How to Install Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl plank can transform the look of a room. It can give you the look of hardwood or tile or stone with exceptional durability. But did you know it’s not that hard to install? This video will walk you through the process.

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Brady DC says:

I bought some lvp for my basement floor. There is a fireplace and I will be installing tile in front of it in a square pattern. My question is how would I do a T mold or reducer in in a square and how does the transition piece stay in place?

Greg Brooks says:

Is there a advantage of gluing vinyl down verses the no glue click in type.  I have a old 1940’s home with a wood floor that is 1×4’s simply nailed to the floor joist with no sub floor under the 1×4’s and was thinking about installing vinyl over the top.  What is your advise of doing this application.

Lea Hathaway says:

So no need to use any sort of fastener/adhesive/tape around the edge?

Jimmy Younger says:

First, thank you Shaw Floors for taking the time to produce a channel with informative content! I’ve been surfing the web for over a month to explore options and consider the experiences of others – much of it on YouTube. Your presence with tutorial info helped me choose Citadel vinyl planking, and we really like the Jaya Teak we’ve chosen. I do have a couple of remaining installation questions before starting. 1) Although we’re installing this throughout the entire house, I’m also putting in a completely new kitchen. Normally I’d install a floor up to the base of existing cabinets, except for installation under the areas of the fridge and range. But with an empty kitchen, my thought is to install the whole floor to the walls before installing the base cabinets. The potential conflict I’m wondering about is the mention of expansion and contraction of the floor with the weight of base cabinets, counter tops and cabinet contents on top of this flooring, and if the plan for flooring under the heavy appliances is also a potential issue for expansion and contraction? (The point of this being to avoid the need for quarter round or another plan to cover the 5/16ths gap on the kickboards.) 2) I’m also trying to workout a strategy to address the required gap where the flooring will meet the vertical face tile of an elevated wood stove hearth in a corner. I’m not crazy about the thought of epoxying anything to the bottom tiles to extend over the gap where the floor meets the hearth. Without having any T-moulding or reducers in hand to visualize how they might work, is one of these a possibility to cover the gap with the ability to attach them snugly against the lower row of vertical tiles, nailed into the subfloor? I looked for these at the retailer, but was specifically looking for ones that would match the Jaya Teak without luck. If either of these would work for this application, can they be ordered to match the Jaya Teak? Thanks much for being here!

SocialMoth says:

Great video. I’m considering using these in my bathroom. I just laid some cheap flooring in my kitchen that I dislike. I may replace that with this, too.

monsterp.g. says:

No underlayment is required with this type of flooring??

Mike Canaris says:

You need to acclimate vinyl flooring…?

Julker Ninesixteen says:

How does this compare to hardwood flooring when renovation and selling a house? Which models are high end and have the highest resale value while being more affordable than wood?

glukoagkalitsas says:

whats it called the machine used at 2:37?

It's Bigz says:

Can you clean urine stains from these floors

SandMan 716 says:

How do you recommend installing the transition pieces? Brad nails? special adhesives?

Zyvia Gindanau says:

Can it be installs on a mosaic floor surface?

V MATT says:

I’m considering a whole-house install (small house, 1200 sq ft). I’d like to know what is the maximum run length before having to use transitions between rooms?

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