How To Install A Floating Vinyl Plank Floor

How to install a floating vinyl plank floor


jose barrera says:

Is this vinyl expand & contract? Do you need to leave a 1/4″ around the edges? Do you need to put underlayment?

277kne says:

looks good

Mystir Kitty says:

Yea you missed a couple the exp. maybe if I drop a quarter in your coin slot you will feel better

jdchee says:

it hurts my eyes watching people install floors against trim 🙁

Mike Lee says:

Hi, thanks for the helpful video.  I am planning to do the same for my house.  do I need to take out the original floor molding?  I was able to tell if you did.   trying to make it look good like you did, cheers

Abby Rose says:

oh hi there

johnson king says:

so what happens when you want to change base boards?

Rick Smith says:

He really didn’t need to remove the baseboard because he used toe molding.

Julio de la Cruz says:

Thanks for the demonstration. I needed to see how the planks are cut.

John Tivo says:

no spacers?

Mary Jane says:

I was hoping to find out how to prepare the floor and I am not an expert but sure would remove the baseboards and reattached them after! Why pay for all that 1/4 round and painting extra cutting. Now to find a better youtube tutorial…

rft says:

can this be installed over a vinyl floor in kitchen? also wife drops stuff like cans that have made small cuts in vinyl. will this product survive that. thank you in advance. roger

Bruce Hampton says:

Pretty good video but I disagree with a couple of things I saw you doing like cutting the flooring towards the good part so as not damage the good part of the floor and don’t you need to space the flooring away form the baseboard since its floating? All in all though a good video. Where did you purchase your knee pads? I HAVE YET TO FIND A PAIR THAT ARE REALLY GOOD AND STAY ATTACHED. THESE LOOK GREAT.

jonny rotten says:

This is not a good tutorial bud.. leave it to the Pros.. alot of things here not to do

robertmon3 says:

I have always liked pulling up the hardwoods to see if there is carpet underneath

Michael Young says:

Nice video…very helpful! Wouldn’t be complete without the ass crack!

Marie Huff says:

If at first you don’t succeed always refer to the owner manual.

PogoCoco says:

very nice!

Dian Partlow says:

It’s simple, Just go to WoodPrix page – and enter the Eco World.

Chris M says:

all the drunk cunts from HGTV and their faggit husbands on here questioning the work. If you dont have at least 10 years in the industry, shut the fuck up.

Mister Gupton says:

I wish my pens and pencils magically appeared like that. Nifty.


I know each piece has foam for sound BUT with kids running all the time…… can I install an extra protection again sounds ?

Hec Rod says:

you missed a critical step why just the door jamb it goes under the base around every surfaces your doing besides vct for a professional look you can’t just lay it down in your field brother

Kim Hopkins says:

Seems like a perfect solution for a basement bedroom with wet problems. It is supposed to be cured after foundation repair but I don’t trust it, removed carpeting, rest of basement I tiled but don’t want tile in a bedroom. This is over concrete floor, can you use a floor warming system under this?

Mike L says:

Amazing. Didn’t even remove the floor molding so the vinyl has room to expand/contract. But even that would be OK if you’d left the required 5/16 inch gap between planks and walls. If you came to my house you wouldn’t be shown the floor – you’d be shown the door.

Mommy With Three says:

thank you for posting this video

Seth Law says:

why is the base board already on?

Connie Miller says:

Can a middle piece be taken out and replaced at a later date if it gets damaged?

mat marchand says:

hack suck installer hacked up haircut strawberry shortcake

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