DIY Floating Click Floor Installation And Debbie

DIY Floating Click Floor Installation And Debbie

A video on how to install a floating wood floor that is tongue & groove and clicks into place. No gluing or nailing.

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DIY Floating Click Floor Installation And Debbie


Thomas Wrenn says:

Just found your channel. Are you still working on the bug out local?

wyattoneable says:

Debbie was a good sport and it was a fun script! Oh yeah, the floor came out good to.

rchopp says:

Nice job,,,

MotherOfManyHorses says:

Nice to see you had proper feline supervision for this job. 😉
Debbie is a good sport. 😀

John Solar 283 ™ says:

Nice Job and Hello Debbie.

John Solar 283 ™ says:

I’ll take first.

BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose says:

Nice job! Floor looks great! Purple,,,,,,,,, uhhh ,,,, yeah. A room that loud can damage your hearing. I SAID A ROOM THAT LOUD,,,, oh never mind!

zatoh says:

It’s always fun watching other people work. Thanks Subtac!

ArkansasPrepper says:

We had a Pepto-Bismol pink with one of our girls.

Kelly Dolan says:

Why not paint before removing the carpet? You’re throwing the carpet away anyway. Better yet…paint after removing the baseboard?
It’s counterproductive to do it after because you need to cover the floor and tape off the trim. Way more expense to do it after.

JC1028 says:

When I was a teen we had a three man band. Two members were brothers. One had his bedroom painted blood red, the other black. All walls and ceiling…….. 20 years later talking to his parents about how many coats of paint it took to cover those colors was hilarious!

Steve T says:

Really like the floor color, what brand is it since we’re going to do ours too?  Also, I see that you removed the trim and then when you reinstalled it you added quarter round, Why?  Couldn’t you just have put the trim down on top of the new floor without the quarter round since you were repainting anyway?  Nice job!

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