How to install laminate flooring | Real DIY Tips | Pergo XP Flooring

DIY Bri shows you how! Complete Installation Instructions and Tips on completing laminate floor installation. I used Pergo XP brand laminate flooring, purchased from the Home Depot

(Tip I learned after this project)
I highly recommend getting a laminate flooring cutting blade for your circular saw when cutting laminate flooring it requires a special blade to reduce kickback and get a really fine cut….This is a link to the blade I use now when doing laminate flooring, amazon..

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Fantastic video, very thorough!

Jason Chalanick says:

Liked it, especially the tips on removing carpet and trim.

b0b Jewell says:

wear safety goggles ,for eyes.

RichXZ says:

Hi Bri. Thanks for the helpful suggestions. My wife & I plan to lay a laminate floor soon. It’s on new concrete which has underfloor heating. The laminate pieces are in boxes in the rooms ready, but the heating hasn’t yet been switched on. Should we wait 48 hours after the heating is on? (It’s been below freezing these past few nights.) By how much might it expand in warm weather? It’s a new apartment; so we’ll do the floor before the skirting (trim) goes down which will make life easier. The skirting is over 5/8″ thick. Do we need to cut the tongue off the first piece of laminate? We are doing 2 rooms both 13 x 12 foot (bedroom & living room) joined by a doorway on one end of the 12 foot wall. We plan to laminate the whole way through the door. There’s a kitchen off the living room, & a bathroom off the bedroom, which will both have tiled floors. Do you think it matters which floors we do first, laminate or tiled? Any other comments welcome. Thanks.

Richard (Ireland)

Mr Smith says:

Pro tip use a air chisel and gentle remove tack strips this works best with concrete. Push gentle at the nail and use the vibration to loosen the nail. This will not leave divers or chunks of concrete missing if done right and it’s super easy, air chisel can be bought for about 25 dollars at Lowe’s or home depot and even cheaper at harbor freight. A air hammer will work as well with a decent spring.

short step says:

No need for glasse,cause your peekers are replaceable

cuteguy247365 says:

What was the name of the color of the flooring?

zzubuzz says:

I just ripped out carpet from my dining room floor, there is a 1/2″ thick subfloor over the plywood floor underneath, with Pergo, do you have to have a sub-floor? I know with linoleum you do, and it has to be perfect, which means pro’s would have to do it, which is why I’m seriously considering Pergo. BTW my dining room is over a crawl space and I have had mildew orders emanating from that area.

David Gempel says:

Don’t use quarter round…. Use Shoe Molding.

amaranichole says:

Great Job Bri! I plan on redoing my floors and found your video to be very informative. Don’t listen to the naysayers! Thought you did excellent at explaining to a first timer.

Dave Harrell says:

Squinting your eyes are a lot better than using safety glasses!!!!

IanRM says:

Bri, I am laying my laminate on an old concrete floor that has been down for over 30 years. I have a good quality underlay for the laminate to go down first. In your opinion, is it really necessary to put down a waterproff membrane as well?

jamie B says:

my pieces aren’t locking in. :-

Chris R says:

knee pads bro. yuuge help

IanRM says:

What about the spacers for the ends?

Mike Harvey says:

Haha soon as I saw you run your hand by your saw blade I thought I’d look in your comments to see if the safety police were out and sure as shite they’re out.

Bob Ferguson says:

video is good.the intro and transition music is atrocious.Really hard to listen to it!

Puryear Eaker says:

You should go to Woodprix if you’d like to make it yourself guys 🙂

dnsmithnc says:

One tip for those who might not know is to pull the finish nails out from the backside.

3XsthaLady says:

This is great and exactly what I was looking for. Question: Do the spacers provide that gap around the whole floor that is needed for the wood to expand and contract?

TheSavarious says:

great vid. thank you

Sky King says:

how come you didn’t put anything under the floor?

Sean Kibler says:

A good place to start removing baseboard is at a cold air return or register where there will usually be a gap in the moulding that you can access easily after removal of the grille.

Guy Six says:

Ok video but your kids should have shoes on, i’m sure there were still some exposed staples or nails from the baseboard removal.

Peter Will says:

You didn’t show how you cut all the angles of the windowed wall.

Max Johnson says:

That blade would be trashed after a few passes. Laminate flooring is made out of the same stuff that high grade sand paper is made from and requires a special blade.

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