DIY RV Laminate Flooring Install & Custom Mods ~ From Start To Finish

This was certainly one of the best DIY mods we have ever done on our RV. I discuss some tips and tricks

Elephant Bark Matt ~
Thermal Barrier ~
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The Camping Trucker says:

Looks great Chris good job! I don’t think I would able to do it.

Probe Team99 says:

Great job

Chris & G Travels says:

What do you all think? This is probably my favorite mod yet!

JoAnn Rizzo says:

Love the new floor and easier to clean up the dog hair.

Lee Ann Dasher says:

Since you started under the slideout did you put molding next to the cabinets to hold it down and up against the wall?

Don Of Time says:

Nice Video, I’m doing the same in an older travel trailer. I’m about to install in the bathroom. Did you remove the toilet and install underneath or did you just cut around the toilet and then seal?

LA5150 says:

nice job…thermal seal is a great idea!

al lla says:

Great video!  We are thinking of doing the same.  We have vinyl in ours and want something a bit nicer.  How has it held up so far driving around from site to site?  That is our only concern.  Thanks!

Susan Mckee says:

Chris you are so damn handy.

Latada says:

A lot of hard work! But WOW! So worth it…. Do you have more projects planned for the coach in the near future?

Chris McConnell says:

Nice job.

Mark Wilson says:

good mod

Ace Videos says:

Great instructional video! To the point and no wandering into pointless areas having nothing to do with the project. Thank you!

Jayde Ash says:

that looks great Chris

PilotJ30 says:

What is the name of the first song played in this video? It’s been stuck in my head for weeks!

Arnold Romppai says:

wait a few years and you will understand why I ripped mine out just after 2.5 years

Eddie Chavez says:

Awesome job Chris.

Scott Douglas says:

How many hours total for this floor replacement?

Big Transit Adventures says:

So much better then carpet! Nice job. 🙂

Best Access Doors says:

Awesome work! Can’t wait for your next video like this!

Will Hunt says:

Good job! I’m a retired contractor and you did it right!!

Big Mike says:

How does your slide operate? On rollers? Mine is like a sled that slides on the piece of carpet as it comes in. 04 Allegro open Road 32BA.

The Mobile Hobos says:

This video came in at the right time as we are gonna do the same thing. Thanks for sharing. We’re debating whether or not to insulate the floor while we are at it. Would you recommend insulating the floor?

kong3 says:

Chris did you have to unmount the slide any, or did you just lift it a little bit to pull the carpet??

Brian Parsons says:

I have a similar rv and have wanted do this to my floors thx!

Smoke says:

Has the RV tour video been posted yet?

A Heart Beat says:

This video is outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

John Tatum says:

I remember when you first got Atlas and had so many problems. You were so new to fixing any of it. Look at you now! You not only fix it all you can remodel too! Been watching for many years, you were my ” first” rv clog, lol. So glad y’all are continuing to keep us posted and in your lives ❤❤❤

Mark Leukus says:

no issues with the slide going over the flooring?
previous owner of our RV replaced the carpet and I think it is too thick and is causing issues with the slide.

Northwest Travel says:

I didn’t know you guys had a video like this. Lol been watching you guys for a year and going to take out our carpet in our class a

RV NUT says:

WoW! Props to you bud, I would have given up at the removing of the microwave!

Paddy Wagon Travels says:

Thanks for sharing this video. I am in the process of getting ready to do this mod in my RV. Very helpful.

Doug Lamp says:

Looks great Chris, gonna do ours just haven’t decided on just what to use yet.

The RV Adventures says:

I agree it is probably the best mod!!! Manufacturers are now getting the hint that carpeting is no longer considered a want or upgrade in RV’s. You did a great job with the Pergo!!!

Ramona Wilson Samuel says:

Awesome job Chris….Thanks for sharing..

loki says:

Good job done, looks great.

Labojoesky says:

world of difference, lots of work but turned out great.

LA5150 says:

So the floating floor just lays on top of the thermal lining?

t watson says:

A rig that nice and they didn’t use plywood. Your work is great. That new floor looks great also.

Ferret Face says:

I’m thinking about vinyl over laminate to cut down on weight.

Bryant Ford says:

Nice job. Carpet is a dirt & dander magnet. We had our house built with vinyl flooring throughout. Will probably upgrade to something nicer like what you did later on. Thanks for the video.

kelly larson says:

21 years repairing R.V.s there all Junk. By a us and build your own.

Perry Reynolds says:

Looks great! Thanks!

Jeffrey Potter says:

Nice job!  Will be much easier to maintain.

MakeJerold says:

Hey everyone! I’m currently planning on redoing the flooring in my rv. I noticed in this vid that he used thermal seal in the drivers area, would it be crazy to use thermal sealing throughout an entire rv? ( I was thinking a layer of thermal sealing between the subfloor and the laminate) Has anyone tried anything like that?

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