How To: Floating Wood or Laminate Plank Flooring Installation

How to install wood flooring. This method could be used to lay just about any floating flooring product. The laminate flooring used here is a bamboo wood floor product that is actually not wood at all. It contains a protected (bamboo image) veneer layer. As you will see, when installed, the laminate flooring looks exactly like natural bamboo. Kistel demonstrates that this type of floor installation is easy and requires a few simple tools and a table saw.

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wirat22 says:

you so hot………

MrKistel says:

Jesse, it would depend on many variables. I would contact the manufactures of the both the flooring and the heating systems for their installation recommendations.

Kevin Hogan says:

Thanks for the video!  Getting ready to do a bedroom.  You used a table saw and I was wondering if a chop saw would be OK too.  Would you then put the finished side up or down?

Julia Ross says:

What’s the name of that black “handy tool” you use around 7:10?

Becki P says:

Great video. I have a concrete floor like yours in my hallway that I’m wanting to lay wood laminate (click) planks on. I removed the old carpet, padding and pried the wood furring strips around the edges up, but when I removed the nails holding the strips down, sometimes it took a bit of the concrete with it. Did you fill and level off the little places on your concrete where you removed the nails or is that necessary? If so, what product should I use? The wood laminate planks I’ll be using don’t have padding attached so I’m laying using an underlayment plus a sheet of moisture/vapor barrier. Thanks for your help!

TheDaveFrank says:

Great video! very helpful information! Thanks!!

Scott Dickie says:

Why do you rip the edge of the laminate flooring when you first put it down?

MrKistel says:

Thanks! If you use a laminate product I encourage you to get as thick a product as possible. The flooring in this video is marketed at 12mm thick and came with a pre-attached padding underlayment.

Seahorses 53 says:

this video was radical. and it will help me install a floor tomorrow. thank you

iiMrCheese Roblox 2 says:

wait you uploaded this in tiger bay? wtf

MrKistel says:

Thanks for watching.

Terminator37609 says:

amazing video just what I need what was that tool you were using too put against the planks when you hammer them in??

Venkat Reddy says:

This is a very helpful video that have ever seen on floating hardwood floor installation. Thank You

MrKistel says:

@Eiger19 … The edges of this type of flooring have either a tongue or groove which would look unsightly if the floor molding was not large enough to cover. The ends are cut to make sure the molding will be large enough to cover the offset between the flooring and the wall (for expansion).

Mark Goldfain says:

Thanks!  You quickly clarified several points that I did not quite understand from other videos.

peter8488 says:

Where am I going wrong,

I’ve got the tongue side facing the wall, cut the tongue off the first row as per manufacturer instruction, got my 3/8 expansion gap all the way around but the planks wont lock properly in the third row, tap one side in the other side pops out a bit, I suspect that maybe the first 2 rows are bowed somehow do you think that is my problem?

Laminate plank trouble:

WalterSwartz says:

You look a bit like Shia Le boof 😉

Peter Hewel says:

When installing laminate flooring over cement, you need to check for level with a 4′ or 6′ level. If you are more than 1/4″ off over 4′ or 3/8″ off over 6′, you probably want to level it out with portland cement. If you don’t you will find slight dips as you walk along the floor. You’d be amazed how many floors are lipped at the edges and have mounds in the middle. Recently, I found a floor with about a 1/4″ over 4-6′ from the edge. That’s hard to see. Then it was almost perfect for about 4′. Near the center of the floor was a 1/4″ mound about 2′ in diameter, about 4′ to the bottom in most places. The customer said “it is fine”. I’d say it was marginal, not wrong, but not great either. I had them sign off on that it wouldn’t be perfect to cover my butt. It came out good, but not my best install either.

Romelia Polly says:

I made it myself thanks to Woodprix website.

27yukk says:

Great video! I kind of feel confident now to install the floor in my son’s room by myself. I like that you showed how to install those end planks.

jack watkins says:

great short, precise instructions

im_batgirl says:

Awesome! How do you transition the floor unto the hallway and other rooms??

Alan Gibson says:

Great assistance, thank you for the tips in the corners.
What do you call the “HANDY TOOL” so I can buy one

Lea Gullett says:

Excellent video! You have now given me the confidence I needed to get the flooring down in our dining room! Thank you thank you!!!

blue39503 says:

Thanks . I’m off to help a friend who gave up .

Bruce Baird says:

Tapping block

JWOriginals says:

Hey I’m wondering if I need a vapor thing if I have a basement. The store told me I didt. My sub floor is some type of wood. Thanks I need help urgently.

Michael Carr says:

Well done, thanks!

Tim Ribich says:

The music was a bit too loud, but this was an *excellent* presentation overall. Very nice job– thanks!

ThinkItSinkItReefIt says:

Awesome Job!

dforte330 says:

Great video. Very informative! Thank you!

Paul Aguirre says:

suhweet. ty.

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