How To Install Laminate Flooring, Laying your Floor, and Flooring Tools you need!

Installing Laminate Flooring can be a daunting task for a Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY), but Bullet Tools is here to help. In this video, we explain how to install laminate flooring. Covering how to measure your room, prep your floor, orient your floor, board division, installing underlayment, setting expansion space, and laying your floor! Everything you need to know to put in a laminate floor in your house is in this video!

You’ll learn:
– How much laminate flooring you will need? 0:29
– Which way should your flooring face? 0:42
– How to measure your room? 1:00
– How to prep your floor? 1:32
– How to install underlayment? 1:42
– How to maintain the proper expansion space? 1:49
– How to cut laminate flooring? 2:23
– How to make an end cut? 3:04
– How to install laminate flooring? 3:17
– What flooring tools will I need? 3:40

Essential tools:
Saw & dust mask (circular, table, and/or jigsaw) or a Dust free cutter –
Pull bar –
Tapping block –
Utility knife
Tape measure

Other helpful tools:
Underlayment saw
Chalk line
Skimmer II
No Flip Clip

Laminate flooring
Laminate flooring glue (for bathroom and high-moisture installations)

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gypsychavie says:

robbot voice

Phillip says:

Skip using a tapping block and purchase a quality estwing grey mallet for 20 bucks.

LittleOttys says:

Nice builders arse shot at 2:36

bruce firm says:

thats helpful

Brefert jellipoo says:

Excellent video

Quick2000 says:

Is underlayment always necessary? I know some laminate comes with some sort of padding or something attached, which makes it more expensive and so I need to find out if I need any such things before I begin this installation. By the way, I have not watched this video just yet.

Sgo Kho says:

Good video

k ly says:

the best thing to do when using a tap block, is cut a small strip off a piece of laminate and join just the top to the bit of laminate your taping in and use the taping block against the small strip. that way you don’t bust up the joints especially if you have cheaper laminate

Lucas Luiz says:

I am a laminate floor installer here in Brazil coko concigo a letter of employment to work ai popping floor how and demand ai and great has work? How is the payment made and by the hour or by the work?

Majella Doheny says:

can you lay timber flooring on top of timber flooring ?

Petie Wheatstraw says:

why did you shoot the floor full of holes?

jt says:

Where do I find red spacers like those shown in the video? Need 1/2″ gap around each wall.

rachinc says:

You don’t even show the part where you take off the spacers. I want to see the space that is left behind when the spacers are removed. And I want to a step by step guide of you putting floor trim on top of that space between the wall and the floor board where the spacers used to be

Jamal Hamdan says:


Vadym Shatov says:

Nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google woodprix and learn how to do it easily.

T Rex 952 says:

blah blah blah crack kills at 2:37

Rob Barron says:

Too basic to be a proper self-help video. This is just a fancy advert to get you to buy a whole load of tools…. some of which you don’t need! A couple of useful hints but there are MUCH better training videos out there in YT land than this one.


Laminate flooring or Vinyl which one is the best??

Quick2000 says:

if you started every other row with a half of a board this would not look good? I see you ask for random or all sorts of sizes to start rows, but I thought a full piece to start then a half piece for next row to start would be OK. Is this not the case?

David3188col says:

Is it better to orient it towards the greatest light source or longest wall because these two are not the same in my condo? Thanks

Pisos Laminados Peru says:

necesito la maquina !!
la venden uds?

Top 5s says:

can these be layed over carpet?


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Patty Bree says:

Where did you find the floor spacers? I love those! I hate the stand up kind that you have to use tape with. Please tell me.

Peter Smith says:

excellent Video, very useful for those users who want to install laminate flooring.
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Eduardo Rivera says:

great video very helpful 

Nguyen Mai Anh says:

Very good guidance!

stndrds79 says:

I liked this video

Anthony Bellettieri says:

very helpful video..

Francis Andal says:

hi there, can you help how to fix popping out and squeaky laminated flooring installed with underpad/underlay foam? thanks in advance.

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