DIY How to Paint like a Pro Series A to Z

Painting your home? Hold on, there are some steps you may not realize can make or break your project. That’s right, there’s a lot the “pros” aren’t telling you out there. Well Jeff is here to share his secrets on getting the best result possible. Now be warned, this may be more work than you expected, but this is how the pros do it! These extra steps are WELL WORTH IT! So that being said, here is “How to Paint Like a Pro”.

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David Hamilton says:

Watched an earlier video and that hes still got a bit of the black eye. Too funny.

Rabab Karim says:

u hv just saved my walls

D Boer says:

i use uniflot and topfinish from knauf

Saul Larios says:


Willow killa says:

3 things i hate and will gladly pay for someone to do: paint, drywall, and mud.

textkestrel says:

Thank you for your videos. They have given me confidence to take on more DIY projects around the home. This painting video really helped me with cutting straight lines. I look forward to watching more of your videos and learning the right way to do things.

Naketi Zainabu says:

Thank you so much, new subscriber.

gmkalos says:

Some Bob Ross painting there man!

TheChamberofchillz says:

How can I paint an open beam ceiling?

prissy134 says:

That is how i have beeen painting for 37 yrs just like u did ,now try using a 14 inch roller ,make a man out of you in a hurry but cuts time in half on big long walls.thanks cuz.

Esam Kanadily says:

What is the camera?

gavin daly says:

Really liking your channel Jeff. Very good practical tips. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

Hema Thilakaratne says:

Thanks buddy. This is great and I learned a lot from the video.

UncleSarkis says:

Best video out there. First time painting using your videos. Although my roller sometimes would not spin for a split second making the nap slide down. I bought the most expensive and supposedly best roller at the paint store. Is that normal? Was I pushing with enough pressure?

Steve Perez says:

I also use that pole and frame. Best part of that frame which makes it better than a wire frame, is that if those wires get bent at all, it wont apply even pressure to the sleeve, and the sleeve wont fit perfect.

richard none says:

i never sand in between coats ha ha ha i am about to paint my new condo by the beach this was very helpful

Jason Ramsey says:

GREAT advice! Although does anyone else catch a Bob Ross vibe at certain points in the video? Very soothing!

tamara lynn says:

Excellent instruction, I enjoyed it. Can’t wait to try these tips. Thank you.

The Motorcycle Boss says:

Do you have to wipe down and clean a wall before painting it?

Joseph Siciliano says:

What grit sandpaper do you use on radius360? Ty

Pat Barajas says:

Thank you so much for this video! I painted my bedroom about a month ago and I’m barely reasoning how bad I did. It took me so long to get it done, just so I can have the paint peeling off. My dad’s friend is a painter and told me that I was supposed to use a primer before even painting. The previous color was an oil based paint and the one I used is water based, I’m assuming. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d really appreciate that!

Samantha R says:

Thanks so much for this video! I am preparing to move into the home that my husband and I bought (first time home buyers!). When would I (if ever) need to use primer on the walls? Would all these techniques work regardless of what color I am painting over? Thank you so much!

sbdezines says:

Learned a lot thanks

abc68099 says:

Reparing a bathroom wall originally painted in semi-gloss for shiney finish. I did all the necessary sanding of entire wall. Applied primer. Yuk! It has a wavy finish! Is the primer not sticking? no going back now. I am going to get a foam roller for a smooth finish and just attempt to paint over it. Hoping for the best. DIY has too many unforseen problems.

Clayton Yates says:

You my friend are a painter!

Faruk Atasever says:


z0mb1e564 says:

Wish I’d seen this about 6 months ago!

Yo Do says:

I wish I had found your video a month earlier, it would have been life soooo much easier!

Steve Perez says:

When you have to use the screwdriver like you did to pop the switch cover loose, do it from the bottom instead of the side, this way if you happen to leave a mark you wont see it.

ytgoroyt says:

Jeff: you are a great teacher. You “touch” all right spots.

Emmanuel Everett says:

Bro I just can’t stop laughing that I keep going that you made it so exciting to learn how to paint.

Rachel Blackmon says:

I have a problem I have nails popping out from the wall do I pull the nails out and use sheetrock 45 then paint by the way it’s the original paint that’s on the wall when they built the house and over the years the nail started popping out along with plaster that they put over it the original paint so now I want to paint the wall what do I do thank you

Mfanawemkosi Fakudze says:

Thanks for teaching me how to cut a room properly.

Mark Olson says:

Nice Tips. Every profession has it’s little tips n tricks. File this one under, “so, you think you know how to paint?”.

fatos Skenderi says:

Hi sir i have question when w

Catherine Carillo says:

Great Video thanks so much. Tips were the best

Spark Drifter says:

why did i watch the whole thing i have study to do

Taylor314T5 says:

No one has been able to successfully teach me how to cut before…..well done.

Rich Lo says:

ToMAYto ToMAHto..PROcess or PRAHcess..

Michel says:

As a professional painter I find this really good. I wish I had this video 10 years ago

gear jammer says:

I like this guy! He does it fast and right!!!

Jarrett Upton says:

What grit do you suggest for when we sand? Also, does that grit change between the coats we apply?

Richard Palusaar says:

Hi! I am located in Sweden. Why do my cans say I need to wait for hours between coats? Most acrylic wall paint that I have used had crazy long curing times printed on the buckets. They say like 2 hours between coats. For the paint meant for wooden panels it get’s even worse, 16 hours between coats! But I tend to do like in this video and simply paint the second coat once the surface appears cured, which usually it does within the hour.

If you have an explanation for for why paint manufacturers are so cautious then please do share. Thanks for a well done demo.

Matt says:

Amazing video, great detail and really helpful step by step! What grade sand paper to do you suggest between coats?

Dingus E. Dow says:

It’s like learning home improvement from Jordan Peterson kind of! Thanks a ton for the great content!

Eggie Aponte says:

Would you recommend using a sprayer for your home?

Vũ Nguyễn says:

How to avoid lap mark while painting, sir?

Kimberly Ramsey says:

You dont use a 5 gal bucket & grid? I’ve never used a tray.

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