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In this video tutorial, we show you how to install an exotic, click-lock, floating floor while avoiding common problems like hollow sounds and bounce. Click here to buy the nailer we use in this video: or call (800) 737-1786 for more information.

In this install, we used a Powernail 2000 to nail down a Boen Express Click 5″ floor. Fastening the floor helps to eliminate the bounce that you commonly experience with floating floors. The Powernail 2000 is specifically made for use with tongue-and-groove flooring, so you don’t have to worry about the cleats splitting out the planks.

This time-lapse video captures these hardwood flooring products in action and demonstrates how an engineered floating hardwood floor can be installed in less than 5 hours while eliminating bounce––saving you time, money, and frustration.

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Lass-in Angeles says:

The music in a demo video is really annoying. What purpose does it serve? It does not lend continuity, nor bridge gaps between takes. It drowns out the voice, and satisfies only brain dead teenagers gone long deaf from wearing earbuds 24/7. Do not have music when making videos for adults. We are not teens, nor deaf.

Flooring job looked very nice. But if you nailed it down, its not click lock, is it. Apart from the engineered wood, same install as a tongue in groove wood floor.

Tomasz Rzeznik says:

wood is suppose to move, expand etc so when you nail it to the plawood how its going to expand??

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