How to install a floating wood floor

I walk through tips and tricks on how to install a floating wood floor. The video shows a full installation mostly in fast forward. I’m installing a hand scraped 12mm laminate flooring with a pre-attached pad. Check out my YouTube channel for more DIY videos. I have every step of fully renovating this condo. Enjoy!


James Perry says:

not a wood floor

MetusBatman V10 says:

Those aren’t cat’s paw crowbars, moron.

Lorenzo Casillas says:

Thanks for this video Mark. Question: Are you laying flooring on bare concrete and if so what humidity barrier did you use?

Lisa Coughlin says:

what do you do if the under floor has dips in it

Lass-in Angeles says:

What an excellent demo! Thank you for not playing music in background!! You explained everything so well, including safety, very much appreciated.

Tsk, tsk! You are not using nose mask while cutting concrete dust! Don’t let that stuff get into your lungs.

1. What size spacers are you using here? I have to do my RV flooring using Click Lock Engineered Wood. Its not laminate, but real wood sandwiched like plywood to handle moisture, flex, etc. The planks are about half the width of yours in demo. What size spacers will I need for this application? Subfloor is plywood, with the vehicle metal frame below it. I plan to use a thin underlayment of 1/8 inch closed cell foam with mylar foil on both sides. One demo I saw was using a 10 mm or 0.39 inch spacer. Seems too wide for my small RV.

2. Do I also need to add molding to walls to keep floor down? I was thinking of aluminum trim along all wall edges, to finish off nicely. Any thoughts on that, or where to buy this stuff? Home Depot has very thick aluminum molding, I need a finer mill. If I use wood, any advice on how thin I can make the molding?

3. Did you use a jigsaw to cut shape of stair base into wood planks? I don’t have a band saw,

Thanks again Mark, for an excellent and very helpful tutorial!!

Richard Gamache says:

As I understand it all manufactures require a minimum of 6-8 inches to stagger the joints yet I see 2-3 inch staggers on your floor ? can you explain your reasoning on this ?

Bruno Williams says:

Cool thanks bud

Callaham Sepe says:

You should go to woodprix if you’d like to make it yourself guys.

daro2096 says:

No underlay? No moisture barrier?

MJ Remy says:

This was extremely useful. I made detailed notes to start on my RV flooring tomorrow. Please use as much light as possible in your videos, so we can see more clearly. Some questions for you please…

1. In an RV with very little floor space (22 ft total RV length x 8 ft width), could I get by with 1/8″ spacer gap between plank and wall, or do I still need 1/4″ gap as in a house floor? A larger gap would show in a small RC, and I don’t have the ability to nail beading down.

2. The spacer gap of 1/4″ that you recommend, is it only between wood and wall, or any other column, stair, or other item you have to go around in the middle of your floor?

3. How did you fill the large gap against the wall and first row? Did you use colored caulk or cut a thin wedge of plank to fit that long wedge shaped section?

Thanks again, Mark! You do wonderful work!!

Aaron Christoff says:

Great video but I can’t help but point out, kindly of course, that care should be taken to ensure the butt joints aren’t more than a board’s width apart from one another…good job though

zedd man says:

pre attached pad FTW. good job.

Kayra Kaye says:

Very helpful pointers. I am going to hire someone to do it but I wanted to know what was involved.

David Pepe says:

I install for a living. laminate floor with built in moisture barrier is crap. stuff sucks to work with.

lsd.remodeling says:

hey mark, great video, i have a question since i’m a beginner in hardwood flooring. when you start your first row, is there a way i  can make it a 90 degree angle because i’m worried when i get to the opposite side of the wall my wood  could be cut in an angle and that probably wont look good.  thanks in advance for your advise

FatBellTaco HD says:


Dian Partlow says:

I bought instruction from WoodPrix and I build it very very cheap.

Thomas Carroll says:

i got this wood flooring from a job all the bits are about 500ml long there are no longer is that OK it was glued to base of floor can I glue tongue &groove instead

Jahkiboy says:

BOOM! 100 Likes! Thank you for sharing what you know!

MetusBatman V10 says:

This moron is cutting out concrete with an angle grinder and has no mask on…

Nicolas Rivera says:

Thank you for all this videos, they teach a lot and the proper way to do things…well done man.

Dana Henderson says:

Superbly done!, if you want to woodwork with style search for Woody Hyezmar’s book for a lot of cool projects, tall later!

Jacob White says:

at 10:20 you put those boards within what, 2 inches of each other? Careful of that, its against code on like 99% of laminate box  instructions 🙂

Easiklip Floors says:

Thanks for the video Mark. A great resource to everyone doing their own installs!

Brefert jellipoo says:

Holy Crap what a break!. I have the exact same product this guy is using, and I was looking for a video on how to install a floating floor in my attic because I’ve never done this before. Thank you Jesus!…..and Mark.

USA USA says:

your butt crack is need to laminate that too..

Janice Woods says:

Awesome video, thank you so much for the details.

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