XP 12mm floors in the craft room space in my studio.
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Suzette Slattery says:

Sawdust Girl, you’re a life saver. Laying my first floating floor and with your tips and video I’m almost done. Thank you a million times for one of the best how to videos!!

Martijn Fransen says:

nice work Sandra!

Tyler Durden says:

Thx for the vid! 🙂

Sabbi Malik says:

goods jobs

OnlyTheGuiltyRun says:

That’s a really good looking floor. What type of Pergo is that? Pergo XP? Pergo Outlast Plus?

Big Nizzle says:


Dathan Ballard says:

You rock! By far the best installation video for the first timer. Can’t wait to get started on mine. Thank you so much for posting. 🙂

Derek Daniell says:

Thanks for the video. Very helpful. Do you have to install the t moldings in every doorway less than four feet or can you get away with not doing it? We are going to be leaving expansion space all along the walls and under door jambs of course.

Taylor Langston says:

Awesome video! It answered the question I had about starting a new row with the cut piece from the previous row. However, it created another question haha! How short of a piece is too short to start a new row? I’ll be installing a laminate floor next weekend. Thanks!

s Buzz says:

nice great instruction — for the pull bar i glue some furniture feet felt to the raw edge helps to keep from scratching the floor like u said

aspsvc1 says:

I’m curious to why my Pergo floor I just recently bought came with foam pieces to put underneath it I noticed no foam under yours is this a different type of Pergo I bought or newer?

SmoothChino says:

whacking it, scoochinig it. pretty technical terms

Michael Affronte says:

what we’re all the screws in the floor for?

Derick Baker says:

I usually attach a scrap piece of laminate and screw it to the floor when I have to work the laminate from the opposite direction ,especially in hallways. That way the flooring doesn’t move around. Obviously you can’t do that on concrete, but since 90% of laminate flooring is installed on wood sub flooring it is a great option.

kodiak wild says:

nice job.

R Ramos says:

well done!! the dark floor and white walls look amazing!!

datrucker210 says:

can you come to my house and do my Pergo floor that I just bought?

steve walker says:

Nice job. I’ve installed this product and found it very nice to work with.

DrkNSwt says:

If you ever get through you unreleased footage of the island, i would love to see it, i have been trying to configure a space similarly and i really like the island.

Helio D'Alberto says:

Muito bom este tipo de encaixe das placas.
Aqui. no Brasil nao temos, mas colocamos o piso com uma manta entre o piso e a lamina.
Parabens pelos videos.

espn mk says:

Great job absolutely looks WHOLE! I just love your awesome work…

Michael Moyer says:

Cool sneakers

Krzysztof Błeszyński says:

Cały czas interesuje mnie, co będziesz robiła w tej pracowni.

Xtreme200302003 says:

Correct me if I’m wrong but, per Pergo installation instructions aren’t you suppose to start your first row by ripping the tongue side off then each piece you install from there on out would be the tongue side being pushed into the groove side and if using the tap block, you would be tapping on the groove side instead of the tongue.  Just wondering if you’re application caused you to install backwards.

Jp's Custom Woodworking says:

Awesome job! Sandra, that flooring looks great. >:)…JP

Jorge Velarde says:

Sorry did you have any video that how to make a kitchen. Cabinets . Thanks

Mike McKinlay says:

Scootch around…. 🙂 thought I was the only one that said that… Awesome video btw! Thanks for sharing!

Булат Алмаз says:

Good work! ►

MrAlienware1 says:

Good job Sandra but I noticed you didn’t use paper barrier between the subfloor and laminated floor??…but looks good…

John Kantner says:

I cannot believe it took me this long to find a Pergo installation video that actually took the time to show a closeup of how the boards lock together. Well done! This video is aces.

ob tsai says:

very nice 🙂

Kim Shirley says:

Great progress on your room.. I would have to say this video “floored” me!

Hp Batkitar says:

Pleaseeee!! Make more videos sandra. I watched them all. I need videos Sandra!!! You’re the best. I am also DIYer girl. but not like you ofcourse. muah.

Chris Williams says:

Wow, Sandra! The space is really coming together. My wife and I put Pergo throughout our house, except our room, which is still carpet. You’re right – long, open runs go down pretty easily. It is the obstacles and turns that make it tricky. But, the end result is simply beautiful – as you know! 🙂

Steve Collins says:

Great job on the floor, Sandra. I don’t think my old back would be able to do much of that anymore :>).

descargasdenia descargasdenia says:

Te ha quedado muy elegante, contrasta bien los colores.

Andrea Benty says:

No underfloor?

Aspen Degenhardt says:

Thank you for this helpful video! The best one to find! Great job!

Chris smoth says:

such a cute lil bum. use use knee pads that u slide on, no straps

Croz 1007 says:

Looks great!

Kimberly Gingrich says:

Why does my Pergo laminate buckle funny when putting together. Am I not snapping together correctly? I am installing these on my craft business counter tops. If I can get the counter tops done, I am going for the floors. Lol!

EDobbers says:

Why did you put screws in the floor? I’m fixing to do my own floors with pergo laminate and have not seen any instructions that include this step.

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